Are Vexus Boats Good & Reliable | Answered

Are Vexus boats good and reliable? The answer is yes, they are. Vexus boats are made with top-quality fiberglass and aluminum, so you can be sure they’re going to hold up well. They also have a very good reputation for being reliable and sturdy boats.

Vexus boats come with aluminum or fiberglass hulls, large decks, and spacious interiors. They are available in various sizes and weights.

The Vexus boat range comes in four types: Glass infused Aluminum deep vee, Glass infused Aluminum hybrid design, fiberglass design, and fiberglass multi-species. All these types have one thing in common – they are good-looking boats, available at very affordable prices.

History of Vexus Boats:

Vexus Boats, founded by Forrest L. Wood in Flippin, Arkansas, produces high-end fiberglass and aluminum bass boats. In August 2017, Vexus opened its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Vexus Boats, a subsidiary of Advanced Marine Performance LLC, produces both aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats as well as custom-molded trailers. The company’s headquarters are at 727 W. Industrial Park Road, where it has a 115,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

Vexus Boats is a fiberglass and aluminum bass boat builder in Flippin, Arkansas run by Randy Hopper. Vexus unveiled its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in August 2017. They were already shipping aluminum boats to a network of Vexus bass boat dealers just over a year after opening.

Are Vexus Boats Reliable?

Vexus boats are extremely dependable thanks to their Beam-Forward design, which maximizes area, comfort, and convenience while simultaneously providing a very smooth, ride.

The windshields are tied directly to the deck superstructure increasing their strength and structural rigidity. You can think of this structure as very similar to that of a car windshield setup.

Vexus boat builders are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry when it comes to constructing fishing boats. Some models are fiberglass infused which gives these boats far more stability compared to their peers.

Tackle boxes are located under each console so that you never run out of space when in water.

The storage boxes are built with Dri-Max™ technology, which ensures that the contents of the storage box are protected from the elements.

The Livewell for these boats has an Intensive Care™ Livewell System (Patent Pending) which ensures the fish that you catch remain hydrated and have a smooth ride. Now, who doesn’t love a happy fish!

You have the option to get your boat painted with a Poliflake Finish or a Hard Case™ Paint which ensures your boat exterior lasts for a pretty long time. The Hard Case™ ensures your hull doesn’t end up having spider web cracks.

Most of the Vexus boats are available for customization. You can get them decked out in your choice of color or materials; this also means you’ll get the exact boat that meets your needs.

There is an option to add fishing accessories like rod holders, fish finders, and cooler boxes.

All the accessories are crafted with good quality materials, so you can rest assured that they will not fail upon use.

Vexus boats have a five-year warranty on the hull and three years for all other parts of the boat. This warranty is applicable when you purchase your boat from authorized dealers only.

When you buy a Vexus boat, rest assured that it’s ready for the water. With its smooth ride, roomy interiors, and highly-functional equipment, your fishing experience will be one to remember! For more information on the different types of boats available from Vexus Boats Ltd., call or visit their website.

What Is Victor Package for Vexus Boat

The buyer may upgrade their Vexus Boat to the Victor Package when purchasing a new boat. Airwave Pedestals are included in the Victor Package for drivers and passengers. The Intensive Care Livewell System is installed on your boat so that your fish have a comfortable ride home and stay oxygenated during the trip.

The victor bundle also includes a detachable push handle and a Trailer parking brake. The ignition is equipped with a Coast Key digital system. For aesthetics, gunnel handrails are provided for driver and passenger. Hamby’s keel protector is provided.

What Is Revolution Package for Vexus Boat

Any Customer who buys a Vexus Boat has the option of upgrading to one of two higher-level packages: Victor or Revolution. The Revolution package comes with a Min Kota 112 MDI I- Pilot. The Minn Kota Ultrex boasts a heel-toe cable power steering, spot lock, lift assist, and the i-Pilot trolling system. For console and bow, a Humminbird Solix 15 Mega SI is fitted.

With a 15.4″ display and cutting-edge technologies like CHIRP Digital Sonar, AutoChart Live, Bluetooth networking, Cross Touch, and the new Humminbird Basemap, the SOLIX 15 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS model offers advanced features for serious boaters.

Raptor wireless stomp buttons are provided so that you enjoy hands-free control of your Minn Kota shallow water anchor. The Revolution Package also comes with a custom boat cover.

What Customers Say About Vexus Boats

Vexus boats are well-known for their long life and high-quality manufacturing process. People who buy these boats often adore them. There are lots of great things that the reviewers have said about Vexus Boats.

Here’s a snippet:

“Take a ride in the both…the Vexus is a smooth-riding boat. Buddy of mine is a salesman at our local dealer. They’re great riding boats and the Vexus would be my choice between those 2 options”


Some Common Problems of Vexus Boats

It’s difficult to place any concerns into standard categories when going through complaints on forums and websites like thehulltruth since they vary from one another. While there were issues, most of them were unique, and no consistent pattern emerged.

A few complaints involved the hull crack issue, but we had enough pointers to suggest that Vexus was quick enough to address the issue.

Some of the complaints also involved issues with manufacturing errors like holes drilled in wrong places etc. But once again, we couldn’t really make any generalization about this.

Vexus Boats are known for their customer support and hassle-free warranty customer satisfaction.

How To Get Parts of Vexus Boats

Parts for Vexus boats can be easily found over the internet or by contacting your local dealer. Make sure you have the correct part name and model number noted before the search. You can also enquire about the parts for your vexus boats through their website.

Taking Care of Your Vexus Boat

After every ride, one must always take care of their boat. Follow these steps to ensure your boat lasts long and is always ready for action!

1. Clean the exterior of the boat first before you start cleaning anything else. Use a damp cloth or soft brush, then wipe dry with clean soft towels.

2. Unscrew all accessories that are removable like Rod-holders, Trailers, etc.

3. Remove the battery from the boat and give it a full charge. If you want an extra layer of protection, clean both the topside and underside of your Batteries.

4. Store all equipment that is removable like seats, Trolling Motors, etc.

5. Clean out any water that might be in the cockpits or interior compartments. Leave all compartments open so that water can completely dry.

6. Remove the battery from the boat to prevent overcharging, and store it in a cool dry place.

7. Store your boat where it will not have direct sunlight or be exposed to any temperature extremes.

8. Once a month, remove the batteries from your Vexus boat and clean the battery terminals with baking soda and water before recharging them fully. Keep an eye out for corrosion as well!

9. In addition to these steps, make sure that you check your Vexus boat annually for any wear and tear or damage.


Vexus Boats are quality boats that come in a variety of designs and features. You can choose from Glass infused Aluminum deep vee, Glass infused aluminum hybrid design, a fiberglass design, or the fiberglass multi-species variant for your boat.

With Victor and Revolution packages available to upgrade your boat with new technology as well as an excellent warranty policy, you’ll be happy to own one of these boats. As many current owners attest to their durability and excellence time after time, you can’t go wrong with a Vexus Boat!

Thanks for reading and we hope that this blog helped you gain insight into the history, capabilities, and current trends of Vexus Boats.