9 Small Fishing Pontoon Boats

9 Small Fishing Pontoon Boats

Small pontoon fishing boats are an excellent choice for those looking to explore small lakes and ponds without having to invest in a large boat. They’re portable, easy to maneuver and come with the added benefit of pontoon capabilities – making them great for fishing but also ideal for leisurely trips out on the water.

Popular brands like Laker, Pond King, Tahoe, Sea-Doo, and Sun Ray all offer small pontoon models that provide the perfect blend of affordability and convenience. 

Not only do these smaller pontoon boats make great fishing vessels they are also perfect for small families hoping to spend some quality time together on the water.

With plenty of room to fish or simply relax, these boats provide a unique experience that often includes amenities such as extended rear decking or even swims ladders for getting in and out of the water easily.

Many of these models also come equipped with extras like USB ports, Bimini Tops for shade protection, and adjustable seating that allows you to customize your own layout. 

If you’re looking for a reliable vessel that provides maximum usability at an affordable price then look no further than a small pontoon boat. Whether it be fishing on calm waters or just going out for leisurely cruises – you can’t go wrong with one of these versatile vessels.

With features like quick assembly times and easy transportation, they’re sure to fill any boating needs while providing hours of enjoyment on your next excursion out on the lake or pond!

Let us now go through some of the popular small pontoon boats that are available in the market.

Pond King Champ

Pond King Champ is the perfect mini pontoon boat for two people to go fishing on. Its size makes it ideal for navigating small lakes and streams, and with its marine-grade aluminum construction, you can count on a long lifespan of use in all kinds of weather conditions.

The 14” diameter provides enough space for two people to comfortably sit side by side or for one person standing while fishing. And with the option to add a duck blind, you can be sure that your fish won’t know what hit them!

Built-in Lindsay, Texas, Pond King Champ pontoons are made of high-quality aluminum decks which are welded with an aluminum subframe for maximum stability and durability. This ensures that your pontoon will stay afloat even in choppy waters and have enough strength to handle whatever you throw at it.

Fishing isn’t just about catching the big one; it’s also about enjoying the experience. On Pond King Champ pontoons, you can just relax after a long day out on the lake thanks to its comfy seating capacity – something not found on most other mini pontoons!

Whether you prefer fly fishing or trolling, Pond King Champ offers everything you need to make your fishing experience enjoyable. So if you’re looking for a reliable mini pontoon perfect for fishing small lakes, look no further than Pond King Champ!

Laker 712 DLX

The Laker 712 DLX Electric is the perfect mini pontoon boat for fishing and recreational activities. It features 27″x20″ square pontoons, which provide a steady and reliable ride.

The nonskid decking ensures your safety while navigating the waters. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about maintenance since this boat is designed with low-maintenance materials, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a long-term investment. 

The optional deep cycle marine battery and onboard charger come in handy when you’re out on the water because they keep your vessel going strong so you can enjoy your day without worrying about running out of power.

Navigation lights are also available, allowing you to easily find your way around even in low visibility conditions. With its sleek design and impressive features, the Laker 712 DLX Electric is an exceptional choice for people seeking an enjoyable experience on the waters.

Kennedy 1700 SUPER SPORT

When it comes to small fishing pontoon boats, the Kennedy 1700 SUPER SPORT is a great choice. With its relatively short length of just 16 feet and width of 6 feet, it offers excellent maneuverability and can easily fit into even the tightest harbor. 

Powered with an electric motor, this boat offers a smooth, quiet ride that is perfect for those who are looking for a peaceful fishing experience. To make transportation easier, it comes with a roller-style trailer that glides along smoothly when attached to your vehicle. 

The Laker Kennedy 1700 SUPER SPORT also has plenty of features to satisfy all your fishing needs. Its aluminum I-beam cross framing provides superior strength and ensures that it stands up to any sea conditions you might encounter during your voyage.

 It also includes a dinette table with beverage holders so that you can take breaks without having to worry about getting soaked. To keep you protected on the water, this boat is equipped with Coast Guard navigation lights and horns for extra safety on the open waters. 

For added convenience, you have the option to purchase an AM/FM CD stereo system with two speakers as well as a mooring cover. With these features and more, the Kennedy 1700 SUPER SPORT is an ideal choice for anyone in search of a small fishing pontoon boat that can provide both fun and security!

Sunray 14 Fish n Fun

If you’re looking for a perfect full-featured small saltwater pontoon boat for cruising or fishing near shore or on smaller lakes and rivers, then the Sunray 14 Fish n Fun is the right boat for you. This boat can comfortably fit up to six people and features a fiberglass & Gelcoat nonskid deck as well as lifetime furniture with storage and an umbrella bimini top, perfect for those hot summer days.

The 24” diameter 0.090 pontoons make this boat lightweight yet durable, so you don’t have to worry about it taking any damage from waves or rocks along your journey. Its seating is also made of mold and mildew-resistant materials that are soft to the touch and ergonomically designed for support. 

In addition to these great features, there are plenty of optional accessories that can be added such as interior lighting, Bluetooth stereo system, depth sounders, and more. You can customize your own Sunray 14 Fish n Fun experience with these add-ons that will turn your ordinary pontoon ride into an unforgettable one.

With this boat, you can explore beautiful waters while still having all the amenities of traditional boats with its instrumentation & switch panel options providing precise control over your vessel. With the Sunray 14 Fish n Fun, you’ll get everything you need in a small saltwater pontoon boat without sacrificing comfort or convenience too much!

Bass Buggy® 16 XL

Are you looking for a small pontoon boat that packs a lot of bang for your buck? The Bass Buggy® 16 XL is a perfect choice! This powerful 18-foot pontoon boat can fit up to four anglers comfortably and comes with all the features they need.

Its 20 ELPT FourStroke boat motor provides plenty of power, while its 7′ (2.13 m) polyester Bimini top with adjustable straps and trailering-position arms offers protection from the sun. When you’re ready to fish, the two clam-shell fishing chairs constructed with all-composite seat frames make it easy to track down your prey, while the bow fishing deck comes with two removable folding fishing chairs so everyone can join in on the fun.

Plus, when you’re done for the day, relax in style on the forward-console seat featuring molded-in grab handles and a below-cushion Livewell with a shutoff valve to store your catch or keep bait fresh. Whether you’re out for a day of fun or serious fishing, this compact pontoon boat has everything you need to make it an adventure worth remembering!

Bennington SV Line

The Bennington SV Line is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a small fishing pontoon boat that offers a lot in terms of amenities and durability. This premium aluminum pontoon is compact and easy to tow, so you can take it anywhere and have your own private angling adventure.

It’s corrosion-resistant and provides higher vertical strength thanks to its thicker cross channels. Plus, the fully-boxed welds add extra sturdiness so you can enjoy your fishing trips with confidence.

For added comfort and convenience, the Bennington SV Line features luxurious upholstery for a relaxed atmosphere as well as all necessary fishing amenities like rod holders, cup holders, etc.

You will also be covered by their 10-year bow-to-stern warranty, so you can be sure that your pontoon boat will last for years to come. With this great combination of features, you won’t ever have to worry about going on a family or solo fishing trip again!

Princecraft BRIO 170 

Are you looking for an affordable, small pontoon boat? Look no further than the Princecraft BRIO 170. This lightweight aluminum craft is only 5.4m long and has a deck length of 4.9m, making it the perfect size for smaller bodies of water such as lakes and rivers.

Built with 5052-H36 marine-grade aluminum alloy, this boat is sure to stand up to even the choppiest waters. Its heavy-duty extruded Z-aluminum cross channels provide additional strength and stability that make this a great vessel for coastal waters too.

The safety-conscious will love the NMMA & Transport Canada certification, giving you peace of mind when out on your journey.

The Princecraft BRIO 170 offers all the features you need in a pontoon boat. You can enjoy shaded cruising with its black bimini top that comes complete with latches and traveling struts for quick setup and takedown.

The bow gate has lift and lock hinges so you can quickly come aboard without any fussing around – it also offers easy access to areas otherwise difficult to reach like shallow streams or coves.

With its excellent performance, superior design features, and solid construction, the Princecraft BRIO 170 is a great choice for those looking for a reliable yet affordable small pontoon boat!

Harris Cruiser 190

It’s time to introduce you to the Harris Cruiser 190 – the perfect small pontoon for family fishing and water skiing. This 25” pontoon is designed for both comfort and style, with a bimini top included for extra shade when you need it.

The ultra-soft yet durable vinyl upholstery ensures that everyone stays comfortable at all times, while the reclining helm chair gives you the power to take control of your vessel. To top it off, there’s even a standard charging station so you can keep all your devices charged up ready for action!

The Cruiser 190 also has some great features built in specifically designed to enhance on-water performance. For starters, its exclusive 2-piece Dolphin Nose Cone comes with an integrated splash fin that helps increase speed and agility as well as improve maneuverability when out on the open waters.

It also includes patented TTRS construction technology which reduces torsional stress throughout the entire deck area, allowing you to enjoy fast speeds without compromising safety or stability! All in all, if you’re looking for an excellent small pontoon boat for fun family fishing and waterskiing trips then look no further than the Harris Cruiser 190!

Sea-Doo Switch

The Sea-Doo Switch is perfect for families looking for a small and compact pontoon that offers a modern design. This boat comes equipped with a highly efficient Rotax 1630 ACE jet engine that provides superior performance, making it the ideal choice for those who want to get around quickly and easily.

With its 10-year structural and hull warranty, you can be sure to enjoy many years of reliable use. And if you’re looking to customize your ride, there are plenty of accessories available such as seats, storage units, handlebar steering, and more – all of which can be added or changed to suit your needs.

Plus, the Debris Free pump system (IDF) helps keep the engine clean and running smoothly for years to come. In short, the Sea-Doo Switch is an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable small pontoon boat that won’t break the bank.


Small fishing pontoons are great for getting out on the water and having fun without having to invest in a larger vessel. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious like the Princecraft BRIO 170, something affordable like the Pond King Champ, or something sporty like the Sea-Doo Switch – there is an option out there for everyone. Just remember to research your options thoroughly before making your purchase to ensure that you get the perfect pontoon boat for your needs.