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6 Catfish Boats

Have you been wondering what makes a good catfishing boat? Well, let me tell you: it all depends on your needs, the size of the waterbody, and your budget. Catfish boats need to be specifically designed with a modified V-hull which gives them nimble speed and makes them easy to maintain.

These boats generally have plenty of deck space where you can relax and enjoy fishing with your family. They are also equipped with adequate Livewells that keep fish alive until it’s time for release or dinner. And lastly, don’t forget about the essential catfish rod holders! 

Small lakes and rivers are some of the most popular destinations for catfishing during summertime. There is nothing more relaxing than being out in nature surrounded by peaceful silence while fishing for the iconic American Catfish.

Sea Ark, Lowe, Xpress, Excel, and Lund have some popular catfish boat options that range in size and price. Some of these boats come with features such as trolling motors, bow storage, bilge pumps, and much more. Moreover, Angler Quest pontoons boast outstanding catfishing pontoon options that are ideal for bigger water bodies.

Whether you’re after dinner or just a weekend of fun, make sure your boat is up to the job! A good catfish boat should have an aluminum hull construction that ensures high performance when it comes to speed and maneuverability.

Plus, aluminum is a much lighter material than fiberglass so you can transport your vessel easily without any hassles. 

When buying a catfish boat, think about how much time you plan on spending on the water. If you’re planning a long trip then look into purchasing a catfishing pontoon boat with extra storage space and enough room to fit everyone on board comfortably.

These boats offer great stability when navigating shallow waters as well as plenty of space for anglers to cast their lines from different angles with ease. Just make sure that whatever type of vessel you purchase has enough fuel capacity to get you back to shore safely!

Excel Catfish Pro – Side and Center Console

When it comes to catfishing, you need a boat that can take on the toughest conditions, and the Excel Catfish Pro is just that.

This powerful side and the center console are available in 21′ and 24′ lengths and feature an array of impressive features like Livewells, portside rod box (not available with dual console option), camo paint options (Optifade Marsh, Natural Gear & Old School) as well as gloss paint options (White, Silver, Blue, Red, Black & Burgundy).

Not to mention two-tone paint schemes that you can choose from when customizing your boat. 

For those long fishing days on the water, you will appreciate the convenience of twin 5800-lumen headlights as well as a full line of Minnkota trolling motors so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

In addition to this, the Excel Catfish Pro has recirculating Livewells and bait wells along with 6 gauge trolling motor harnesses with battery trays (12, 24, and 36-volt options) so you can take on any fishing situation knowing that your boat won’t fail you. 

But what really sets this boat apart is its incredible fish finder/GPS system – Humminbird Helix 5 or Helix 7. This amazing tool allows you to track fish patterns in real-time so you can adjust your tactics accordingly for maximum success!

With all these features packed into one incredible package, it’s no wonder why the Excel Catfish Pro has become such a popular choice for serious anglers everywhere!

Sea Ark ProCat 240

Sea Ark ProCat 240 is an ideal catfishing boat, designed with the utmost attention to detail and crafted with quality materials. It’s 24 feet long, with a 94-inch beam, offering plenty of room for you and your fishing buddies to navigate the waters.

The self-draining bow deck allows you to easily move around on it, while the 25 gallon bow Livewell keeps your catches fresh and ready to be taken home at the end of the day.

The dual aluminum side consoles also make this a great choice for serious catfishermen. The ProCat walk-thru windshield helps protect against wind and elements, along with its 12-volt accessory outlet and USB port for added convenience.

The LED courtesy light ensures you can see clearly in low light conditions so you can locate where your fish are hiding. For further safety and ease of use, Sea Ark has included 6 gauge trolling motor wiring and LED removable navigation lights making sure that you are never lost or left in the dark while out on the water.

Lastly, an engine-specific speedometer allows you to precisely determine your speed capabilities as well as fuel economy levels without having to make any manual calculations yourself. 

Clearly one of the best catfishing boat options out there, the Sea Ark ProCat 240 is sure to make your fishing trips more enjoyable and successful!

Xpress XP200 Catfish

If you’re looking for the perfect catfishing boat, then the Xpress XP200 Catfish is definitely a great option. This 24-foot-long boat comes with a 94-inch beam and a self-draining bow deck that will help keep your catches safe.

The rounded corners of the 25-gallon bow Livewell ensure that your catches don’t take damage, while dual aluminum side consoles make sure you can access what you need when you need it. Additionally, the ProCat walk-thru windshield helps protect against wind and elements so you can focus on fishing. 

The Xpress XP200 Catfish also offers plenty of features to make your trips more enjoyable. There’s a 12-volt accessory outlet with a USB port for charging devices and an LED courtesy light for visibility in low-light conditions.

It also comes equipped with 6 gauge trolling motor wiring and LED removable navigation lights so that you can stay safe while out on the water.

And lastly, there’s a special engine-specific speedometer so that you can track your speed no matter what kind of engine is installed on your boat. 

Combine all these features together and the Xpress XP200 Catfish is truly an ideal boat for any catfisherman looking to get out on the water and have some fun! With its sturdy construction, comfort amenities, and safety features, it offers everything you could ever want in a quality catfishing boat – including reliability and peace of mind when out on the sea.

So if you’re looking for your next big catch or just want to enjoy some time away from shore, this is definitely one of the best boats to do it with!

Lowe 20 Catfish

If you’re looking for the ultimate catfishing boat, then the Lowe 20 Catfish should be at the top of your list. This all-welded boat has a sleek side console with a tinted windscreen and a black soft grip wheel to ensure maximum comfort.

It also features a massive aft deck Livewell with a capacity of 16 gallons, so you can keep your catch fresh throughout your fishing trip. For added convenience, this boat also comes with a locking port rod locker plus front and aft deck storage, so you can bring all the necessary gear on board.

Plus, it even includes fold-down driver and passenger seats with a storage box for added comfort.

The Lowe 20 Catfish is not only equipped with the latest technology but also built for serious anglers who don’t compromise on performance. From its heavy-duty welded aluminum construction to its deep V hull design and optimized weight distribution, this catfishing boat provides smooth handling in any condition.

The reverse chine feature helps to reduce spray and provides more stability when casting out those big catfish.

As if that wasn’t enough, its precise tracking ensures that even novice anglers have an easier time catching those big fish.

So whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started, investing in the Lowe 20 Catfish is one of the best decisions you could make!

Lund Tyee

If you’re looking for the perfect catfishing boat, look no further than the Lund Tyee. This all-aluminum vessel was designed with the fisherman in mind, so it has everything you need to make your fishing experience a success.

The powerful 4-stroke Mercury 200XL 4STK engine will get you to those hard-to-reach spots quickly and efficiently, while rear flip-up jump seats provide comfortable seating for up to four passengers.

The most advanced aerated Livewells let you keep your catch alive all day long without worrying about them getting tired or lethargic, while in-floor center fishing rod storage areas provide extra room for even the longest rods.

To top it off, a full windshield is included to mount fish finders and other navigation tools on, plus there’s plenty of storage space for tackle boxes and other gear. All in all, the Lund Tyee is an absolute must-have for serious catfishers looking to hit the water with confidence.

Angler Quest 8524 CATFISH LT

The Angler Quest 8524 CATFISH LT is the perfect pontoon boat for catfishing. Featuring an 8′ 6″ x 24′ deck and an overall length of 26′ 1″, this boat has plenty of space for a day on the lake.

The spacious layout comes complete with an exclusive binary rear wall system that offers enclosed storage with access hatches on both sides along with a taller railing for comfort and security.

This pontoon catfishing boat is the perfect companion for your inshore and offshore fishing trips, with its underdeck eye bolts for drift bags, 45-gallon motor mount fuel tank, dual battery disconnect with voltage sensing relay (VSR), LED navigational lights, space to fit a 12” multi‐function display (MFD) complete with digital gauges.

On top of all these features, the Angler Quest 8524 CATFISH LT also includes a double bimini top made from black canvas and a boot so you can stay out all day long. This pontoon offers everything you need to enjoy your time out on the water for a full day of fishing no matter what type of fish you’re after.

With plenty of storage options and ample room to move around comfortably; it is truly designed for the most avid anglers who are looking for quality equipment that meets their needs. Whether it’s trolling or casting lures into deep waters; this powerful vessel can handle it all!


Overall, catfish boats are specifically designed to make fishing trips more enjoyable. From their modified V-hulls for nimble speed and easy maintenance to the Livewells that keep fish alive until it’s time for release or dinner, these vessels offer a great way to spend quality time with family outdoors. When purchasing a Catfish boat, consider your needs and budget as well as the size of waterbody you’ll be sailing on – this will help ensure that your vessel has all the features necessary for an enjoyable day out on the lake or river.