Are Godfrey Pontoons Good & Reliable | Answered

Godfrey pontoons are very good and reliable. With models perfect for fishing, cruising, or spending time with friends and family, Godfrey has the perfect pontoon for your needs. Built with quality and stability in mind, these pontoons are perfect for any water – even choppy ones.

Godfrey pontoons are made specifically keeping families in mind. The pontoon boats are well equipped to have a great time on the water, and the style makes them perfect for spending time with friends as well.

Godfrey pontoons are made from a variety of materials – all of the top-notch quality. Godfrey chooses a material that is dependable and long-lasting no matter what kind of environment you plan on taking your pontoon boat to.

How Good Are Godfrey Pontoon Boats?

Godfrey Pontoons are very good. Godfrey uses high-quality marine-grade aluminum for its frame. The marine-grade aluminum is lightweight but strong and very dependable.

Godfrey has a wide array of packages to select from. These packages are meant to enhance your pontoon experience. Whether you are looking for a fishing experience or just an all-around pontoon boat, Godfrey makes pontoons to suit your needs.

These pontoons are available in multiple layouts to select from. The multiple layouts of each type of pontoon give you the best pontoon for your needs. Whether you are looking to take a long trip with family and friends or just go fishing with your closest pals, Godfrey has the pontoons to meet your needs.

A Little History About Godfrey Pontoon Boats

The Deputy family started manufacturing Godfrey pontoons in the year 1958. They showcased the Sanpan pontoon which is the first of its kind all-aluminum pontoon. Godfrey pontoon showed a steady rise among anglers and boat lovers across the USA.

Bennington Marine acquired Godfrey pontoons in the year 2015 and is now manufacturing and distributing Godfrey pontoon boats. The manufacturing facility is located in Elkhart, Indiana. They are the original manufacturer of the Sanpan pontoon.

Many of the procedures that are now industry standards were first implemented by Godfrey marine. They paved the way for many of the pontoons in use today. Godfrey pontoons are made to be durable and long-lasting. From the frame to the decking, each pontoon boat is built with quality.

How Reliable Are Godfrey Pontoon Boats?

Godfrey pontoons are very reliable. With their innovative design and quality materials for construction, you will be satisfied with the pontoon boat for years to come.

Selected models of Godfrey pontoons have a GTP™ Triple Tube which enhances the horsepower and speed of your boat. The GTP™ Triple Tube also ensures you have more seating capabilities and the weight distribution on your pontoon is even.

You can also go with hydraulic boat steering on your Godfrey pontoons. Hydraulic boat steering allows you to control your pontoons with ease. You will find that the hydraulic boat steering is very responsive and perfect for your needs.

They also come with an option of iMPACT+ Triple Tube with lifting strakes. This option enhances the way you handle your pontoons. The combination of triple tubes and lifting strakes allows you to turn, accelerate, or decelerate as needed.

Godfrey pontoons are perfect for any water – even choppy ones. Godfrey puts its pontoon boats through rigorous testing in a variety of conditions. When the pontoons meet all of Godfrey’s standards, you can be sure that they will be perfect for your needs.

How Durable Are Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Godfrey pontoon boats are very durable. They come with a fully sealed transom to protect against any structural deformity. To prevent streaking these pontoons come with fully anodized rails. The fully anodized rail is very durable and will protect against rusting.

The tubes are fitted with a heavy gauge extruded spray rail so that you have a dry ride even in choppy water. The extruded spray rail also prevents any streaking on the tubes. Even in rough water, larger saddle brackets make a more solid connection with the tube and reduce racking.

The tubes are saltwater anode protected to keep them from rusting. The tubes sit on two truss supports and also have anti-racking cross members. These features make Godfrey pontoons very durable for years to come.

Godfrey pontoons come with a crisp, beautiful finish on the outside of the boat which keeps it looking new for years to come. You can choose from multiple colors that will be perfect for your needs.

How Does Godfrey Pontoon Boats Perform Compared to Other Similar Brands?

Godfrey pontoons perform very well compared to other pontoon brands. They are solid, stable, and easy to maneuver. With various layouts available you get the perfect pontoons for your needs.

Godfrey pontoon’s innovative design and superior build quality set them apart from other pontoons. People who purchase Godfrey pontoon boats are extremely happy with their purchases and will stand by them for a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for pontoons with two tubes or three tubes Godfrey has what you need.

What About Old Godfrey Pontoon Boats?

Due to its sturdy construction and attention to detail, we can easily find old Godfrey pontoons in laked rivers and in saltwater. Older models of Godfrey pontoons are still very useable and can be found in perfect conditions.

The resale value for old Godfrey pontoons exceeds that of most other brands. From the frame to the decking, Godfrey pontoons are built to last.

Some Common Problems of Godfrey Pontoon Boats

As we searched popular boating forums we found some problems associated with Godfrey pontoon boats. They were for leaks in tubes, discoloration, or faulty electronic system onboard. The instances don’t point out any clear fault. One thing that stood out for sure was Godfrey dealers made sure that if there is any problem, they will be fixed without questions.

What About Warranty of Godfrey Pontoon Boats Boats?

Godfrey pontoon gives a lifetime structural warranty. It will repair or replace the manufacturing defect in the frame, decking, and transom. You will get a 10-year limited warranty on all Godfrey pontoons that covers bow to stern, connections joints, and seams for any signs of leaking.

For any electrical, electronics, or hydraulic parts on your boat, Godfrey gives you a 5-year warranty.

What About Parts of Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Godfrey recommends buying parts from their authorized dealers. The majority of parts can be ordered through their authorized dealer even for older models.

For warranty purposes, it is best to buy parts through their authorized dealer. Godfrey pontoons are very durable and made to last for many years. They are made to be long-lasting and for you to enjoy on the water.

Taking Care of Your Godfrey Pontoon Boats

When you take care of your Godfrey Pontoon Boat, it will last for years. You should clean it after each use with a soft cloth and water. Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean your pontoon boat.

You should store your pontoon boat in a dry, shaded area when it is not in use. Make sure that the cover is free of debris and that the zippers are closed before putting the cover on.

If you need to move your pontoon boat, make sure that you use a trailer designed for pontoon boats. You can also use a winch system to help you move your pontoon boat.

When you are not using your pontoon boat, make sure that the lake or river water levels never reach the top of the tubes. If this happens, you need to drain the pontoons and not use them for a while.


Godfrey pontoon boats are very durable and reliable. From the frame to the decking, each pontoon boat is built with quality materials that will last for many years. With their innovative design and high-quality construction, you will be satisfied with your purchase of a Godfrey pontoon for many years to come.