Are Barletta Pontoons Good & Reliable | Answered

Barletta Pontoon Boats are well-known for their performance and high quality. Barletta pontoon boats are recognized for their exceptional quality construction.

Here’s How Good Barletta Pontoons Are:

Barletta pontoons, a premium maker of pontoon boats produce high-end and affordable pontoon boats. They are known for their superior construction and performance. These boats are also known for their durability.

They use advanced technologies and manufacturing processes to make sure their customers get the best.

They offer excellent customer service. They are easy to contact and they resolve most issues promptly.

The materials used in Barletta pontoon boats are of excellent quality, which accounts for their durability.

A Brief History of Barletta Pontoons

Bill Fenech and William Fenech founded Barletta Pontoons in the year 2017. Bill was into the RV industry before starting his boat manufacturing company. Grand Design RV’s unique client-focused/dealer-centric company structure allowed it to achieve $500 million in sales and establish itself as a brand.

Bill was considering an entry in the marine sector until he discovered an opening in 2017 and Barletta was started. Bill kept the same customer-centric model for Barletta pontoons and in a few years Barletta pontoons was in news for all the good reasons.

Winnebago Industries Inc. signed a deal to buy the privately-owned Barletta Pontoon Boats for $300 Million Dollars. This deal made Winnebago Industries stamp its authority in the premium luxury marine industry.

Marine industry experts are looking through this deal with great interest and many believe this move will make Barletta Pontoon Boats the leading pontoon boat maker in the world.

How Reliable Are Barletta Pontoon Boats

Barletta pontoons are made with well-founded frames to ensure you have a stable ride on the waters. This ensures that you can enjoy complete peace of mind while enjoying a ride on the water every day with your family and friends.

For their tubes, Barletta uses a 090-grade aluminum which is by far the strongest and most reliable. These tubes ensure your rides are hassle-free and need not worry about choppy and uneven water.

Barletta pontoon boats are built with marine-grade plywood. The marine-grade plywood gives these boats exceptional strength and rigidity, which makes them perfect for fishing.

Barletta pontoons come with wave tamers attached which act as reinforcement. They also prevent splash from coming up into the boat while underway. Lifting strakes are attached to the toons as well and help get the boat up on the plane.

Heavy-duty cross members ensure you have a smooth ride and also makes sure the hull is free from any bending and hull integrity is maintained.

Barletta pontoons come with every possible accessory you can expect from a premium pontoon boat maker. This makes your experience on the water much more fun and memorable.

How do Barletta Pontoons perform compared to other similar brands?

Barletta pontoons perform significantly better than competing products. They feature a sturdy nosecone that keeps your family secure even in choppy seas. The quality of these nosecones is really excellent.

A complete-bellied skin for tri-tons keeps all wood out of the saltwater and ensures that you don’t have to run to your dealer for wood repairs on your tri-toon. They’ve developed an in-house vibration isolation technology that virtually eliminates any pontoon vibration.

Barletta pontoons have a wide range of floorplans. The furnishings available with Barletta pontoons and tri-toons are quite roomy. The bimini may be deployed with the push of a button if you are having difficulty dealing with the heat on a hot, sunny day.

People love Barletta for its exceptional quality construction. The company has been able to build on this and continue to offer their customers a pontoon boat that they never have to worry about.

Barletta pontoons are available in a wide variety of seating arrangements. All seating is designed ergonomically with proper back support and it’s been designed to give you maximum comfort while lounging around the water.

Barletta pontoons and tri-toons are pet-friendly. They have extra cleats that are designed for pet tethers.

Barletta pontoons are known to be very durable, they are built with aluminum tubes and cross members ensure the boat is free from any bending. The ABS-grade skin is extremely corrosion resistant and will keep your family safe even in the harshest weather conditions.

These pontoons come with a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty and the 10 Year Bow to Stern Warranty.

What About Different Models of Barletta Pontoons?

Barletta pontoons come with 3 main models as of today.

Barletta Lusso

For everyone, the Barletta Lusso versions provide a wide range of features. A traditional and elegant rail-set, ultra-soft and comfortable furniture, a sleek helm with technology and legroom, pet-friendly facilities, a huge amount of storage, and an all-around feeling of safety.

Barletta Corsa

Designed with those who wish to have everything that Barletta has to offer in mind, including a sporty, look. The best helm in its class, available in more styles and trims than any other competitor, and three interior accents for a stylish finish. An enhanced encounter at an incredible price point is created by the powerful exterior lines with a muscle-car feel, chrome badging, the greatest helm in its category, and interior furniture with three interior accents to provide a luxury look.

Barletta Cabrio

The same excellent quality, design, performance, and advanced construction that Barletta is known for at a lower price than the Corsa. Find everything you need to know about the different Cast-n-Cruise fishing models, Barletta originals, and the well-liked Ultra Entertainer in this section.

How to purchase Barletta Pontoons?

The best way to buy a Barletta pontoon boat is through your local dealer. If you cannot find a dealer in your immediate area, then you can always purchase it online.

Call or visit your local Barletta dealer to arrange a personal viewing and test ride of the pontoon boat. They will be able to answer all your questions and address any concerns that you may have regarding these watercraft.

Your local Barletta dealer will be able to review the specifications of the pontoon boat. They will also be knowledgeable about all types of boating accessories and equipment items, so don’t hesitate to ask them anything you need answers for.

If you have set your mind on a particular model, call or visit your local dealer again and place a deposit. Dealers are usually flexible when it comes to deposits.

You can also place an order through your local dealer in person in order to expedite the process, in case you need a pontoon boat in a hurry.

Once they have placed the order for you, they will let you know when your brand new Barletta pontoons are ready.

Common Problems of Barletta Pontoon Boats

In general, Barletta pontoons are well built and do not have any known issues that we could find. What we did find was a couple of common problems with pontoon and other boats in general and just because they exist does not mean they will exist for every boat made.

1) When getting on and off the watercraft, do so carefully and never lean to the side of the boat. This, in general, can damage your Barletta pontoon boat.

2) If you leave your watercraft unattended for an extended period, be sure to remove anything that might blow away including canvas or fishing equipment. When unattended, even if only briefly, wind can pick up the boat from the side and carry it away.

3) If you plan on keeping your Barletta pontoons in saltwater, which they are very capable of being kept in saltwater, be sure to rinse it with fresh water when you get home or add a water-treating agent prior to putting it into storage for an extended period of time.

4) If you plan on leaving your Barletta pontoons in very humid conditions, such as a closed-up garage or shed, be sure to keep them well-lubricated so everything can move and work without seizing up.

5) When winterizing your watercraft, it is important to follow your engine manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Never use too much anti-freeze, as it can cause damage to the watercraft’s cooling system.

6) If you store your Barletta pontoon boat for an extended period of time, be sure to remove the water from the outboard motor by draining it or using a de-icer which also works well for this.

7) To prevent water from getting into the bilge of a Barletta pontoon boat when being towed, never put anything in front of the engine compartment vents. This includes aftermarket ski-racks, which will allow water to enter and damage your motor if not properly taken care of.

What About Parts of Barletta Pontoon Boats?

Part replacement for Barletta pontoons will vary depending on the year, model, and use. If you are looking to purchase new parts or need help finding anything in particular, you can contact your local dealer.

It is important to remember that if you take proper care of your pontoon boat by putting it away when not in use, you will not have issues with parts breaking or needing replacement.

Checking your oil is one of the most important parts of keeping things running smoothly on a Barletta pontoon boat. If you do not check the oil frequently enough, depending on how much it has been used, then you can cause serious damage to your outboard motor.

It is also important to occasionally check your transmission fluid levels. The fluids in the transmission are similar to engine oil, so you should follow the same protocol outlined above for checking the oil levels.

When it comes to Barletta pontoons, be sure that when it comes time to replace anything on your boat that you buy original equipment. This will help prevent any malfunctions and increase the overall performance of your pontoon boat.

What we can tell you is that Barletta pontoons are very well built and do not really have many common problems that exist with other types of boats or watercraft, such as the ones listed above.

What About Warranty On Barletta Pontoon

Barletta pontoon and tri-toons come with a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty. For the bow and stern Barletta gives its customers a 10-year warranty.

Every Barletta is checked through a stringent process before it lands in the water, so you can be double sure that the product you buy is in tip-top condition.


If you are looking for a top-class pontoon or tri-toon boat, then Barletta is the brand to go with. Their boats are built using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship that helps them be very stable even in choppy waters. They offer 3 different models to choose from as well as many options like gunwale height, keel type, engine size, seating capacity so there’s something for everyone no matter what your needs may be.