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Penn fishing reels are very good, they offer a reel for all fishing styles and budgets. Penn reels are designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind. For, this reason it holds a top spot in saltwater fishing reels, with more than 1,400 IGFA world records being set. In the year 2006, it was awarded Saltwater Reel of the year.

Fantastic reels. Will catch everything you are targeting. IMHO best bang for the buck reel on the market right now.

A Brief History of Penn reels

In February 1933, the first Penn Reels were sold. It was founded by Otto Henze, a German immigrant living in the USA. Henze started as an auto mechanic and self-taught engineer.

After growing his own business, he moved on to manufacturing fishing reels. He named his company after William Penn, an English Quaker who had created Pennsylvania by colonizing it with settlers from Europe.

The first Penn Reels were not so complex, but later models became serious competition for other brands. During World War II, production stopped so that resources could be used to produce equipment for the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, and British Royal Navy.

After World War II ended, Penn Reels sales grew. Today many anglers continue to use Penn products with good results.

The Design of Penn reels

The design is focused on the longevity of the product. For example, the wide gear spacing allows for different-sized teeth to be cut into the metal plates, allowing for more regular wear and tear.

This means that rather than having to replace an entire plate when a tooth becomes worn or broken, only one or two teeth need to be replaced instead. Furthermore, another design element that affects how long a product lasts is the type of metal used. Penn state their reels as using “high impact aluminum and stainless steel gears, pinions and drive shafts”

They have three types of design, all with different purposes.

Penn Conflict II

The body design that has a Y shape foot was inspired by the truss. Currently, all PENN branded saltwater spinning reels come in that shape.

Cutting down the visual mass of spinning reels and maintaining their durability and strength is a significant trend for all modern fishing equipment.

Designing a lightweight, yet strong reel isn’t an easy task. Conflict II achieves all this in the choice of material used as well as the design. It features well-structured holes that take a large chunk of the mass.

The material used on its rotor and body is the Rigid Resin 30 (RR30) and has incredible strength that matches that of metal without the weight. The use of carbon fiber in some of its parts minimizes its overall weight. This is one of the lightest PENN’s whose components are designed with ultimate care.


The PENN Clash II can be described in three words, ‘Light, precise and durable’. It is built tough and will catch the toughest fish without a problem.

It is also lightweight and one can cast all day without feeling fatigued. It is designed with a full metal body and a Sideplate.

What makes it lightweight and string is the CNC Gear Technology design. That makes it one of the best PENN reels designs that can work for every angler.

Penn Slammer III

Built specifically for heavy-duty fishing, the design of this reel is incredible. It is designed with the new IP67 sealed system that gets rid of all the water that gets its way to the drag system and gearbox.

It is a reel that is designed to take the harshest punishment imposed by surfcasting in saltwater fishing.

Are Peen Reels Durable

Penn reels usually last for a very long time. The durability of a Penn reel is one of the factors which make them such a good choice. Compared with many other reels available on the market, Penn reels are very durable.

Best conditions to use Penn reels

You can use Penn Reels in saltwater and freshwater under the right conditions.

The durability of this product will vary depending on weather and water conditions. Penn Reels are durable in dry, low-humidity conditions with little exposure to chemicals.

In other environments, Penn Reels may not be as sturdy or effective. For example, you should avoid using them during a high tide, when it’s raining, or if your fishing line gets in contact with any chemicals. In most situations, these kinds of environmental factors will not damage Penn Reels though.

Latest models of Penn reels

Penn is a leading manufacturer of fishing tackle, with their famous lifetime warrantee on their reels. They stand by their product, and it shows in the quality and durability of their products. Their reputation has been built over many years, and they have maintained the highest levels of customer satisfaction through building around superior quality products. The latest models show that they are still as innovative as ever and continue to design and create new products that stand out from their competitors.

Latest models of Penn reels.

Here are the latest models of Penn Reels;

Penn Torque II

What one needs to know is that this is a high-end Penn Spinning wheel. The Penn Torque II reels come in three sizes that one can choose from. That makes it perfect for use to catch large fish that put up a good fight. Its body is made of aluminum and sealed with IPX6 together with its spool design guards the reel from grit penetration, salt, and water.

It features CNC gear technology around 10 stainless ball bearings to provide smoothness and power when fishing. It also features an instant anti-reverse bearing that features a silent ratchet that backs it up. It also comes with incredible drag power in the Torque II Slammer drag system as well as Dura-Drag washers that ensure a powerful and smooth drag. The incredible thing about the Torque is that it has a max drag capacity of around 50 lbs. You can elevate your fishing game massively with this Penn reel.

Penn Spinfisher VI

This is one of the best Penn reels you’ll find in the market. It comes with seals that get rid of sand, salt, and water out of the reel enabling it to handle dunks and splashes. It comes in a rugged design enabling it to handle challenging fishing conditions. This reel comes with six ball bearings a sturdy aluminum handle and a CNC gear system. It is a reel that will boost your fishing game to higher levels.

Where are Penn reels manufactured?

Currently, they are headquartered in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and manufacture over 220 different reel models for fishing enthusiasts. The corporate office is also responsible for managing new product development, dealer relationships, customer service, and merchandising.

How to Take Care of Your Penn reels?

Penn reels need a little bit of extra care compared to other reels. When the rod is stored, it should be stored inside out because this makes less damage to it during long-term storage. The reason behind this is that on one side there’s a wider distance between the spool and the reel than in the sides where the angler puts the line on. This makes it possible for the water to go through and get rid of any salt deposits that may have collected over time.

Any dirt or other particles should be cleaned off using a soft cloth so there’s no damage done to the fishing reel in question. Some reels can even use soap and water to clean off the salt and other impurities.

If the fishing reel is new, it shouldn’t be used immediately because this may damage the inside of the reel. Instead, it should be lubricated first by putting some oil on a cloth and then working it into both sides of the line retainer as well as onto any gears that may be present on this site. The cloth should be used from the inside and then turned around and used from the outside to get lubricant on any other parts that may not have been reached otherwise.

After lubricating, it shouldn’t be left out for too long because this might cause dirt particles to stick where the lubricant was applied.

Cleaning off these excess particles would require the lubricant to be removed entirely, and this should only be done when the fishing reel is out of use. It’s a good idea to check regularly whether any parts may have come loose or were not put in their place properly during assembly because these could cause damage if they fell off whilst using the fishing reel.

When the fishing reel is being transported, it should be kept inside a protective case so there’s no damage done to it during transportation. The fishing line should be wound around the spool in such a way that there are no loops as they may cause tangling as well as dirt particles falling off and getting into the internal parts of the fishing reel.

Positioning parts should be checked before using the fishing reel so all gears are in place and lubricant has been applied on all the right parts of the fishing reel.

After hooking up a fish, it’s important to never turn off this fishing reel or reverse it while reeling in because this may cause some internal damage that would require repairs.

About Warranty on Penn reels

Penn reels come with a two-year warranty from the original time of purchase. If there is a problem with a Penn reel you purchased, please call customer service or visit their website for information about sending it in for repair.


Penn reels are extremely reliable and extremely versatile. They can be used for light line or heavy-duty applications, and put through hell and back, and keep on ticking. They are the money and every angler would love owning one.


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