9 Boats that Are Perfect for Crappie Fishing

Crappie Fishing Boats

Crappie fishing can become challenging at times. When choosing a boat for crappie fishing, it is important to select one that has features designed specifically for this type of fishing. There are several great boats on the market today designed especially for crappie fishing.

Xpress, Crestliner, Sea Ark, Lowe, Lund, War Eagle, and Tracker are some of the popular brands manufacturing brands that offer great boats for crappie fishing. Built for all weather conditions and sizes, these boats are perfect for a day out on the lake.

A mix of shallow and deep water fishing can be done effectively with an aluminum V-hull boat. These boats provide a great stable platform, enabling anglers to fish comfortably in the roughest of conditions. The decks are well laid out, allowing plenty of space to move around and set up for trolling or drifting presentations.

Mod-V hulls are also popular for crappie fishing, as they provide plenty of stability in both shallow and deep water. The wide beam also allows anglers to move around easily while on the boat. Additionally, many mod-V hulls offer enough storage space for all the necessary equipment needed for a successful day of fishing.

Quick maneuverability is another important factor when selecting a boat for crappie fishing. Crappies quite often reside under submerged brush or other structures, so having a boat that can quickly get an angler in position is essential.

Let us now go through some of the top boats on the market for crappie fishing.


The Xpress CRAPPIE SERIES is an all-welded aluminum boat designed specifically for crappie anglers. It has a Hyper-Lift Hull which provides the perfect balance of buoyancy and stability, allowing you to navigate shallow waters with ease.

This fishing machine also features a full front deck design, so you can easily access your preferred tackle when out on the water. To top it off, it has an X-Wing fiberglass console and a tinted windshield that not only gives the boat a sleek look but also provides plenty of shade for those hot days spent fishing.

When it comes to convenience and performance, the Xpress CRAPPIE SERIES has you covered. Its 6” jack plate allows you to adjust the motor height according to water conditions as well as maneuverability.

As if that wasn’t enough, the series also includes a MinnKota shallow water anchor so you can stay in one spot while waiting for a bite. Plus, there’s an automatic bilge pump that takes care of any excess water while keeping the interior dry and clean. Lastly, a Pro Livewell Oxygenator helps keep live bait alive longer – making sure they’re fresh when you need them most! 

For comfort and convenience, this boat offers plenty of options for seating as well as storage solutions. The center seat tucks away neatly under the gunnels when not in use providing ample floor space for when you need it most.

Multiple rod holders make storing your rods easy while two built-in lockable storage compartments provide extra space for small items like lures or tools. All these features come together to make sure nothing hinders your success on the lake!

Crestliner XFC MODELS

The Crestliner XFC is a great choice for crappie fishing due to its impressive features. It also comes with a higher deck configuration which provides more casting space and lets you view the water from more angles.

Furthermore, it has a modified V-hull which helps with stability and performance when out on the water. 

When it comes to power, the Crestliner XFC doesn’t disappoint. It is equipped with Mercury Outboards, ensuring better performance in terms of speed and efficiency.

Additionally, it includes large Livewells that can store up to 30 gallons of water each, providing ample room for your catch. Furthermore, there’s an aerated baitwell located in the stern which further enhances your fishing experience. 

All these features make the Crestliner XFC an ideal choice for crappie fishing enthusiasts who want an enjoyable yet productive day out on the lake or river. Its reliability and durability give you peace of mind that you’re buying a boat that will last for years to come.

Whether you take it out all day or just spend a few hours fishing at night, the Crestliner XFC offers plenty of options that can be tailored to your needs and preferences when it comes to hitting the waters in search of crappie fish!

Sea Ark 1652 Crappie

The Sea Ark 1652 Crappie is the perfect boat for the avid crappie angler. It is made of 5052 aluminum and features a 3° all-welded MV hull with a .125 gauge smooth floor, making it both strong and durable.

This boat has everything you need to make your crappie fishing trips successful. It includes two fold-down fishing seats, two seat boxes with storage, two-rod storage boxes, 8 gauge trolling motor wiring, transducer bracket, floored area for battery and fuel tank, two battery trays, bilge pump, LED navigation lights, rear-hinged battery tank lid, and an anchor storage unit.

The 16-foot length and 72-inch beam provide plenty of room for up to four people to comfortably fish. In addition, the bottom width of 52 inches gives you plenty of stability when out on the water. 

The Sea Ark 1652 Crappie also comes equipped with several other features designed specifically to enhance your fishing experience. It has a drink holder so that you can keep your beverage close by while out on the lake.

The Sea Ark 1652 Crappie provides its owner with great value for their money given all its features that are custom designed for crappie fishing.

Its rugged construction makes it reliable even in rough waters while being lightweight enough for easy transport from lake to lake or river to river without too much hassle.

The many amenities included ensuring that you have everything you need at hand while out on the lake making your trips more enjoyable while increasing your chances of success!

Lowe SKORPION SS(Stick Steer)

The Lowe SKORPION SS is the perfect boat for crappie fishing. It is a 16-foot stick-steered boat that offers precise maneuverability and plenty of space for anglers to cast their lines. The all-welded Mod-V aluminum boat is built with two big casting decks, making it easy to move around while on the hunt for fish.

It also features a fishfinder, trolling motor, two Gray fold-down seats with storage compartments, and four mooring cleats so you can stay in one spot without the worry of drifting away. A bow tackle storage compartment and stern battery/portable fuel tank storage allow you to bring all the supplies you need for a successful day out on the water. 

For added convenience, the Lowe SKORPION SS also includes additional amenities such as rod holders, navigation lights, and multiple drink holders so you can enjoy refreshments while reeling in your catch.

This vessel also has an aerated Livewell which keeps bait fish alive until they’re needed, ensuring your lures will be just as effective when it counts. With an efficient design that’s designed to maximize performance while keeping weight to a minimum, this boat provides superior handling along with excellent stability and control in any water condition. 

If you’re looking for a great way to target bass or crappie on the lake or river this season, then look no further than the Lowe SKORPION SS fishing boat. Thanks to its precise maneuverability and user-friendly design, this vessel is sure to make your next fishing trip a success!

Lund 1775 RENEGADE

The Lund 1775 RENEGADE is the perfect boat for bass and crappie fishing. This all-welded Mod-V aluminum boat offers precise maneuverability with its 16-foot stick-steered design, allowing you to navigate tight spots with ease.

Along with big casting decks, the two large Gray fold-down seats w/ storage (driver & passenger) will provide you plenty of comfortable space to fish and give you convenient access to your tackle.

There’s even a bow tackle storage compartment, a stern battery/portable fuel tank storage compartment, and four mooring cleats securely affixed in strategic places for added utility. And for greater convenience during your fishing trips, it’s also pre-wired for an optional fishfinder and trolling motor. 

As if that weren’t enough, the Lund 1775 RENEGADE also features plenty of advanced features such as wave deflectors to reduce spray on rougher days and padded gunwales for added comfort while you’re out on the water.

Its tough aluminum construction ensures maximum durability, making it ideal for all types of fishing conditions. But what truly sets this boat apart is its sleek profile combined with its spacious interior: everything you need in a crappie fishing boat without sacrificing any style!

 War Eagle 961 Blackhawk

If you are looking for a boat specifically designed for Crappie fishing, the War Eagle 961 Blackhawk is an ideal choice. With its V hull, this boat provides a smoother ride even in choppy waters, so you don’t have to worry about an uncomfortable ride while you are out chasing after your favorite fish.

It also comes with several features that make it perfect for Crappie fishing, including a full skin-out with carpet, a 16-gallon fuel tank, a 9″ windshield, running lights with rocker switches, and a bilge pump.

In addition, it has a side console with Livewell and a bracket with wiring for a 24V trolling motor, which makes navigating the waters easier and more efficient. 

The War Eagle 961 Blackhawk is also great because it is available in either center or side console designs so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

The center console allows for more room in the cockpit area while the side console offers easy access to the instrumentation and gauges from the helm position.

Whichever one you decide on will provide an optimal experience when it comes to Crappie fishing thanks to its reliable performance and features designed for this purpose.


The Tracker MOD V Bass Boats are an excellent choice for those seeking a Crappie fishing vessel. These boats feature built-in quality and durability, with Mercury® outboard motors, Minn Kota® trolling motors, Lowrance® fishfinders, and plenty of other helpful features.

The boats also come with an aerated Livewell, bow and stern eyes, four cleats, and other accessories such as a motor-stop safety lanyard, fire extinguisher, horn, and paddle. 

The boat is also constructed for maximum performance. It has been injected with expanding foam in the hull cavities to add stiffness and flotation while helping to reduce noise when underway.

The one-piece rotomolded console has a tinted windscreen to reduce glare while driving in bright sunlight. There is an open storage compartment beneath the screen which houses a built-in drink holder, 12V outlet, and mobile phone holder secured by a bungee cord so that it won’t move around even when you are going over rough water. 

Tracker MOD V Bass Boats are ideal for Crappie fishermen who need reliable equipment that offers superior performance in any type of water condition.

With their powerful engines and advanced construction techniques, these boats will make your fishing trips more enjoyable with their smooth operation and low vibrations. This makes them perfect for long hours on the water while still providing a comfortable ride.

Polar Kraft MOD-V JONS

With its unique transverse bulkheads, this boat provides exceptional support to the running surface, ensuring smooth, reliable operation.

Its max hull thickness of 0.080 inches ensures robustness and longevity; while its freeboard thickness of 0.080 inches keeps it lightweight at just 309 lbs dry weight.

Moreover, the Polar Kraft MOD-V boats come equipped with an 18-gallon Livewell, making them perfect for extended stays on the lake and accommodating up to four passengers.

Not only that, but these boats also boast a maximum weight capacity of 1000 lbs so you can bring along all your gear without worry. Whether you’re out for a day or weekend excursion of fishing on calm inland bodies of water or heading out into rougher waters on open ocean seas – the durable construction and performance features found in the Polar Kraft MOD-V series make it an ideal choice crappie fishing adventures!

Triton 18 TRX

The Triton 18 TRX is a great choice for fishermen looking for a high-performance boat to take them to their favorite crappie fishing spots. This boat features a lifetime limited hull warranty, so you can be sure that it will stand up against the elements.

The extended leg-room driver’s console and two retractable rod buckles on the front deck make it easy to maneuver with precision. In addition, this vessel is equipped with an 800-gph Livewell aerator pump with a timer and an 800-gph Livewell recirculation pump, which keep your bait alive and fresh all day long.

On top of that, the Minn Kota Edge 70lb 24V trolling motor foot control deck recess gives you full control over your craft during those long hours out on the water. As if that weren’t enough, this powerhouse also comes equipped with a hydraulic jack plate to ensure maximum performance when tackling tough conditions.

With its durable construction and superior design, the Triton 18 TRX is sure to get you where you need to go in style and comfort.


When it comes to crappie fishing boats, you have a wide selection to choose from. Whether you’re looking for short-term excursions or longer trips, these boats provide the perfect combination of performance and reliability. With features such as advanced construction techniques, powerful engines, and aerated Livewells, they are sure to make your fishing adventures more enjoyable. So get out on the water and enjoy yourself with a high-performance crappie fishing boat!