Are Avid Boats Good & Reliable | 3 Minute Read

Yes, Avid Boats are good and reliable. There are many reasons to buy an Avid Boat, here are just a few of them.

Avid boats are made with 5052 Aluminum which is highly corrosion-free and is known for its durability. The Boats are made with all hand-laid aluminum hulls that have been built tough to take the wear and tear of everyday use and abuse. It’s the ultimate combination of beauty and ruggedness.

How Good Are Avid Boats?

Avid boats are built with fishermen and anglers in mind. These vessels are best for fishermen and are a terrific choice for entry-level buyers thanks to their beam forward design with greater storage capacity and rod holders.

They also provide the convenience of an open bow which has abundant space to store coolers, tackle boxes along with other accessories.

The Avid Hull Shape ensures efficient planing and minimized drag. It also features a wide beam with soft chines, which results in increased stability and the best ride possible.

Avid Boats are known for their durability, simple design yet efficient performance at an affordable price range.

It’s the ultimate combination of beauty and ruggedness. Avid boats are good for fishing, hunting, sightseeing, etc. It’s an all-purpose boat.

A Little History About Avid Boats

Avid boats, founded by Phillip Faulkner in 2019 in Monroe County, Mississippi is taking the boating world by storm. Phillip Faulkner had acquired the 80,000 square-foot manufacturing space, formerly occupied by CPI Packaging & started Avid boats with his experience in his family’s boat manufacturing business.

Avid Boats’ production line in Monroe County, Mississippi is one of the most automated lines for aluminum boats. Avid uses CNC technology to cut parts out of sheets of aluminum.

The company has partnered with the Mississippi Development Authority, which assists startups in that create new jobs.

They are proud to have hired 50 employees since their launch and are planning on doubling the staff by the end of the year.

How Reliable Are Avid Boats?

The 5052 aluminum used in the construction of Avid Boats is marine grade and offers superior corrosion resistance. This means that not only do you get a tough, well-built boat but also one that will provide years of trouble-free boating.

Every Avid boat is as beautiful as it is robust, and it will delight even the pickiest fisherman thanks to its ProMaster™ pad hull design’s TruTaper™ gunnels.

 TruTaper™ Beam Forward Gunnel ensures your aluminum boats don’t have angled edges rather a smooth curved line which makes sure you have plenty of deck space and you don’t have to worry about boat drag performance.

Avid’s construction process is somewhat different from the standard aluminum boat fabrication technique. All of the dead space on the fore and aft decks, as well as the distance between the real cockpit deck and the hull bottom, and between the interior liner walls and the exterior hull sides, are filled with marine grade closed-cell foam.

If you are looking for a tough, stylish, and reliable boat with an affordable price tag that provides years of trouble-free boating then Avid boats are the right choice for you.

How Durable Are Avid Boats?

Avid boats are very durable. If you like fishing, then look no further than an Avid Boat, as they are specifically designed to help you on your way to catching fish.

The superior aluminum alloy used for the construction of these boats is what makes these boats very durable. In some models, the T top is powder coated which makes them perfect for coastal fishing.

The bottom of the boat has 1/4 inch thick aluminum extrusion lines to ensure that your hull is safe for years. No wonder these boats come with a lifetime hull warranty.

Whether you are fishing in lakes, rivers, or saltwater Avid boats have got you covered. They are designed to be able to take whatever mother nature throws at them.

The only thing you need to do is clean up your boat every so often, and it will last for years. Their aluminum alloy is very strong and can withstand much more than saltwater fishing. Some of the best memories are made on Avid boats, as they are very easy to maintain.

Another great benefit is the fact that they are corrosion-resistant, meaning you no longer have to fear metal fatigue in your boat’s frame.

This also greatly reduces any chances of small holes developing in the aluminum frame over time, which could sink an ordinary boat if left unattended.

Avid boats come attached with Yamaha outboards that have been designed from the ground up to offer absolute performance and reliability on a wide range of fishing craft.

How does Avid perform compared to other similar brands?

Unlike conventional aluminum boat builders, Avid boats have their fuel tank placed right beneath the captain’s seat. This construction system ensures Avid boats have their center of gravity moving forward and not backward.

The forward-moving center of gravity ensures there is no lag in the boat performance when cornering, turning, stopping, or accelerating.

A sharp, clean entry at the bow ensures that Avid boats maintain their velocity in the water with minimum resistance which enables them to reach top speeds very quickly. These sharp bows also help your boat turn on a dime with little effort.

Avid boats are very well constructed aluminum boats, unlike their peers. The best thing about these boats is that every Avid boat comes with a lifetime hull warranty assuring that you will not have to worry about buying another one for as long as you have these boats.

Avid boats have plenty of storage space, making it easy for you to carry all the necessary equipment you would need on your fishing trips.

They are available in different types of designs and sizes, which means there is an Avid boat out there for everyone.

These boats come with a live well and a dry box. There is also a rod box for your fishing rods. These boats have been made specifically for those who love to fish from the comfort of their home.

How to purchase Avid Boats?

Avid boats can be purchased by visiting your local boat dealer. The dealers also offer replacement parts, if you ever need their replacement.

If, you are not able to locate your local Avid boat dealer. You can find one by going to their website. You can also call their toll-free number on their website.

Common Problems of Avid Boats

As Avid boats are new boat manufacturers we could not find any pattern of common problems in these boats. However, there are a few things that you would need to take care of to ensure your boat’s performance.

You should try and maintain the boat with great care so that it can offer you have top-class services for years without any problems.

You need to clean and dry your boat at the end of every day you spend on the water. You should also try and keep your boat indoors during long periods of non-use as it will help prevent any corrosion from developing.

What About Parts of Avid Boats

You should get your Avid boat parts from your local dealer. The dealer will also help you find the parts that you need according to the Avid boat model and serial number.

However, if it is possible do not wait for your part to break before replacing it as this will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

What About Warranty on Avid boats

All, Avid boats give a limited lifetime warranty on the hull. This warranty covers any damage, like perforation and corrosion. The owner is responsible for all other repairs and replacements.

This warranty becomes null and void if the boat was not used normally or handled with great care. Any alterations made to the exterior surface of the boat will also lead to this warranty being repealed.


Avid boats are known for their innovation and style. They have been built with the latest technology and best materials. Their construction system is unlike other aluminum boats which can be found elsewhere. Avid boat owners will no longer have to worry about corrosion, leakage problems, etc. as they provide a lifetime warranty on the hulls of their boats. All these factors make Avid boats an ideal purchase for all fishermen.