Are Yamaha F115 Outboard Motors Any Good? | Answered

The Yamaha F115 is an outboard engine (more specifically, a 4-stroke gasoline direct injection (GDI) small four-cylinder ) used for marine propulsion in small boats.

The Yamaha F115 belongs to the F series of outboard motors. The F115 was released in 1999 and replaced the old Yamaha 100 hp motor which had been released in 1994. The F115 can be used with both fresh water and saltwater (marine) applications. It has a maximum of 200 horsepower of power output, making it the most powerful model that Yamaha produces for small boats.

The outboard engines are more fuel-efficient than other petrol engines because they do not need oil to lubricate moving parts.

How good are Yamaha F115 outboard motors?

A Yamaha F115 outboard motor is considered to be a great choice for fishing boats or smaller yachts with hull lengths below 30 feet. What makes the Yamaha F115-F130 outboard motors stand apart from other brands are performance, reliability, superior acceleration, and fuel economy.

These engines are extremely fuel-efficient when compared to other models, yet they are powerful enough to power larger boats. The Yamaha outboard motor has a fully adjustable tiller handle, offering maximum comfort during use.

A rubber anti-vibration system is installed in the included remote control to minimize discomfort for boat owners and guests.

Brief History of Yamaha F115 outboard motor

Yamaha unveiled the F115 outboard in 1999, establishing itself as the leader in the midrange outboard market. It then consolidated its position with the F150 in 2005. The F115 was designed to be more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. The horsepower of the engine was increased to 115hp through the use of a single cylinder block and head, thus saving weight.

The Yamaha F115 outboard motor is still in production today with only minor changes applied since 1999. It features an aluminum alloy housing and a direct cooling system. The F115 can be found in boats ranging from 8 to 18 feet in length, providing the perfect combination of power and performance for both recreational users and anglers.

Yamaha now offers different models of outboards like the F20 (2-stroke), the F30 (3-stroke), and the F40 (4-stroke) in a similar horsepower range. The company also offers matching stern drives for both the F20 and the F30 outboards to increase their efficiency yet further. That has been improved using digital control technology derived from Yamaha’s extensive experience with motorcycles.

Yamaha has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of outboards in recent years due to its exceptional fuel efficiency and the wide range of models available.

How durable are Yamaha F115 outboard motors?

Yamaha F115 outboard motors are known for their durability. The engines are very reliable and can run strong for a long time if properly maintained.

They are equipped with an internal computer that monitors the engine’s temperature, oil pressure, and hours used, to ensure the engine is running optimally before it is put into gear or lifted off the boat.

Yamaha has a good reputation for making durable outboard motors and the F115 is no exception. They require little maintenance and can be used for a long time with few issues.

The average lifespan of a Yamaha f115 is around ten years. There are, however, several things the boat owner can do to make it last longer.

-Ensure that you always use the right type of motor oil for your outboard. Second, if possible, store your outboard motor in a cool and dry place whenever you are not using it. This also applies to the propeller shaft, which should be lubricated with marine grease every time you use the boat.
-Also, regular maintenance of your outboard is highly recommended to keep it running smoothly. Just wipe away any buildup on the engine crankcase and timer cover after each use, replace ignition points every six months and replace spark plugs at least once a year.

What Are Different Design Variables of Yamaha F115

Although there are many different types of the Yamaha F115 motor, they all share some common characteristics.

One type is known as a vertical three-cylinder, which is similar to that of a V-6 engine with one cylinder missing. This version has two cylinders on each side of the crankshaft.

The other type is called a V-4. These types of Yamaha F115 motors both have four cylinders, two on each side of the crankshaft.

The other type known as a V-6 is called an in-line engine and has six cylinders located directly across from each other.

The cylinders may be divided into three different groups: odd numbers (1-3), even numbers (4-6), and the middle cylinder. This engine has an inline arrangement since all of the cylinders appear in a straight line across from each other.

Another type of construction is known as an opposed-piston engine or two bank six-cylinder, which also has six cylinders that are divided into three groups. When this type of construction is used two cylinder banks are placed at an angle with each other. This makes it possible for an engine to fit in a smaller space than the V-6 since the cylinders do not need to be opposite of each other.

The final variation on this type of motor is also referred to as an opposed engine. This type has four cylinders that are located in two groups of two cylinders on each side of the crankshaft. The V-4 is also referred to as an in-line engine since the cylinders are in a straight line across from each other.

There are many different designs for the Yamaha F115 motor, but they share many common characteristics. All of the engines are four-stroke cycles and have water-cooled cylinders.

How To Make My F115 Last Longer?

-It is integral that oil and filter changes happen every 50 hours, which doesn’t take very long at all.
-Prop-pitching is very important. As long as this is done once a week, it doesn’t take much time.
-Also, spark plug changes should only be done when necessary, and since they can last 100 hours, they don’t have to be changed frequently.

Since the engine is in great condition if all of these tasks are performed, it is important to note that owners should start this maintenance early.
For example, a stabilizer should be added to the carburetor when winterizing so it doesn’t get stuck during the cold seasons.

Keeping up with these procedures can take about an hour a day if experience has been gained while working on the engine.

Even better, owners should know that if the engine is simply maintained instead of being dismantled and reassembled, it will take even less time.
As long as this maintenance schedule is followed, Yamaha f115s can last for up to a decade.

Can You Find Replacement Parts for the Yamaha F115 motor?

Yes, you can find replacement parts for the Yamaha f115 motor. It is very easy, and you can get it done at a store or online. You just have to look at the part that needs replacement. Take a note of the part model number and search for a suitable replacement online.

Replacement parts for the Yamaha f115 motor are also available in some stores, but not many. You can find them in a store that specializes in selling boat parts and supplies, or you can ask the salesperson if they have any for this particular model (the Yamaha F115).

Fuel Consumption of F115 motor

Several factors affect the fuel consumption of an engine. Some examples include load, engine speed rpm, engine design, fuel type, and quality of gasoline used.

The f115 outboard by Yamaha is a lightweight aluminum prop-drive engine with two cylinders. The average fuel consumption rate of the 100 hp model, which was released in 1993, is 0.8 gallons per hour at wide-open throttle (WOT), and 0.5 GPH at 56 percent load (1/4 throttle).

The 2001 model consumes 0.7 GPH at WOT and 0.4 GPH at 56 percent load. Mercury’s specs, however, do not account for factors such as propeller drag that could affect the engines’ speed when in use. The F115 outboard uses standard gasoline or diesel fuel and requires a six-quart oil capacity with an SAE 30 oil rating.

Yamaha F115 Outboard Warranty

All Yamaha f115 outboard motors come with a limited warranty of 2 years. This warranty covers parts and labor for the entirety of those 2 years. Yamaha f115 outboard motors are designed to deliver a smooth, powerful ride during your fishing or pleasure trips. The Yamaha f115 can be found in both dedicated stern drive boats and outboard motor mount systems.

The Yamaha three-cylinder f115 outboard is a powerboat motor designed for smooth, efficient operation. It also comes with a two-year limited warranty and is known for its reliability and durability under stress.

Issues With F115

Some people complain that the F115 can’t go more than 2500-2800 rpm at full throttle, whereas keeping the engine in neutral would crank it up to 5700-6000 rpm. Many people face this problem after the winters. Getting your fuel checked professionally should pretty much sort it out for you.


From the above article, we can acknowledge that the Yamaha F115 outboard motors are great and a worthy investment. It works very well for smaller yachts and fishing boats. They offer high performance, incredible reliability, superior acceleration, and are fuel-efficient.