Are Bennington Pontoon Good & Reliable | Answered

Bennington pontoons are very good and reliable. With their innovative design and manufacturing techniques, these boats are some of the most stable on the market. They’re also great for cruising around in comfort, thanks to their mildew- and moisture-resistant furniture. Over the years Bennington has gained popularity among anglers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the best features of Bennington pontoons is their durability. These boats are made to last for years with only limited maintenance. The aluminum support chassis allows for quick tear-downs so you can easily work on these boats when they’re in less than perfect condition.

How Good Are Bennington Pontoon Boats?

Bennington pontoon boats are very good. These pontoons are constructed from a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy that will hold up against the elements. The hulls are also designed for maximum stability, ensuring that these boats remain upright in even rough water.

On their pontoons, Bennington provides some of the best performance packages available. For saltwater and freshwater, they provide distinct packages. The saltwater package allows you to fish for hours in rough waters. Their freshwater packages are great for anglers and hunters alike.

Bennington Pontoons offers furniture for all-purpose. For recreational seating to furniture for anglers, hunters, and water sports enthusiasts, they have them all. The furniture is available in different colors that resist mold and mildew for years to come.

A Little History About Bennington Pontoon Boats

Marine industry veterans Dick Strefling, Steve Vogel, and Pat Call founded Bennington boats in 1997. The founders already established some of the reputed brands such as Godfrey Pontoon Boats®, Hurricane andRinker®. The Bennington pontoon was started in Elkhart, Indiana.

The brands’ key engineers and designers have been involved from day one in developing these pontoon boats. Together, they have created some of the finest pontoons available today, which is evident from the numerous awards and accolades they have received through the years. Bennington quickly established itself as a high-end luxury pontoon boat builder.

In May of 2018, Polaris Industries LLC, a firm aiming to enter the premium boat market, bought Bennington for $805 million US dollars. Bennington still operates from the same Elkhart, Indiana facility.

How Reliable Are Bennington Pontoon Boats

Bennington pontoons are very reliable. With their innovative design and manufacturing techniques, these boats are some of the most stable on the market.

The tubes are fitted with lifting strakes that are designed to keep the boat afloat. An innovative design ensures that leveling is quick, easy, and with minimal effort. Bennington pontoons can navigate through shallow waters thanks to their shallow draft and keels. Lifting strakes are available to help decrease splashing.

For a quiet and stable ride, Bennington pontoons are fitted with under deck wave shields. The space between the deck and the pontoons is sealed off to prevent the wash from happening.

The aluminum support chassis allows for quick tear-downs. This makes it easy to work on pontoons when they’re in less than perfect condition.

When it comes to reliability, there is no doubt about the quality of Bennington pontoons. Outfitting these boats with top-of-the-line components ensures that they remain in excellent condition for many years.

How Durable Are Bennington Pontoon Boats?

Bennington Pontoon boats are very durable thanks to their construction from a high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. The boats can easily resist harsh weather conditions for years on end.

Screws are used by most conventional pontoon manufacturers. THRU-BOLT™, which was developed by Bennington marine engineers, eliminates the use of screws and results in a steady ride and additional years of life for your pontoon.

Performance foils are added to the bottom of the tubes to improve upon speed, acceleration, and fuel consumption. These foils are shaped like a plane’s wing to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.

Keels are used at the bottom of the tubes so that you don’t have to worry about the performance of the pontoon in shallow waters. The use of lifting strakes, which the manufacturer suggests, will considerably improve the lifespan of your Bennington pontoons.

How Does Bennington Pontoon Boats Perform Compared to Other Similar Brands?

Bennington pontoons perform very well compared to other brands in the same price range. The boats are stable, durable, and very efficient in fuel consumption.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to navigate through rough waters that most pontoon manufacturers struggle with. Navigating in swampy areas is not an issue either. Bennington pontoons are equipped with keels, which makes them very stable in shallow waters.

Overall, Bennington Pontoon Boats are a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality pontoon.

What About old Bennington Pontoon Boats?

We can easily find Bennington models from 2000 in lakes, rivers, and saltwater. This means that the brand still has a very reliable product.

Bennington Pontoons hold their value very well. If you decide to sell your pontoon, it will be easy to get a good price for them. If you take care of your pontoon boats, they will last 20-30 years or longer.

Some Common Problems with Bennington Pontoon Boats

Looking over popular boating forums and social media posts we found a couple of problems that Bennington buyers were facing.

We discovered that the firm was quick to acknowledge and act on those concerns, and we’ve seen a positive outcome. These pointers indicate Bennington wants its customers to be happy.

What About Warranty of Bennington Pontoon Boats Boats?

Bennington pontoons offer a lifetime structural and deck warranty. In addition to this, it also offers a 10-year bow to stern warranty. The warranty is also transferable to used boat buyers.

It is usually best to work with an authorized dealer of Bennington pontoons. This way you can be assured that any repairs or maintenance will be done properly. The only condition is that you have to use a Bennington dealer when purchasing parts or services.

Bennington has been rated for “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” by the Customer Service Index (CSI) on 23 separate occasions every year since it was founded.

What About Parts of Bennington Pontoon Boats?

Bennington recommends using their extensive dealer network for parts and repairs. If, you have any components or parts that are not working just note it down so you can get them replaced or repaired.

For any structural defects, you need to take your pontoon to a dealer and they will determine the cause.

It is recommended that you take your boat to a certified dealer as the warranty may be voided if any repairs or maintenance are done by an unauthorized dealer.

Boat dealers are usually available online for your convenience as well as phone numbers and addresses. You can look up their Google Map location to find the nearest dealer.

Taking Care of Your Bennington Pontoon Boats

Bennington pontoon boats are a great way to enjoy the water, but they need some basic care to stay in good condition. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your pontoon:

– Make sure to keep the boat clean. Wash it down after every use and dry it off completely.

– Apply a coat of wax at least once a year to protect the finish.

– Check the seals and caulking around the deck and tubes, and replace if necessary.

– Lubricate all fittings and joints regularly.

– Keep an eye on the engine and make sure to change the oil and filter as recommended by the manufacturer.

– Store the boat in a dry place when not in use.

For repair and spare parts always insist on getting them from a verified local dealer.


Bennington Pontoons are known for their durability and reliability. When you purchase a Bennington Pontoon Boat, you’re guaranteed to have your boat for the long term if it is taken care of properly. If something breaks or malfunctions with your pontoon, there’s no need to worry about repair costs because they offer both structural and deck warranty as well as the 10-year bow-to-stern warranty on new boats!