12 Small Boats with Bathrooms

Small Boats With Bathrooms

Small boats are often used for recreation, fishing, and other activities on the water. While these boats provide a fun and convenient way to enjoy the water, they often lack one key feature – bathrooms. This can be a real problem when nature calls and there is nowhere to go.

Some great small boats which have bathrooms installed include Seay Ray, Chapparal, Boston Whaler, Grady White, Sting Ray, Chapparal, Black Fin and Regal.

Toilets on boats are not a new concept, however, it is one that is often overlooked. For long fishing days or after a quick water adventure, a boat bathroom can be a real lifesaver. You never know with kids when nature will strike, so it’s always better to be prepared.

Today, there are many small boats with bathrooms available on the market. From portable toilets that can be installed and removed whenever needed to permanent fixtures equipped with a shower and sink, there are plenty of options.

Pontoons, cuddy cabins, and some center console boats do have pre-installed toilets. But what about small boats that were not designed with a bathroom in mind? The good news is Yes! some of them do have what is known as a “head”.

We have carefully curated a list of some of the best small boats with bathrooms, that will surely make your time on the water much more enjoyable.

Before you go through the list of boats we need to understand the types of Marine Toilets that are available in the market.

Porta Potti

These toilets are affordable and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for boaters. Ease of installation is the main USP for these toilets. Most portable toilets come with a holding tank and pump system. These features make it possible to use the toilet even when there is no water connection available.

Most preferred for the small center console boats for their portability and less plumbing hassles. The downside is the limited number of flushes as the holding tank has a limited capacity.

Electric Marine Toilet

These toilets come with their own macerator pump and are designed for larger boats that may be away from shore power or a marina. The electric marine toilet is more powerful than its manual counterpart, equipped with a two-button operation and pre-installed backflow prevention valve.

The downside of electric toilets is that they require a dedicated electrical connection, so it’s important to make sure you have the power capacity in your boat before installing one. Additionally, these toilets are more expensive than manual models and require more plumbing installation.

Manual Pump Toilets

Manual pump toilets are a great choice for small boats. They require minimal installation, and you can operate them using pumps or foot pedals. Manual toilets also use less water than electric models, which is important if you’re a long way from shore power or a marina.

The downside is that manual toilets are typically smaller and may not provide the same comfort as electric or porta Potti toilets. Also, you’ll need to pump out the holding tank at a marina or designated waste disposal station when it gets full.

Now that we have discussed the types of marine toilets, let us take a look at some of the best small boats with pre-installed bathrooms.

Boston Whaler 285 CONQUEST

Powered with a VacuFlush™ head and a 20 L waste tank capacity, the Boston Whaler 285 Conquest has one of the best bathrooms available on a boat its size.

The roomy head area features plenty of storage and is situated between two comfortable seating areas in the bow section. This makes it perfect for overnight small family stays as well as day trips.

With a 27′ LOA, twin 200 HP Mercury outboards, and plenty of amenities, the Boston Whaler 285 is an excellent choice for those who want a small boat with bathroom access without sacrificing performance.


The most popular Sea Ray model, the SUNDANCER 265 comes with an electrical head and 68 L waste tank capacity. This compact cruiser has an awesome lounge area in the front and a large platform on the back, perfect for sunbathing or stargazing.

The Sea Ray SUNDANCER 265 offers comfort and performance in a small package, making it an excellent choice for those who want a boat with a toilet on board.

Chapparal 280 OSX

Yacht-certified the Chapparal 280 OSX is a great choice for those who want to spend more time on the water and less time worrying about their waste tank. The 28-footer comes with an electrical head and a 75 L waste tank, perfect for overnight stays and longer trips.

Grady White Freedom 275

A marine head with an electric flush and a 10-gallon holding capacity enough for your weekend getaways.

The Grady-White Freedom 275 is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the convenience of an onboard toilet without having to worry about plumbing or installation.

The boat also comes with plenty of room and storage space, making it perfect for small families looking to spend quality time on the water. All in all, these small boats with bathrooms are perfect for anglers, campers, and anyone looking to enjoy boating without the hassle of dealing with plumbing or installation.

Stingray 269DC

This 26′ dual console comes with a Porta-Potti with a level indicator, so that you know when it’s time to empty the tank. It also features plenty of room and storage space, perfect for those who want a boat with a bathroom on board but are limited by budget and size.

NMMA-certified and equipped with plenty of amenities, the Stingray 269DC is an excellent choice for those who want a boat with a bathroom without breaking the bank.

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 6.5 WA

The head compartment has a shower and electric toilet and a 100 L water tank capacity. It’s also equipped with a full kitchen, making it perfect for longer stays on the water. This is an ideal boat for those who are looking for an overnight vessel that has all the comforts of home and wants a small boat with a bathroom.


A cabin with a marine toilet and plenty of space provides not only comfort but also practicality on board, while the large cockpit and aft sunbathing area ensure plenty of space for relaxing. The FLYER 8 SPACEDECK is powered by a single outboard engine that offers great performance and reliability, making it ideal for cruising in all conditions.

Blackfin 272DC boats

This dual console comes with an electric head. Holding tank indicators are provided to make it easy to keep track of the boat’s storage levels. The helm is equipped with a Garmin GPS/fishfinder, VHF, and stereo.

Blackfin 272DC also features an enclosed head compartment, plenty of seating, spacious casting decks, and a large jump seat capable of accommodating three people.

Macerator overboard discharge is standard with this model, as is the option to add a freshwater shower. The Blackfin 272DC also boasts an array of fishing-friendly features such as rod holders, tackle storage, and a baitwell. The outboard motor offers plenty of power for those who want to fish or cruise in all conditions.

Regal 26 XO

A luxurious sport boat and the perfect day cruiser, the Regal 26 XO is all about performance. Powered by a single Yamaha engine, it offers plenty of power for cruising and skiing. The spacious cockpit features seating for up to 12 people, so there’s plenty of room for family and friends.

An electric toilet with a silent flush, a wet bar, and a refrigerator are all standard on the Regal 26 XO. The boat also comes with an array of electronic features such as Garmin navigation and communications systems, SiriusXM satellite radio, and Bluetooth capability.

Weldcraft Cuddy King 260

Porta Potti in V-berth t, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator are all included in this cuddy cabin boat. The Weldcraft Cuddy King 260 also comes with an outboard motor that offers reliable power for cruising or fishing in all conditions.

The bow has plenty of seating for up to four people and the helm is equipped with Garmin navigation and communication systems. There is also a Bimini top for those afternoons when you want some shade. The boat also features four-rod holders, so anglers can bring their gear along for a fun day of fishing.

Cutwater C-248 COUPE

The Cutwater C-248 COUPE is a luxury family cruiser that comes with an electric head and holding tank. With a Macerator discharge and holding tank indicators, you can keep track of the boat’s storage levels.

The interior features comfortable seating for up to six passengers, as well as a full kitchen and refrigerator. The Cutwater C-248 COUPE comes with an outboard motor that offers plenty of power for all types of activities on the water.


The VR6 Cuddy comes with a manual flush Porta Potti, a handy sink, and plenty of storage. It also has an electric bow thruster for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. This boat is perfect for those who want to get away from it all but don’t want to sacrifice any luxuries.

The BAYLINER VR6 CUDDY features ample seating and a sun pad. It is powered by an outboard engine that offers plenty of power for cruising or fishing. The VR6 Cuddy also comes with electronic features such as Garmin navigation and communication systems, SiriusXM satellite radio, and Bluetooth capability.


Small boats with bathrooms can provide a great way to stay comfortable and enjoy the water. There are several types of marine toilets available, from portable porta potti models to electric, manual pump systems. Depending on your needs and preferences, there is sure to be an option that fits your boat perfectly. With the right setup, you can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience out on the water.