Are Electric Fishing Reels Any Good? | Answered

Yes, electric fishing reels are very good for deep fishing, newbie, and people with some disabilities.
These fishing reels are known for their superior accuracy and ease of use. The drag system in the electric fishing reel also makes them a better choice for anglers.

In addition, people who just want to fish for fun and relaxation often enjoy using an electric fishing reel. This is because the electrical reels tend to be lighter in weight than most regular spinning reels.

Since they are easy to handle, it becomes easier for someone using them to focus on leisure rather than having to worry about a heavy reel. In addition, electrical fishing reels are especially efficient in catching fish when there is a high current or water flow because of the strength and speed they can add to the cast.

The electric reel is very user-friendly to operate. It is turned on by rotating the power switch to turn it on or off, then cranking the handle to start the reel in motion. The direction of advancement can be changed by turning the unit around so that the crank handle points in the opposite direction.

Most users only need to apply pressure with their thumb to hold down a separate brake button as they crank the handle. The reel continues turning until it runs out of line, which creates tension and enables the fisherman to control and set the hook on a fish using a guide hand or rod and then store it on the spool again.

When it comes to fishing, there are many benefits of owning an electric fishing reel. Electric reels allow you to fish without having to keep winding your line by hand, which is time-consuming and tiring. An electric reel allows you to move around more freely than if it were attached to a rod since all the movement occurs at the handle.

If you’re planning on fishing the same spot all day, you will be more efficient with an electric reel. Electric reels are not limited to use at sea either, they can also be effective for fishing in rivers or ponds.

Electric reels are great for beginners because they make catching fish much easier. The technology has advanced so much that even entry-level electric fishing reels are sturdy and durable while still being affordable.

With so many benefits to owning an electric fishing reel, it seems like a no-brainer that you would want one. Whether you’re looking for something small and portable to take with you on your next camping trip or trying to decide between buying a new fishing rod or reel, an electric reel will be a great addition to your fishing gear.

A lot of electric reels have a braking system to stop the spool from turning in the event you need to use your hands for other things like grabbing your rod and guide hand.

There are either levers or buttons on the side of your reel that control this feature, allowing you to stop and start the spool as you need. This is an important feature because it allows you to fish for many hours without your hand cramping from continuously turning a handle on your reel.

When was the electric fishing reel invented?

Electric reels have been around for a long time now. In the year 1940, Ettore Bugatti, an Italian engineer, and designer who is also known for his work to create cars, created the first electric fishing reel. This was considered a breakthrough in designing and inventing equipment that would help fishermen capture fish easily.

When Are Electric Fishing Reels Used?

Electric fishing reels come in many shapes and sizes but are mainly used for deep fishing. Children also find it easier to catch fish with these reels.

For deep fishing pros, one can easily catch tuna, tilefish, or a black cod without much effort using the electric fishing reel. The presence of an electric motor in these reels makes fishing a cakewalk. These reels can easily be adjusted to any type of fishing requirement be it commercial fishing or fishing on a hot summer day and have fun with your family.

When one wants to have fun during the summer months when thousands of other people want to go out and have fun as well, it is helpful to use an electric fishing reel. Although the fish are more active during this time, it is also easier to find a competition that can steal your prized catch of the day.

Therefore, if one wants to enjoy the summer but still be able to offer something for dinner, later on, they should consider using an electrical fishing reel during their next time out.

How Does an Electric Fishing Reel Work?

Electric fishing reel work by drawing in the fishing line with a motor. The electric fishing reel works very similarly to an everyday rewinding tape measurer. A motor located inside the body of the reel is turned by cranking a handle, powering it, and rotating gears within the body.

This makes a spool spin backward, winding up a loose or unwound fishing line from the fishing rod attached to the reel. Some reels have a brake system to stop the spool at any moment, while others simply continue rotating even if there is no tension on the line.

Electric fishing reels can be found in many sizes and styles, from smaller models that by people who only fish occasionally to larger versions for use by deep-sea sports fishermen. Some fishing reels cannot be activated by hand and must rely on a motor to work properly.

How Do You Fish with An Electric Reel?

It’s easy to fish if you know how to use an electric fishing reel. The first thing you need to do is attach your line to the fishing pole. There will be a screw on the side of your reel where you can attach it to your fishing pole. Once that’s done, turn on the power switch and begin cranking.

It may take a few minutes for your line to start rewinding so just be patient. Once the line starts to rewind, it will automatically stop when the line runs out.

You can then use a guide hand or rod to set your hook and reel in a fish. To store your line again, simply turn your power switch off and begin cranking in the opposite direction you were going before. This will help wind up the line again.

How Do You Spool an Electric Reel?

To begin with, you need to put together the necessary gear for spooling your electric reel. You will be using electrical wire to spool your line. You need a spool, stick, and gloves.

The first thing you will want to do is tie the end of your line to the spool. Then, begin winding by spinning the spool. When you are finished winding it up, cut off the excess line and tie it off to itself with a knot. Once you have tied it off, continue to reel in more line until there is no slack left on the line.

The next thing you need to do is to tie off the line to the stick. Once you have tied it off, attach your reel to the end of the line that has no slack on it. The free end of the line should then be attached to the other side of the spool. Then, begin spinning your spool while reeling in line at a controlled speed.

Once you’ve finished spooling your reel, you can prepare for your next fishing trip by putting all of your gear back together.

What Are the Benefits of An Electric Fishing Reel?

To narrow it down, here are the main advantages of electric reels;

  • They are easy to use. Electric reels are powered with electricity, so you don’t have to worry about winding your line by hand.
  • Electric reels are great for both beginners and experts alike.
  • They give you more freedom than the traditional fishing reel, which gives you more time to fish instead of sitting in one spot all day, manually winding your line with a fishing rod.
  • Saves You From Cranking. Regardless of whether it has been combined with a manual override, it is designed in a way that saves your efforts on cranking.
  • They have a Great Drag System. The drag system used in electric reels is great, which allows you to feel the strength of the fish pulling.
  • It’s Easy To Categorize Between The Bites Of Fish And Struggles Of The Coil. If your fishing reel is equipped with an electric coil system, then life gets easier for you as now it becomes easy to categorize between bites of fish and struggles of the coil.

What Are the Disadvantages of An Electric Fishing Reel?

The electric fishing reels don’t come easy on your pocket compared to a normal fishing reel. One needs to pay three to four times the price of a conventional fishing reel.

Being operated by a motor one never knows when the motor starts acting the way you don’t want it to act. Being operated by a battery we are at the mercy of motors and engines to catch our favorite fish.

These reels don’t come with a battery, so you need a buy a separate battery to power up your electric fishing reel.

Many of these disadvantages can be outdone by buying a high-quality electric reel. However, it is usually more expensive than the manual one and is not very popular among anglers because they still think that fishing with a manual reel is more fun and rewarding.


An electric fishing reel is a great investment for anyone who loves to fish. It’s easy to use, efficient, sturdy, and durable. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks significantly, making an electric fishing reel well worth its initial cost.