Are Mako Boats Good & Reliable?

mako boats

Are you in the market for a reliable and good fishing boat? Look no further than Mako Boats. Popular for their inshore and offshore center console boats, these quality boats come with loads of features that make them an ideal choice for any fisherman.

From their 100% composite construction to their foam-filled cavities, plenty of fishing space, and storage areas, Mako Boats are designed to last a lifetime while providing maximum comfort out on the water.

Mako Boats offer a wide range of boat lengths to suit every kind of fisherman, from 13 feet up to 21 feet long. With this variety, Mako Boats provides customers with the best selection in terms of both size and style options.

These boats also come with features such as expansive casting decks, adjustable seating positions, rod holders, and integrated coolers – offering fishermen maximum convenience at all times.

Additionally, Mako Boats are renowned for their stability and maneuverability which makes them perfect for both inshore and offshore fishing trips.

How Good Are Mako Boats?

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) certifies all Mako models, meaning they meet high standards for quality control and safety. Sold by Bass Pro Shops, these boats are meant to last for years to come.

Every single boat is factory-leak tested for hull integrity and quality assurance before it even leaves the factory. 

If you’re looking for a great boat for inshore fishing and shallow water use, Mako Boats have become quite popular in recent years because of their spacious designs and features which anglers across all sorts of skill levels appreciate.

With raised platforms on both the bow and aft of the boat with patterned non-skid surfaces as well as integrated jump seats and storage compartments, this model is specifically designed with fishermen in mind.

In addition to the practical design elements, each Mako Boat also comes equipped with an EPA-compliant fuel system featuring a rotocast corrosion-free fuel tank – all so you can have a safe, enjoyable time out on the water. 

Finally, anglers love these boats because of how easy they are to maintain. Not only do they feature rotomolded keels that give them superior stability without compromising performance.

How Reliable Are Mako Boats?

With contoured acrylic windscreens and flush-mounted console rod holders, you’ll have the convenience of easy fishing access. And because the marine-grade electrical systems are corrosion-resistant, your boat will retain its quality and muscular look for longer.

Plus, the tandem-axle trailers with dual-axle brakes ensure that your boat is safe as you transport it to your favorite lake or river.

Mako Boats also provide superior power with their Mercury 4-Stroke outboards. This means that whether you’re traveling across an open lake or through narrow channels, you’ll always have the power to get where you want to go quickly and smoothly.

Plus, these robust engines don’t guzzle fuel like other outboard motors so you won’t be continually filling up your tank each time you hit the water. 

Lastly, Mako Boats are designed for longevity and performance. With carpeted bunks protecting the hull from rubbing on trailer rollers, your boat is sure to stay in top condition for years to come.

And with regular maintenance, you can expect even more years of enjoyment from this reliable investment. So if you’re serious about getting a great fishing experience without sacrificing reliability, then Mako Boats should be at the top of your list.

How Durable Are Mako Boats?

Mako Boats are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable boat that can keep up with their adventures. Made with excellent marine-grade components and 100% composite construction, these boats are built to last.

Not only is the fiberglass-infused transom made with a high-density Coosa composite core, but an expanding closed-cell foam is also used for added floatation and quieter rides. Marine-grade fasteners and hardware come standard as well, so you know that your Mako craft will stand the test of time under any conditions you may encounter on the water.

The quality materials used in Mako Boats make them incredibly strong and durable while still providing the user with a smooth ride. This makes them ideal for fishing trips or excursions out on the open waters.

The composite core found in the fiberglass-infused transom provides superior durability even during challenging conditions, while the advanced expanding closed-cell foam is designed to absorb shock, reduce noise, and keep your boat afloat in case of an unexpected incident.

Additionally, all models come equipped with marine-grade fasteners and hardware so you know each part of your boat has been constructed to withstand the elements and remain reliable for years to come.

Common Problems Associated with Mako Boats

Considering the fact the first Mako came out in the 1966’s, they have a long history and have improved many of their design flaws over the years. Like most boats, there are some common problems associated with Mako Boats.

The most commonly reported issue was wood rot in their old models, due to the wooden components used for their transom. Many of these boats were also affected by corrosion in their electrical systems due to saltwater exposure. Since Mako has switched to fiberglass and composite materials, these issues are much less common.

The new models are also much sleeker and lighter, which can cause some instability in rougher waters and strong winds. These boats are much more stable unlike their predecessors, but it is important to be aware of the conditions before taking a Mako out on the water.

Overall, Mako Boats are known for their reliability and performance. And with proper maintenance, they should remain in great condition for many years to come.

How Good Are Old Mako Boats?

Old Mako boats hold their value well, even after decades of usage. This is due to their quality construction and marine-grade components, which are designed for superior durability and performance.

Make sure the model you plan to buy is wood free, as older models made with wood are prone to rot and corrosion. Additionally, check for any water damage or electrical problems that may have occurred over the years.

With proper maintenance and care, you can expect many years of reliable service from your Mako boat. The boats also tend to retain their resale value due to their superior construction and the fact that they’re still capable of offering a great fishing experience.

Is Mako a Good Brand?

Yes, Mako is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable boat that can keep up with their adventures. The company has been around for decades, and they are well known for its quality craftsmanship and superior performance.

Quality craftsmanship, excellent customer support, extensive dealership networks, and a wide range of options make Mako Boats a great choice for anyone looking to get out on the water.

Bass Pro also offers exciting financing schemes and warranties on most of their products to keep your boat running smoothly and worry-free for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a fishing vessel or just a great way to cruise around the lake, Mako Boats offer something for everyone.


In conclusion, Mako Boats is a great choice for anyone looking to get out on the water. The company has been around for decades and they are well-known for its quality craftsmanship and superior performance. With proper maintenance and care, you can expect many years of reliable service from your boat. Quality materials make them incredibly strong and reliable while offering excellent resale value. With proper maintenance and care, you can count on your Mako boat to get you where you want to go with ease.