7 Caymas Bass Boat Problems

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Caymas makes some of the best center console, hybrid, and bass boats on the market. But like any boat, they can sometimes experience problems. Known for their reliability and quality and founded by Earl Bentz the legendary boat builder, Caymas has become a favorite for tournament anglers and weekend warriors alike.

Common problems with these bass boats include electrical issues, trailer problems, hull scratches, hull blistering, scratches on deck, and steering system malfunctions. Problems can occur due to improper maintenance or usage of the boat.

Being an expensive boat people don’t like to experience any problems with their Caymas boat. Maintenance is key to keeping these boats running smoothly. Regularly checking fuel lines, steering systems, and other parts of the boat can help prevent issues from arising.

Let us now look into the details of the common problems with Caymas boats:

Hull Scratches

Hull scratches on brand-new boats are reported by some owners. While this may be due to mishandling during transport, it can also be caused by manufacturing defects. If scratches are visible on the hull, contact your local dealer for help.

While buying make it a point to inspect the hull for any scratches or damages. None of the issues reported had any deep impact on hulls but it is better to check during the purchase process.

Over time these scratches can lead to further problems due to water seeping in and causing damage. If your old Caymas boats have scratches, check for any signs of water damage.

Some Caymas bass boat owner’s also reported scratches on their deck railings, seats, and other parts of the boat. These scratches can be easily removed with some paint.

Improper boating practices can lead to scratches and damage to the hull. Excessive speed and abrupt navigation can damage the hull. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations while using your boat.

Hull Blistering

Hull blistering is a common issue with fiberglass boats. It occurs due to moisture trapped inside the hull, which causes the Gelcoat to separate from the substrate and form small blisters.

UV rays can penetrate the fiberglass and heat up the boat creating a problem called osmosis. This causes water to enter the boat and expand, leading to blistering on the hull. The only way to prevent it is by properly maintaining your boat and regularly inspecting it for any signs of such an issue.

This problem can be avoided by properly maintaining your boat. Make sure to check the hull periodically, especially around the boat’s waterline. If you notice any blisters, contact a professional to repair them.

Electrical Wiring Issue

While doing our research we found out many Captains are reporting issues with the electrical systems and wiring of their boats. Problems with navigational lights wiring, nonworking console switches, and other electrical problems.

Make sure to test out all switches and gauges before you finalize a new boat purchase. Testing the boat in water will give you an idea of how the electrical systems and wiring are functioning in the boat.

Problems with The Trailer

Caymas bass boats come with a custom-made trailer. Some owners have reported issues with the trailer’s wheel bearings, broken lights, and other problems. Make sure to check the trailer before you purchase a new boat, as this can be a costly repair down the line.

Wiring and brake issues with the trailer were also reported by some owners. For safety reasons, it is important to have a trailer that is in proper working condition at all times.

A bad frame for the trailer will lead to a lot of problems. Make sure to inspect the frame for any rust and corrosion. If the trailer is not up to par, it can be very dangerous when transporting your boat.

Bilge Pump Issue

This pump is responsible for clearing out any water that might accumulate in the boat due to rain, waves, or other causes. Over time, debris and dirt can clog up this pump and make it less efficient.

Many anglers reported bad pump fittings on their bass boats, reducing the effectiveness of the pump. This is absolutely non-negotiable and you should always check the fittings before purchasing a boat.

Steering System Malfunction

This is one of the most common problems experienced by owners of Caymas boats. Problems such as sticking or sluggish steering, poor connection between rudder and tiller, and other issues are reported time and again.

Most of these bass boats are fitted with hydraulic steering systems, which are known to require regular maintenance.

Make sure all the parts of the steering system, such as the cylinder, seals, and hoses are in good condition before buying a boat. Checking the hydraulic fluids is also recommended.

Hazy Holograms and Stickers

Nothing to do with boat performance but it can be important for many. One of the common complaints we found was about the quality of holograms and stickers on the boats. Some owners reported that they were either faded, hazy, or peeling off easily.

For a brand-new boat, this can be quite irritating and unsightly. Make sure to check the quality of these stickers and holograms before you buy a boat. They can easily be replaced, but it is always good to have them in top condition right from the start.

How Good is Caysmas Customer Support?

Excellent! We found many positive reviews about their customer service and after-sales support. Despite the occasional issues, most owners were satisfied with the level of support provided by Caysmas staff.

The company responds quickly to emails and phone calls, helping owners to resolve any queries or problems they may have. All in all, their customer service is top-notch.

They have a wide array of dealers across the U.S. and Canada, which makes it easy to find a local service center for repairs or maintenance of your boat. Plus, Caymas also offers extended warranties on their boats, giving owners peace of mind.


Caymas boats are a great choice for anglers looking for a high-quality bass boat. Despite some common problems, the company offers excellent customer service and support. With a wide array of dealers and service centers located across the U.S. and Canada, it is easy to get your boat fixed if something goes wrong. Plus, Caymas offers extended warranties on their boats, giving you peace of mind that any problems will be taken care of. Like all boats Caymas requires regular maintenance, so be sure to keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule for your boat. With proper care, you can expect many years of reliable service from your Caymas boat.