9 Great Boats for Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing boat

Are you looking for a boat to take out on the water for some walleye fishing? You’re in luck! There are some amazing boats out there specifically designed to make your fishing experience a blast. From deep-Vee hulls to aluminum or fiberglass hulls, you can find the perfect boat to suit your needs. 

When it comes to selecting the right boat for walleye fishing, size matters. If you’re planning on hitting up the local lake, then something around 16′ should do just fine. However, if you’re going out into rougher waters, then a deeper Vee hull will help keep you stable and give you more control.

The brands Crestliner, Princecraft, Lund, YarCraft, G3, Vexus, and Ranger all have excellent models that are great for walleye fishing. 

Walleye fishing is an incredibly enjoyable way to spend those hot summer days, and having the right boat can make all the difference in terms of comfort and safety while out on the water. With a good boat and quality equipment, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable time.

Aluminum walleye boats can be easy to transport, store, and maintain. They are also lightweight enough to take on smaller lakes or rivers. Fiberglass boats often offer more stability in choppy waters and are ideal for larger bodies of water, like the big lake.

We have carefully created a list of some of the best boats for walleye fishing. No matter what type of boat you choose, be sure that you have all the necessary safety equipment and know how to use it properly.

Crestliner 1850

When it comes to walleye fishing, there’s no better choice than a Crestliner 1850. This aluminum boat is renowned for its excellent all-welded construction and choppy-water capability, making it perfect for large lake excursions.

With an expansive casting deck, a seating capacity of eight people, and plenty of other features, the Crestliner 1850 has everything an avid angler needs. 

The Crestliner 1850 provides plenty of storage space with an integrated 14-gallon bow Livewell. This aerated Livewell helps keep the walleyes alive and healthy during transport from the lake to your cleaning table.

Additionally, this model includes a bilge pump that operates automatically with the help of a lanyard ignition stop switch for added convenience and safety on the water. 

Finally, this aluminum boat comes with a Basic 3000LB Bunk ShoreArm’r Trailer to support effortless transportation and storage between trips.

Whether you’re fishing or waterskiing, you can count on the Crestliner 1850 to provide a comfortable ride through any kind of conditions – it’s perfect for walleye fishing!

PrinceCraft SPORT 182

When it comes to walleye fishing boats, the PrinceCraft SPORT 182 is one of the most popular around. It features a robust aluminum alloy construction in 5052-H36 marine grade, as well as an impressive 5.6 m center line and 2.4 m beam breadth. 

The boat also offers convenient storage solutions for up to seven-foot rods without any supports, as well as a lockable rod organizer for up to six rods – a major plus for anglers who like to be prepared.

Furthermore, there’s also a 12V or 24V bow trolling motor plug and receptacle with a wiring harness included, so you can easily accessorize your ride. 

Finally, the PrinceCraft SPORT 182 is equipped with twin consoles and a steering system for convenience and comfortability on open waters, along with a glove box for extra storage – plus an anodized walk-thru tempered glass windshield with door and deluxe dash panel complete with switches and indicator lights for easy navigation!

With all those amenities combined, this boat is sure to become a reliable companion on any angling trips you take.

Lund 1875 PRO-V

The Lund 1875 PRO-V is the perfect boat for walleye fishermen and tournament anglers who need a reliable and efficient design. Widely available in U.S. and Canada, it boasts an 18’ length and a 200 HP max capacity for your motor.

Dual Pro-Control Consoles with a walkthrough windshield make sure you have plenty of control over your fishing experience, while a flush-mount horn ensures that you’re always safe on the water.

Boasting 31 gallons of storage space in its rear live well, this boat has plenty of room to store all your catches from the day’s haul. A 14-gallon front Livewell gives you even more space to put the fish you want to keep fresh – so there’s no need to rush back home before they spoil!

An automotive-style fuse panel comes standard, as well as a bow casting platform and trolling motor plug (24/36V), making sure you stay comfortable during long days out on the lake or stream. To top it off, drink holders ensure that you never have far to go for a refreshment break when things get too intense! 

Overall, if you’re in need of a reliable boat for walleye fishing and tournaments then look no further than the Lund 1875 PRO-V.

YarCraft 186 TFX

YarCraft 186 TFX is the perfect boat for walleye fishing, boasting decades of excellence and unmatched durability. With a length of 18’6”, a beam of 99”, and a storage capacity of 21’5” with swing tongue, this boat can take you to just about any spot.

The YarCraft 186 TFX comes with an engine-matched control system and 40 gallons of fuel that won’t run out quickly. It also includes an air ride suspension pedestal for added comfort, as well as a high-performance 6X steering wheel for easy navigation and maneuvering.

The non-skid floor and cockpit, plus the insulated deck lids provide more insulation from the elements, making your experience even better. To top it all off, there’s even an insulated cooler to keep your drinks cold during those long days out on the water!

If you’re looking for a top quality walleye fishing boat that won’t break the bank, look no further than the YarCraft 186 TFX. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this reliable vessel was designed and engineered for optimum performance in any weather conditions.

With its sturdy construction and an array of features that guarantee maximum comfort even during turbulent seas, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it – This boat has you covered! So whether you’re heading out on your own or taking friends along for some competitive fun, rest assured that this vessel has got you covered!

Vexus DVX22

If you’re an angler looking for a reliable and quality boat to test your power fishing skills, you should check out the Vexus DVX22. The length of 21′ 10″ gives you plenty of room to move around and cast in comfort, while its beam of 101″ offers a spacious feel when maneuvering.

It also comes with a fueling capacity of 60 gallons so you can go further without having to stop for refills.

When it comes to the perfect boat for walleye fishing, this craft really stands out from the crowd. The forked bow is equipped with an oversized fishing station and retractable rod buckles, meaning setting up and breaking down is easy.

Additionally, the raised front fishing platform offers deeper storage underneath so you can keep all your gear safe and secure. Furthermore, stainless steel compression lid latches add extra durability and strength when opening or closing lids or compartments.

Finally, the maximum horsepower rating of 400 brings together all these features to provide a reliable and powerful vessel that will help you catch those walleye with ease.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional angler, this boat has everything you need to make sure your time spent on the water is productive and enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Get on board with Vexus DVX22!


The RANGER VS 1882 is the perfect boat for walleye fishermen. With its wide beam, powerful outboard motor, and huge casting deck, this boat offers plenty of power and space to navigate through some of the best walleye habitats around.

Its low profile makes it easy to maneuver in shallow waters and its sturdy steel frame trailer with torsion axles ensures that you can get to your destination safely. 

Onboard, the RANGER VS 1882 has all the amenities you need for a great day on the water. From the marine-grade vinyl cockpit flooring for comfort and durability to the Lowrance® HOOK2-5 @ console and Minn Kota® Edge 70 24V trolling motor for precision control, this boat has it all.

Plus, with Teleflex Sea Star Pro® hydraulic steering, you have complete control over just how far you go. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur walleye fisherman, this boat will give you everything you need for a successful outing each time.


When it comes to walleye fishing, you need a boat that can handle your adventures. The PolarKraft FRONTIER 179 WT JUMP is a perfect choice. Its full-length spray rail and reverse chine provide better control of the boat so you can remain in control while on the water.

Plus, it’s made of .125 marine grade aluminum, one-piece bottom, and reinforced bow support for added strength and reliability. You’ll have plenty of storage options with this boat as well. It features two 19-gallon aerated Livewells – one located in the bow and one in the stern – so you can keep your catch fresh all day long.

There’s also a battery management switch for easy access to your power sources. Plus, there are three fold-down seats and two jump seats so you can bring your friends along for the ride! And with its auto/manual Livewell timer, there’s no need to worry about running out of time when out on the lake.

With all these features, PolarKraft FRONTIER 179 WT JUMP is an excellent choice for anyone looking for boats for walleye fishing!


The G3 ANGLER V178 C boat is a perfect choice for all your walleye fishing needs. Its riveted .080 gauge hull means you can take it out on the lake and trust it to last, while its double-plated .064 bow adds extra strength and stability when navigating choppy waters.

It’s also equipped with a range of modern features designed to make your time on the water even more enjoyable. This includes a cell phone holder, Yamaha gauges, and controls with a sport-style steering wheel, as well as Humminbird® electronics to give you an edge when trying to locate those walleyes.

You’ll also find plenty of space for everything you need out on the lake from lockable storage compartments to cup holders so you can keep your favorite beverage close by. The transom is all aluminum for an extra-durable build, while marine-grade vinyl flooring ensures comfort and durability no matter how long you stay out fishing for walleyes.

And if that wasn’t enough, two deep V bike seats come with adjustable poles so you can rest in between catches, plus a deep V fold-down fishing seat with a pedestal pole for maximum comfort when boating around with family or friends.

Finally, an 800 GPH bilge pump keeps any water out of your boat so there’s no need to worry about getting home safely in wet conditions. 


If you’re looking for a boat that will make walleye fishing a breeze, the Lowe FISHING MACHINE 1775 SC is the right choice. Its all-welded aluminum Deep-V hull is designed to provide smooth, gliding performance on the water and can tackle choppy conditions with ease.

You won’t be wanting for comfort either – the boat has two fold-down fishing seats (one in front of the driver and one behind), 16 oz. Marine grade carpet on both bow and aft decks, and a vinyl floor cockpit – plus an aerated Livewell that holds up to 14 gallons of water so you can keep your catch fresh!

The G3 ANGLER V178 C also has some great storage options – it comes with a locking center rod locker with eight tubes sized to fit 7’6” rods, plus trim gauges with chrome bezels so you can keep track of how your boat is performing at all times.

With its customizable layout and features, this boat is perfect for making sure you have everything you need when it comes time to hit the lake. Whether you’re looking for a day of competitive fishing or just want to relax out on open waters, the Lowe FISHING MACHINE 1775 SC provides all the features necessary for an enjoyable experience on the lake.


Walleye fishing boats are a great option for anyone looking to get the most out of their time on the lake/rivers. With the right boat, you’ll have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable day out fishing. Customers are spoilt for choice but some of the top models include the PolarKraft FRONTIER 179 WT JUMP, G3 ANGLER V178 C and Lowe FISHING MACHINE 1775 SC. So no matter what kind of fishing trip you have in mind, you’re sure to find a boat that meets your needs!