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7 Boats With Wheels

Yes! you heard that right. Boats with wheels are now a reality. Boats with wheels or “amphibious boats” as they are sometimes called, are powered by an inboard motor and feature a wheel-driven propulsion system that allows them to move over land.

They combine the best of both worlds: the thrill and convenience of a boat with the flexibility of a car.

Asis Boats, Sea Leg, Panther, Gibbs, and Sherp ATV are just a few of the leading brands in the amphibious boat market. Amphibious boats come with a variety of features including seating for four to six passengers, built-in storage compartments, and self-draining hulls that make them great for water adventure.

They are designed to be lightweight, stable, and safe on both land and water.

Practical use cases of these boats do exist. Law enforcement agencies and recreational boaters can use these boats to quickly get from a dock to a shoreline or island. In some cases, they can even be used to cross shallow water in order to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Aside from practical applications, amphibious boats also offer boat owners the unique and exciting experience of driving their vessel onto the beach! This is especially appealing for those who live near a shoreline and can take advantage of the convenience of going from water to land in a single trip. Looks like you can finally kiss your car goodbye and say hello to your new boat with wheels!

Why Boats With Wheels?

Boats with wheels can go just about anywhere there’s water. This makes them great for search and rescue (SAR), transport, and tourism. Plus, they can be used in oil and gas operations as well as for SOLAS rescue missions. Wheeled boats are also perfect for beach living, thanks to their all-terrain capabilities.

Rough terrains don’t stand in their way, and they can negotiate shallow water with ease. That makes them ideal for exploring otherwise inaccessible areas like swamps, marshes, and wetlands. Finally, these boats are extremely versatile, allowing you to switch easily from land to water travel at any time.

Many Government agencies are employing these boats for beach patrol, harbor patrol, and search and rescue operations. Of course, recreational boaters also enjoy the freedom that these boats provide. With their unique blend of land and water capabilities, they are perfect for anyone looking to explore new places or just have a little fun on the water.

Some of these boats look quite similar to cars, while others are more boat-like in design. Either way, they are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Asis Boats

With a four-wheel drive system, these boats are preferred by many Government agencies that require a boat that can get them quickly to the scene of an emergency. The wheels are connected to an inboard motor, which allows the boat to quickly glide across land and water.

On land, it can attain a speed of up to 5.6 mph and an excellent weight distribution of the weight of the boat evenly distributed in four wheels. All Asis Boats come with a built-in navigation system, navigational lights, and powerful headlights for night operations.

Known for their performance in water and on land, Asis Boats are quickly becoming the go-to choice for government agencies and recreational boaters alike. Plus, with models ranging from small watercraft to larger boats that can accommodate up to six passengers, there’s an amphibious boat perfect for just about any need.

Sea Leg Boats

Bear Grylls owns a Sea Leg boat, which speaks volumes about the quality and performance of these boats.

The wheels are connected to a 150 HP outboard motor that allows the boat to glide over any terrain with ease. Plus, they have a variable propeller system that can switch between land and water propulsion as needed.

These RIB boats are All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and can carry 600 Kg. of payload. They also come with a navigational system, navigational lights, and powerful headlights for night operations. Moving floodlights also make for easy observation and search operations.

Gibbs Boats

Gibbs comes with retractable wheels that are easily deployed when it’s time to transition from water to land. This makes for a smooth and effortless transition, allowing you to explore more remote areas with ease.

With many variants to select from, these boats are popular with government agencies, disaster management, exploration companies, and recreational boaters. They are widely regarded as leaders in amphibious boats and can handle a wide variety of terrains. Plus, all models come with an integrated navigation system for easy operation.

Water Car Boats

Coming straight out of James Bond movies, the Water Car Boat is the ultimate in amphibious transportation. Looking exactly like a premium car, these boats are equipped with an inboard engine and four adjustable wheels.

Branded under the name of Panther these boats are designed to offer an extraordinary driving experience both in water and on land. They can be controlled with a steering wheel, joystick, or even an app on your smartphone.

US Coast Guard approved, the Water Car Boat can reach a maximum speed of 45 mph on water and up to 65 mph on land.

Iguana Yachts

With their integrated track mechanism, Iguana Yachts are the only amphibious boats that use tracks instead of wheels to move on land. This allows them to traverse a variety of terrains, including sand and mud, with ease.

The powerful engine provides plenty of thrust for water travel and the track mechanism helps them climb almost any terrain on land. They are also one of the few amphibious boats that can submerge in water and move like a submarine.

They come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a luxury yacht, including navigational systems and powerful searchlights.

Biski Bikes

Manufactured by Gibbs, these amphibious bikes come with a powerful inboard motor and adjustable wheels. With speeds of up to 37 mph on land and 13.5 mph on water, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to explore remote areas.

With suspension retraction technology, the Biski Bike can switch between land and water operation with a simple press of a button. It also comes with navigational lights and an integrated navigation system for easy operation.

Sherp ATV Boats

We, cannot miss this one off the list. Sherp ATV Boats are the perfect option for those looking to explore remote areas. Known for its ruggedness, these boats are equipped with four large wheels and an ultra-powerful engine.

The wheels can easily climb even the toughest terrain. Grass, gravel, stones, mud, and even marsh can be conquered with ease. The Sherp ATV also comes with powerful searchlights for nighttime operations, as well as a navigational system for easy navigation. This makes them the perfect choice for any adventure enthusiast looking to explore remote areas.

Ready for lakes and rivers, roads and fields, these ATV boats provide an easy and convenient way to explore the world! With so many different models available in the market, there’s bound to be one that suits your needs.


No matter what your needs may be, there’s an amphibious boat out there that suits you. From Asis Boats to Iguana Yachts, and even Biski Bikes, every option offers something unique and special. Commercial and recreational boaters alike are sure to find the perfect boat for their needs. So get out there and explore! The water awaits you!