Can You Rent A Boat In Lake Okeechobee?

Yes, you can rent a boat in Lake Okeechobee. Okeechobee lake boat rentals have some of the best pontoons, bass boats, fiberglass boats with GPS. The boat rentals in Okeechobee have packages and fun activities for all age groups. You can also opt for some great airboat rides while planning a trip to the Okeechobee Lake. You can easily find rentals for airboats over the internet.

Known as Florida’s Inland Sea lake Okeechobee is the eighth largest natural freshwater lake in the US. Lake Okeechobee spreads over 1,900 kilometers of squares with a depth of about three Meters. The southern edge of the lake has three islands. Today, all these islands and abandoned.

For, anglers it offers a variety of species comprising of Large Mouth Bass and Speckled Perch. The lake is very well connected with major towns like Clewiston, Belle Glade, Pahokee, and Okeechobee.

This blog will give you all the information you need to rent a boat and have a wonderful time on Lake Okeechobee.

If you plan to visit in a large group then pontoon boats are best. However, if cost is a factor then the rentals also offer trolling boats.

Please bear in mind whichever package you select, it’s important to stay safe by wearing life jackets and following the local body guidelines.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Boat At Okeechobee?

The 21 Foot Pontoon boat costs around $250.Some of the rentals also offer a fiberglass boat with a fully equipped GPS. For these boats, you might have to pay around $200-$250.The Trolling boat comes with a price range o about $80-$100.

Rentals might charge you extra for the gas in bass boats. It is always a good idea to go through the local boat rental policy about things you can bring on your boat otherwise it might lead to a change in plans at the last minute.
Please ask well in advance whether your four-legged pet can be on board. If, you are allowed to bring alcohol on board.

What Are The Requirements To Rent A Boat From Florida?

People who want to rent a boat in Florida should be born on or after Jan. 1,1,988. They will need to obtain a Boating Safety Education Identification Card issued by the FWC. If you are visiting from an outside state, you can get a temporary Florida boating certificate. Please communicate well in advance with your boat rental agency regarding the certificate requirements.

When To Book Boat Rentals In Lake Okeechobee?

For the months of January, February, March, and April make sure you book, well in advance with your boat rental agency. Whereas the number of catches increases quite substantially in the months of April, May, and June.

Should You Book A Pontoon or Bass Boats In Lake Okeechobee?

If you are looking for comfort and excess floor space or if you have motion sickness a pontoon is always a good option. Always ask the booking agent about the weather and water conditions before booking your boats. Always keep in mind your group size and your budget while selecting the boat for rental.

Can You Swim In Lake Okeechobee?

Due to algae blooms it is advised to exercise caution in swimming, wading in Lake Okeechobee. These algae blooms are harmful to aquatic, humans, and wildlife.

Residents are very unhappy with the present-day situation in Lake Okeechobee, where they see the lake polluted so much. They blame the sugar industry and the phosphorus used to cultivate sugar cane as the reason for this algae bloom.

What Type Of Fish Are In Lake Okeechobee?

Anglers can catch black bass, bream, and black crappie (speck), as well as sunfish, catfish, pickerel, bowfin, and gar. Anglers are encouraged to participate in the TrophyCatch and Bigcatch programs.

Lake Okeechobee has a diverse species of fishes such as Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Black Crappie, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Spotted Sunfish, Warmouth, Bowfin, Chain Pickerel, Longnose Gar.
Bass Fishing and Crappie Fishing at Lake Okeechobee holds a special mention though.

Can You Eat The fish From Lake Okeechobee?

Biologists and Environmentalists warn people from consuming Lake Okeechobee fish. The primary reason for this is the presence of toxic blue-green algae which are highly toxic. Consuming these fishes can lead to serious health hazards. It is always a better idea to catch these fishes and let them go.

Is Lake Okeechobee Freshwater or Saltwater?

Lake Okeechobee is a freshwater lake. The Kissimmee River is the primary inflow in the Okeechobee lake.

Are There Alligators In Lake Okeechobee?

Alligators like to reside in lakes, Rivers, and Ponds. The lake inhibits several species of fishes which makes a perfect feeding ground for the gators.

Over the internet, we found many websites where people have seen alligators in Lake Okeechobee. One should always be adhering to local authority’s guidelines about gator do’s and don’ts. So, we can safely say yes there are alligators in Lake Okeechobee.

Are There Manatees In Lake Okeechobee?

Yes, there are manatees in Lake Okeechobee. The manatees could be mainly seen around the east coast and the western coastal side of Florida. The algal bloom in Lake Okeechobee could pose a threat to the manatees if it is not taken care of.

Manatees can be seen in Lake Okeechobee from April to October.

What Type Of Plants We Can Find in Lake Okeechobee?

The plant’s Lake Okeechobee can be categorized under Emergent plants, Submerged plants, Floating -leaved plants, and floating plants.

Some plants that are found commonly in Okeechobee are Arrowheads, Spikerush, Giant Bulrush, Smartweed, Pondweed, and Eelgrass.

What county surrounds Lake Okeechobee?

The center point of Lake Okeechobee is divided among five different counties namely Glades, Okeechobee, Martin, Palm Bech, and the Hendry counties.

Who Owns Lake Okeechobee?

Lake Okeechobee which means “Big Water” in the Seminole language is owned by the South Florida Water Management District.

What Are Some of The State laws for boating in Florida?

All boat renting vessels should have the recommended load capacity, safety equipment. A pre-ride instruction must be given to all riders by a NASBLA/state-approved boater safety course.
The riders must have a boater education ID card issued to them before the rental company agrees to rent them a boat.
Boaters are also encouraged not to enter the seagrass beds as these are the primary source of food for the manatees.

Can A Passenger Drink On A Boat In Lake Okeechobee?

Yes, passengers can enjoy their drinks while boating in Lake Okeechobee. It is always advisable to drink moderately so that you don’t distract the boat operator.
The boat operator on the other hand is not allowed by the law to drink.


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