Are Lowe Boats Any Good | Answered

Lowe boat is a popular brand among fishermen across the United States for over fifty years now.

The way these boats are designed makes them best for shallow water fishing. The new Modified V series offers big decks and a very smooth design across the fishing boat.
The best part about buying a Lowe is you can have a custom boat built by selecting the boat type, paint, outboard engine.

You also have the option of selecting the console and instrumentation, canvas, flooring, and seating options that best suits your need.

For your fishing needs, it comes with a Minn Kota Edge 70 installed. However, you can always upgrade it to a Min Kota Ultrex.

You can also go with their galvanized bunk trailer if you don’t have one already.

How Good Are Lowe Boats

What makes Lowe good is there construction and stability. The cell foam used for manufacturing these boats makes them float in harsh conditions. High-grade aluminum ensures you end up having an excellent boat.

The company ensures you have a stress-free warranty experience for any issues with your boat.

Little History About Lowe Boat

In 1960 J.B. Appleby founded Appleby Boats and Trailers in Missouri. In their first year, they shipped around 1300 aluminum boats.

Little less than a decade, they became the world leader as the biggest manufacturer of aluminum boats.

In 1971 Applebys daughter Dianna Lowe and his son-in-law Carl Lowe decided to their own and Lowe’s boats started their journey.

By the 80s the Lowe started manufacturing deep-V boats. In 1992 Lowe introduced the first aluminum deck boat.

In 2004 its current owner Brunswick bought Lowe it has done more than good in maintaining its legacy.

Brunswick owns some of the biggest boating brands such as Quicksilver, Crestliner, Sea Ray, Bayliner, Mercury Marine, Boston Whaler, and Lowe to name a few.

Lowe still continues to be innovative as a brand as they know what their customers need exactly. Over the years Lowe has expanded in manufacturing fishing, pontoons, hunt and fish boats.

Where Is Lowe Boats Manufactured?

Lowe boats are manufactured in Lebanon, Missouri. Lowe boats have about 300 employees across all its offices. They claim to have some of the best boat welders.

Are Lowe Boats Reliable?

Lowe boats are very reliable because they have expansive casting decks, comfortable fishing seats, exceptionally crafted hulls, and are powered with mercury outboards. One point to note though is you cannot upgrade to other motors.

The power grid aluminum backbone easily makes it more stable and battle-ready for rough waters.

Many owners face no difficulty even if they fish in saltwater for many years.

Lowe also comes with coast guard approved, coast guard Canada approved, and NMMA certified.

Most of the Lowe models come with plenty of storage space for your fishing equipment and lockers.

Are Lowe Boats Durable?

Lowe boat comes all-welded internally, which means they will be much durable and strong.

Another reason for Lowe being durable is no wood manufacturing, which means they don’t come with wood in transom and decks. High-quality aluminum ensures your boat lasts for decades.

While most Lowe owners use their boats for freshwater fishing, we can find plenty of people talking about how well it holds in saltwater. The battery storage of a Lowe boat is located underneath the console.
It comes with an aerated live well and vertical rod holders.

Yeah, those boats are tough. I like Lowe’s 1650 Roughneck Frontier. If I had the money, I’d go with the open floor plan than bench seat. Just my preference. Here’s there boat if you wanna look at it online.


How Good Are Old Lowe Boats?

Lowe has been known for making strong and durable boats. The old Lowes can still be found in fishing waters doing a perfect job with little or no maintenance.

For an example :

Comment of an owner in 2011 who owns a 1985 14ft Lowe

“i have 1985 14ft lowe v bottom use it for doesn’t fishing at indian river entry-levell looks new and doesnt leak a bit not bad for entry level boat wonder what a top tier boat would like after all those years”

How Long Lowe Boats Last Compared To Other Brands

The use of high-quality aluminum ensures Lowe boats last for decades. Lowe uses state of art CAD designs which ensure a very high-quality manufactured product.

The only problem some owners complain about is having a crack or an underpowered engine. Which can be easily dealt with. With all being said, it is pretty evident the Lowe boats last pretty long than any other aluminum boat in the market.

How To Get Parts Of Old Lowe Boat?

Although Lowe makes parts for older boat models, they claim they don’t store parts for any boats older than five years. However, you can order those parts directly from your vendor.

Another option for you is to go to a website like and look out for the exact part you need.

What Is the Value Of An Old Lowe Boat?

Lowe boats hold their value compared to their peers. As a rule of thumb, most boats that cost around $25000 lose around 25% of their original value in their first operational year17% in the second, and 14% in the third year.

Lowe on the other hand can fetch you a much better price upon resale. So, we can understand that Lowe boats hold their value year after year.

Latest Lowe Boats

Lowe manufactures Fishing boats, Pontoon Boats, Hunt & Fish Boats.

Is MOD-V From Lowe Boats Any Good?

The MOD-V fishing boat comes with a hp range of 20-150. Their lengths vary from 16′ -19′ and come with a base price range of $8000-$50000. They have several models to select from under their MOD-V range.

To name a few models that are under the MOD-V hood are STINGER 195, STINGER 175C, 20 CATFISH, SKORIOPN 17, and the top model FAVORITE 198 which comes with a base price of $50,292.
Yes, MOD-V models are well built and are preferred by fishing enthusiasts.

Is BAY From Lowe boats any good?

The BAY models have a range of 90 HP-200HP. Their lengths vary from 18′-22′ and come with a base price range of $17,000- $22,000.

The BAY comes in many variations namely 22 BAY, 20 BAY, and 18 BAY. The BAY is mainly seen as an entry-level boat by many pros. Yes, BAY models from Lowe are extremely good considering their price and durability.

Is DEEP-V From Lowe Boats Any Good?

Lowe introduced the DEEP-V models mainly for choppy waters. These models are very stable in harsh weather conditions.
The DEEP-V comes with a 20HP-150HP range. The lengths vary from 16′-17′. While the prices vary from $9,000-$18,000.
To name a few models within the DEEP-V are the FISHING MACHINE 1800, FISHING MACHINE 1800, and FISHING MACHINE 1625 SC.
Yes, the DEEP-V series from Lowe is an extremely sturdy boat for its price and value factor.

Is FISH & SKI From Lowe Boats Any Good?

Lowe has mainly three variants under its FISH & SKI models.

While the HP ranges between 20-150. The lengths vary from 16′-17′. The price for these variants ranges between 11,000-18,000. The name of the variants are FISH &SKI 1800, FISH & SKI 1700, and FISH & SKI 1625. These boats are known for their endurance and durability.

Is UTILITY From Lowe Boats any Good?

The UTILITY variant mainly has the Jon boats under its hood. The base price for these varies from $2,000-$5000.
The name of different variants is WV1670, V1460, WV1470, and V1260. The UTILITY is considered a workhorse made for extreme weather conditions.

Lowe Pontoon Boats

The Lowe Pontoon comes under various names like RETREAT, SS, SPORTFISH, and ULTRA.

The RETREAT version comes with five versions and its price varies from $32,000-$40,000. The SS pontoons come in about 16 different versions while the price ranges between 20k-30k.

The SPORTFISH pontoon from Lowe has eight different models to select from, with a variable price of $18,000-$25,000.
Apart from the SPORTFISH, it has two more models mainly the ULTRA and the SPORT-DECK.

Lowe introduced the ROUGHNECK series under many variations. Right now it has about 15 Models to select from some of the popular models under the ROUGHNECK are ROUGHNECK2070, ROUGHNECK1860, ROUGHNECK1860 RAMBLER, ROUGHNECK 1660 to name a few.