8 Issues with Sea Hunt Boats: Read This First

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Are you looking for information about common problems with Sea Hunt Boats? We’ve got you covered. Sea Hunt Boats are well known for their quality and durability, but like any other boats, they can have some problems too.

From wiring issues to leaky Livewells, grounding systems not connected properly, and even difficulty accessing the bilge area – these are some of the most prominent issues that Sea Hunt Boat owners may encounter on their journey.

But don’t worry – these problems can be easily solved if you take proper care of your boat and always practice safe boating etiquette. Wiring issues can be addressed by properly routing all wires away from any metal objects or sharp edges that could cause shorts or tears in the wires.

Leaky Livewells can typically be fixed with a sealant or a replacement part. Grounding systems should also be checked regularly to ensure a safe electrical flow in the boat and make sure it stays connected properly throughout its use.

All in all, Sea Hunt Boats offer amazing value for money and come with high-quality materials and reliable performance overall – but like any other boats, they too require regular maintenance to stay in good condition and free of potential hassles on your voyage.

Noticeable Difference in Ride Quality

Riding a Sea Hunt boat is an experience like no other. Not only do you get the chance to navigate the waters with relative ease, but you also get to appreciate the choppier ride that these mid-tier boats offer.

With that said investing in a trim tab system to further adjust ride characteristics can be a great way to get the most out of your Sea Hunt boat.

A trim tab system is basically an adjustable plate that helps maintain and control the attitude of the boat while you’re cruising, allowing you to customize how it handles various conditions.

The result? An even smoother experience when it comes to navigating the waters, and a more enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

In addition, they may not come with all of the bells and whistles associated with more expensive boats, so it is important to investigate what features are available before making any decisions.

Problems With Grounding System

Improper installation of the grounding system was reported as one of the common issues with Sea Hunt boats. If not properly installed, it can easily lead to wiring and electrical problems due to a lack of proper grounding.

Problematic grounding was found in the T-Top and VHS antenna systems, but also in the wiring of the bilge pumps, navigational lights, and stereo systems.

Before making your purchase make sure to check the grounding systems to make sure they are properly installed and working correctly.

Poor Access To Bilge Area

One of the most widely reported issues with Sea Hunt boats is the difficulty of accessing the bilge area. This is mainly due to poor design choices as some of the models come with hard-to-reach components such as transducers and battery banks.

Repairs in those areas are hard to do as they require a lot of extra work and can be very time-consuming. It is best to avoid these models if you are planning on doing any DIY maintenance or repairs.

Wiring Issues

Many Captains have reported wiring issues with their Sea Hunt Boats. This is mainly due to the fact that some of the models come with cheap or outdated wiring, which can lead to shorts and other problems down the line.

Lack of quality control is quite often attributed to this problem, so it is important to check the wiring before making any purchases.

Improper console switch wiring to the battery banks is also a common issue, so make sure to check the connections and replace any faulty wiring before your next voyage.

Leaky Livewells

No, boat owner likes to have a leaky Livewell, and unfortunately, Sea Hunt boats are no exception. Leaky Livewells can be caused by anything from a defective sealant to loose fittings or broken parts.

The bilge pump can also be accountable for this issue, so it is important to make sure the pump is functioning correctly before making your purchase. If necessary, the leak can usually be fixed easily with a new sealant or some additional fittings.

Flaking Powder Coats

Not usage of marine-grade coating is another common issue that Sea Hunt owners have experienced. Some of the powder coats found on their boats can flake off easily, which leaves them exposed to corrosion and other damage.

T-Tops and rod holders are usually the first to show signs of flaking, so make sure to inspect these areas thoroughly before you make your purchase.

If necessary, you can always replace them with marine-grade components that will be more resistant to corrosion and other damage.

How Good is an Old Sea Hunt Boat?

Old Sea Hunt boats seem to hold their value pretty well, so don’t be afraid to purchase an older model. However, it is important to take into account the age of the boat and its condition before you make your final decision.

If possible, try to find a used Sea Hunt with low hours and in good condition as this should give you many years of reliable service.

Getting the boat and engine surveyed by a qualified marine mechanic is also recommended for older boats. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly and any necessary repairs can be done before your next voyage.

How Good is Sea Hunt Customer Care?

While doing our research we can conclude their service being exceptionally good. The Sea Hunt team is very responsive to customer inquiries and seems to go out of its way to ensure all customers are satisfied with their purchases.

They have an extensive dealership network so finding a Sea Hunt dealership near you should be quite easy. They also offer an online store, where you can purchase parts and accessories for your boat with ease.

General Review for Sea Hunt Boats

The review sentiment for these boats looks positive overall. There are some issues that need to be addressed, such as poor access to the bilge area, wiring, and Livewells, but they can usually be fixed with the right parts and maintenance.

They have a happy line of loyal customers and the customer service team seems to be quite helpful and accommodating.

Overall, Sea Hunt Boats is a good company that produces quality boats with reliable engines and parts.


Overall, Sea Hunt boats are beloved by many who appreciate the mid-tier cost and reliable performance they offer. However, like any other boat, there are certain maintenance issues that can arise if proper care is not taken. It is important to do your research before purchasing a Sea Hunt boat to make sure you are getting the best model for your needs. Furthermore, be sure to check the wiring and repair any faulty parts or seals before embarking on your next voyage.