Are Bamboo Fly Rods Worth the Price?


Bamboo fly rods are worth the price because they take a long time to make and, so much hand labor goes into them. The bamboo rod maker usually starts by splitting out the nodes of a culm of bamboo and then shaving them down to round, taking off just enough that they can be used as joints.

These rounds are then steamed and bent into sinuous curves, which will become the tapers on the rods.

After baking, these strips (called “tapers”) are then glued back together, wrapped around a mandrel, tapered some more, and finally put on the lathe to be turned into finished rods.

There is no high-tech machinery involved at all; it’s shaping, gluing, and turning with hand tools (not even using modern woodworking machinery). And this process takes many months to complete a single rod.

The actual fittings on a bamboo fly rod are not that hard to produce but the labor component is high, as well. So much of what goes into making a bamboo fly rod is hand labor which makes them far more expensive than rods made out of other materials.

The average price of bamboo fly rods ranges around $1,500. Some good examples include the Orvis bamboo fly rod model 1856 and the Lyle Dickerson 901812 Bamboo Fly Rod.

Why Bamboo Fly Rods Worth the Price?

Of course, bamboo fly rods are worth the price. When you spend a large amount of money on something, it is either because that thing has value or that thing gives you value. Bamboo fly rods give fishermen value for the following reasons;

-Weight, Performance, and User Experience

Bamboo fly rods are not heavy nor should they be the reason bamboo fly rods are expensive is because of their weight to strength ratio. They are very lightweight but at the same time, this does not make them any weaker in performance.

Bamboo fly rods offer an exceptional user experience because of the way they are crafted. The best materials, in terms of their physical properties, are used when making bamboo fly rods. Due to this reason, you can expect that when paying for a high-end bamboo fly rod you are indeed paying for the best quality.

Bamboo fly rods are therefore worth their price because of the value they give to fishermen. This is why they are used by all kinds of fishermen, both professional and amateur alike because they provide an advantage in fishing that cannot be beaten by any other type of fly rod.

-Bamboo Fly Rods Are Durable

Bamboo fly rods are well known to last for decades under the right conditions. Bamboo is an incredibly resilient material that will not deteriorate easily, if at all.

They can be clamped in a car or plane and they won’t snap – unlike other types of rods. If you do happen to damage your bamboo fly rod through impact, you can get it repaired very easily.

Bamboo fly rods are therefore worth their price because of the durability they give to them. They will last for years, decades even if treated well and used frequently. This is another reason why they are used by professional fishermen not only do they have a large financial investment in fishing, but they can also have a large investment in equipment.

Bamboo fly rods offer long-term value and statistics show that fishermen make use of the same bamboo fly rod set for 10 years on average – even if they are using it daily.

-Bamboo Fly Rods Are Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is a renewable resource, it can be harvested in sustainable ways and there is no reason to believe that bamboo will run out anytime soon. They are also lightweight when compared to other materials such as graphite, fiberglass, or even modern composite rods which means they have the least impact on the environment.

Again, the investment in bamboo fly rods is valuable over time because you are fishing with an environmentally friendly rod that will not cause harm to future generations.

Bamboo fly rods are therefore worth their price because of the environmental friendliness they give to them both now and in the future. The way bamboo fly rods are crafted means very little waste is produced during construction.

This means that you are receiving a quality product that was not part of an environmental disaster. Professional fishermen use bamboo fly rods because they can minimize the impact their equipment has on the global environment something which is becoming more and more important as time progresses.

-Bamboo Fly Rods Are Something Special

Bamboo fly rod construction and design is a trade all of its own. There is a lot of dedication and knowledge that goes into the making of high-end bamboo fly rods which means they are quite exclusive even if there were hundreds or thousands of them made.

They also put on quite the show because not only do you have the visual appeal of a bamboo fly rod but they are also lightweight and can be used with relative ease.

Bamboo fly rods are therefore worth their price because of the special factor you get from them. They are not mass-produced on an assembly line so for each new user, there is some uniqueness to their product.

Professional fishermen use bamboo fly rods because they can provide for their individual needs in terms of the equipment that they use. Bamboo fly rods may be expensive but it is often worth paying for this level of quality and individuality which no other type of fly rod can match.

Do Bamboo Fly Rods Break?

Bamboo fly rods are not easy to break. Bamboo fly rods are strong and sturdy for fishing, but one must also take care not to cast too far or too hard. It might break if the bamboo is overstressed. Casting large flies can put a lot of stress on a bamboo fly rod.

The ferrules are extremely strong joints to attach the rod sections, but they can be stressed. The bamboo itself must also be strong and not have any flaws in it or a break could occur there too. It is best to use a rod that suits your level of experience so you don`t accidentally overstress the rod and cause a break.

It is a good idea to take good care of your rod. Clean it after every season and do not just leave it in a bag or somewhere that will eventually cause the fiberglass to crack.

Bamboo fly rods are durable, but they are still made of wood which can be susceptible to insects, mold, mildew, and warping if not properly taken care of.

Are Bamboo Fly Rods Strong?

Bamboo is an amazingly strong material. It has been used for centuries to make all sorts of things from fishing rods, roofs, and scaffolding. The strength depends on the number of nodes in a piece of bamboo. These are the joints that allow a particular length certain flexibility.

The more nodes a section of bamboo has, the less flexible it is. However, it has greater structural integrity. This is why it can be used to make scaffolding.

Bamboo fly rods are usually between 5 and 8 feet long. They are broken down into 3 or 4 pieces that fit together using thread wraps at the joints. The individual rods are then lashed back together with a whipping cord, before being bound with silk thread, wrapped tightly in paper, and lacquered.

The number of nodes is very important in determining the strength and flexibility of bamboo fly rods. A rod made from a single piece with no joints has to have enough strength to hold its weight so it has few nodes. It becomes more flexible as there are more angled ‘knots’ or joints which means the section can be bent further without breaking.

Using more joints means that the rod is more likely to break, but it will be less flexible and able to handle heavier weight. While a lot of flexibility may seem like a good idea, it can make the fly fishing experience uncomfortable for inexperienced users who don’t know how to control their casts very well.

How Do You Maintain a Bamboo Fly Rod?

If you want your bamboo fly rod to last long, you must maintain it properly. There are several things you can do to ensure that your bamboo rod remains in top condition. First, always disassemble the rod and dry it completely after each use.

If you want to make things simpler, use a towel and remove all the water from the rod manually while wiping it down at the same time. Never put a wet fly rod away because doing so will damage the rod, its components, and even your trunk or basement.

As you wipe down the bamboo fly rod’s sections, make sure that you dust it properly. The best thing to use is a cloth because it can clean out any fine particles of dirt trapped inside the ferrules at the joint area of the sections. It also gives your bamboo fly rod a nice glow.

If the rod still feels damp, you should allow it to dry further or wait for it to come to room temperature before wrapping it up in its bag again.

There are some instances where manufacturers have designed special gadgets specifically designed to help fling water out of your fly rods, but they are expensive and not always necessary. If you don’t want to take the chance, simply disassemble your bamboo fly rod and let it dry thoroughly before putting it back in its tube.

Do not use any solvents or wetting solutions on bamboo fly rods because they can damage the finish. It is best to make sure that you clean the ferrules with a clean cloth as you dust and wipe down the rod.

If your bamboo fly rod feels like it is sticky, you should consult a professional about how to clean it properly. Not doing so can damage some components of your fly rod such as the varnish layer. Over time, this will seriously affect how your bamboo fly rod handles fish and line.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not use anything harder than a soft cloth on your rod. None of the rods can handle it and will wear out over time if you do. Also, make sure that you check for split sections when assembling your bamboo fly rod because it can affect how well the sections fit together during normal use.

You may even need to replace some sections or repair them, depending on how badly the rod crumbles.

Is Bamboo Fishing Rod Heavier than Graphite or Carbon Rods?

Bamboo is heavier than graphite or carbon rods, but it makes long-lasting fishing rods. It is not brittle when cold and does not distort when hot, unlike other materials. It can handle saltwater well when made into a fishing rod. Carbon fiber fishing rod is the lightest and strongest of all types of fishing rods and can be thinner too.

The graphite fishing rod is next in terms of lightness and strength. A graphite rod can be more brittle than a carbon rod, but it is cheaper. Bamboo fishing rods are made to last for over ten years while graphite ones only last up to five years.


Bamboo fly rods are a worthy investment for any fisherman. Not only are they durable, but they can also comfortably hold the heavy line. Of course, it will be heavier than the graphite or fiberglass counterparts, but if you are looking for an authentic fishing rod made out of premium materials, bamboo is a fantastic choice.