Are Xpress Boats Good & Reliable | Tips

Xpress boats are good and high quality. They are made with all-welded aluminum, which makes them very durable and strong. These boats can handle rough water. These boats are very fast. Xpress boats are known for their stability, performance, and speed.

These kinds of boats offer many different kinds of floor plans that you could choose from depending on what your needs are or how many people you need to carry. Xpress boats are very good for fishing and they can hold a lot of weight.

How Good Are Xpress Boats?

Xpress Boats are very good because these aluminum boats are not rivetted. This makes them very strong and sturdy. These boats can handle just about anything in the water with ease: whether it’s rough water or if it’s calm water.

These boats come in many variants such as bass boats, bay boats, hunting boats, skiff boats, and crappie boats. Xpress boats are very good fishing boats because these aluminum boats can hold a lot of weight.

  These boats are very easy to maintain because of their aluminum build, and they don’t corrode. When maintained regularly, Xpress Boats can last a long time.

A Little History About Xpress Boats

Kermit Bryant founded Xpress boats. Xpress started manufacturing high-quality aluminum boats in the year 1966 in Arkansas. A family-owned company it always believed in the quality of all-welded aluminum boats.

It was in the late 1980s that Xpress Boats revolutionized aluminum boat design with the introduction of the Hyper-Lift Hull. The Hyper-Lift Hull made sure these boats stand out on performance and stability.

In the year 2000 Xpress boats relocated its headquarters to Hot Springs, Arkansas The Veranda pontoons and Xpress bass boats now share about 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

How Reliable Are Xpress Boats?

Xpress boats are very reliable. These boats are made with aluminum, which is very strong and durable. When you buy Xpress Boats make sure to check them out well because these aluminum boats can last a long time when maintained regularly.

Every lake, river, or ocean is unique, according to Xpress Boats. They created hulls for each type of water, based on the guidance of their competent engineers. They also offer performance and speed in each and every boat of theirs.

Their Hyper-Lift Hull is still being talked about for its speed, performance, and stability. They also have a specific hull designed for muddy wasters known as BAYOU MUD HULL which works great in muddy and swampy areas.

How Durable Are Xpress Boats?

Xpress boats are very durable. They were the first to start making all-welded aluminum boats. Welded aluminum boats have a significant advantage over riveted aluminum boats.

Their boats are resistant to corrosion, and if maintained regularly they can last a long time. All welded aluminum boats ensure there are no holes or leaks.

Advantages of all-welded aluminum boats are as follows:

– There aren’t any holes or leaks as welded aluminum boats are made from one uninterrupted piece of metal.

– You can enjoy fishing even in high waves as these boats have a hyper lift design which makes sure the boat doesn’t lean too much to one side and ensures a smooth ride, even in rough water conditions.

– There is no risk of the boat being punctured in case it collides with a hard object.

– These boats are very lightweight so you can enjoy your time on the water, even more, when you don’t have to worry about carrying around a heavy boat.

– You can enjoy these boats well into old age as there are no rivets that create weak spots.

5052 Aluminum alloy is used to build these high-quality boats. This alloy has great strength and durability to weight ratio. It’s very malleable so it’s great to form, shape or weld. 5052 Aluminum alloy is also corrosion-resistant so your boat doesn’t corrode the way steel boats do. It has greater strength than any other type of anodized aluminum because aluminum can be made stronger by adding elements such as magnesium and chromium.

Hand-crafted welding is used to manufacture these boats. This is because it ensures there are no weak spots. All boats are hand-assembled, which means you can expect great quality control.

Every boat has dry bays so your gear stays safe and dry when the boat is moving through water. There are plenty of storage compartments in Xpress Boats to carry around essentials such as life jackets, anchors, tools, etc.

How does Xpress perform compared to other similar brands?

Xpress boats perform quite well compared to other aluminum boat manufacturers. Usage of 5052 alloys and being completely welded makes these boats stand apart from their competitors.

Xpress’s all-welded construction ensures there are no weak spots in your boat. Even though other aluminum boat manufacturers also use 5052 alloys, not many of them are completely hand-welded.

Their superior quality makes their boats last longer than other aluminum boats.

What About old Xpress Boats?

We can discover Xpress boats from the late-1990s in bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and saltwater with little difficulty. They are still in excellent working order owing to their high-quality materials, design, and construction.

Despite the fact that Xpress boats are decades old, you’ll be astonished at how little rust they have. This is due to the fact that these vessels are constructed of 5052 aluminum alloy.

Xpress Boats are well worth the money because they outlast other aluminum boats. Even after thirty years of regular usage, you may expect your boat to function properly, making Xpress a popular option among fishermen, hunters, and water sports fans.

Some Common problems with Xpress boats

We discovered several issues associated with aluminum boats on the internet. Some difficulties suggested hull integration, which is consistent with an aluminum alloy that has previously been employed.

Several faults were reported regarding low engine RPM. A user wrote that he changed to a different engine and the problem was remedied.

Some consumers complained about faulty electrical connections. However, no apparent pattern emerged from these issues.

What About Parts of Xpress Boats?

Xpress components can be found at your local Xpress boat dealer. They should be able to provide the parts you need. If you have an earlier version, take a note of the serial number of your boat since some pieces may not fit.

What About Warranty of Xpress Boats?

Xpregg gives a limited lifetime warranty on transom and hull seam welds. Xpress also offers a 5-year warranty on regular parts and materials. The warranty may also be transferred to the new owner of an Xpress boat if he or she purchases it from an authorized dealer.

Taking Care of Your Xpress Boat

Aluminum is a soft metal, so it isn’t as durable or long-lasting as other metals are. It needs to be cared for to ensure that your boat’s aluminum doesn’t have any dings or rust spots on it. If you live in an area where saltwater is typically used in the water, then you need to ensure that your boat stays protected from it.

One of the things that you will want to do for sure is clean your Xpress aluminum boat regularly. You should use distilled water when doing this. If you don’t, then the saltwater will get into small scratches and pits in the metal and begin to corrode it. The bottom line is that you need to make sure your aluminum boat stays in good condition.

You also want to make sure that when you store your Xpress boat, whether in or out of the water, you take the time to make sure it is completely dry. When boats are exposed to moisture, they can begin to corrode and form rust. If you keep your boat covered and dry, then this should be minimized.


When it comes to durability and reliability, Xpress boats are hard to beat. With their all-welded construction, 5052 aluminum alloy, and a lifetime warranty on transom and hull seam welds, these boats are built to last. Even after decades of use, you can expect your Xpress boat to function properly. So if you’re looking for a durable and reliable boat, look no further than an Xpress boat.