Fishing In San Antonio Texas | Detailed Guide


Hi there! If you’re looking for some great fishing in San Antonio, Texas, then you’ve come to the right place. With its numerous lakes and rivers, this city offers plenty of exciting opportunities for anglers. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced fisherman, there’s something here that’ll be sure to excite and challenge you.

In this article, I’ll explain what makes San Antonio such a great destination for fishing enthusiasts. So let’s get started! From the Guadalupe River to the Medina River and many other bodies of water in between, anglers can find a variety of fish species to target in San Antonio.

From largemouth bass and crappie to catfish and sunfish, there’s something for everyone here. I’ll also give some tips on how to maximize your chances of success when fishing these waters. So if you’re looking for an incredible fishing experience in Texas, then read on!

Let us now walk you through some of the best fishing spots in San Antonio.

Choke Canyon State Park

I recently visited Choke Canyon State Park near San Antonio, Texas. It’s a truly breathtaking place – the clear waters of the reservoir sparkle in the sun, and the surrounding trees whisper in the breeze.

Fishing here is great too – bass and catfish abound, making for an exciting day out on the water. I had plenty of luck with topwater baits like buzzbaits and Zara Spooks.

The daily bag limit for any combination of largemouth, smallmouth, Alabama, Guadalupe, and spotted bass is five fish at Choke Canyon Reservoir – so I got my fill!

Next on my list was to explore Boerne City Lake Park.

Boerne City Lake Park

Visiting Boerne City Lake Park is a great experience for anyone looking to spend some quality time outdoors near San Antonio.

Here are some of the activities you can do at the lake:

  • Fish – Boerne City Lake is known for its clear water and its abundance of bass, catfish, sunfish, and bluegill.
  • Kayak or Paddleboard – The lake offers plenty of room to explore while out on the water.
  • Swim – Take a dip in the lake to cool off from the Texas heat.
  • Enjoy Nature – Bring a picnic and relax as you take in the natural beauty of the park.

No matter what activity you choose, there’s something for everyone at Boerne City Lake Park.

Spend a day with your family fishing, paddleboarding, swimming or just enjoying nature.

Just remember to check in with local resources before heading out so you can be sure to have the best experience possible!

From here we transition into Calaveras Lake, another popular spot for those looking to fish around San Antonio.

Calaveras Lake

Moving on from Boerne City Lake Park, let’s explore Calaveras Lake located just 20 miles from San Antonio. This lake offers an abundance of fishing opportunities with over ten different species of fish being able to be caught in its waters. One interesting statistic about Calaveras Lake is that it offers the highest catch-per-unit-effort for bass among all lakes in the Bexar County area.

One great thing about Calaveras Lake is its accessibility. It’s located off Loop 1604 and makes for a great day trip if you’re looking for a fishing adventure that won’t take too long to get to. It’s also conveniently close to downtown San Antonio, so you don’t have to travel too far.

Additionally, the lake features three boat ramps and a number of fishing piers which make it even easier to access the lake and start your fishing expedition.

The lake is stocked twice per year with Hybrid Striped Bass and White Bass, making it easy for anglers to find success while out on the water.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has also implemented a “catch & release” policy that encourages anglers to return their catches back into the water so they can be enjoyed by future fishermen as well.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why Calaveras Lake has become such a popular spot for anglers near San Antonio! From here we can move on to Canyon Lake, another great destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Texas.

Canyon Lake

I love spending time fishing at Canyon Lake! It’s a great spot with plenty of opportunities to catch some big fish. The lake has steep, rocky banks and submerged trees that provide some great habitat for the fish.

During the spring, fall, and winter months, I find largemouth bass to be the most plentiful. I typically make my way to the lake with a selection of lures and bait that can help me land a nice catch.

There are also other species of fish in Canyon Lake that can be targeted like smallmouth bass, yellow bass, rainbow trout, black crappie, channel catfish, stripers, white bass, sunfish, and gar.

I’ve had success catching all sorts of different species here which adds to the fun of fishing this lake. The water can be quite clear so it’s important to go out with stealthy baits if you’re looking for a successful day on the lake.

When it comes to fishing around San Antonio there’s no better place than Canyon Lake! With plenty of opportunities for anglers of all levels to enjoy a day on the water, it’s one of my favorite spots in Texas.

Moving on from here, Victor Braunig Lake is another great spot near San Antonio worth exploring…

Victor Braunig Lake

The sun was setting on the Canyon Lake and as I stood there, I could feel the peace of nature around me. It was like a cocoon of tranquility that was beginning to wrap itself around me.

Taking in one last deep breath, I set my sights on Victor Braunig Lake and felt a shift in my energy – it was like a spark had been lit inside of me.

The Victor Braunig Lake is located 17 miles south of Downtown San Antonio and is a cooling pond for the power plant providing electricity to the city. Like an oasis in the middle of a desert, this lake offers great fishing opportunities for red drum, hybrid striped bass, catfish, and largemouth bass.

The lake has been stocked with fish species intended to improve recreational fishing, making it a perfect spot for anglers looking for an adventure.

I walked up to the lake and stood in awe at its beauty, feeling inspired by its serenity. As I watched the ripples lap against each other and the birds soaring above, I knew that this would be an unforgettable experience.

Now, ready to take on another challenge, I turn my attention towards Boerne City Lake Park – here we go!

Boerne City Lake Park

I recently visited Boerne City Lake Park and had a great time! The park is huge, so there’s plenty of room to explore and have fun.

The lake makes for an excellent fishing spot, and the picnic area was perfect for a midday break. There are plenty of other activities that Boerne City Lake Park has to offer:

  • Swimming: With its crystal clear waters, the lake is perfect for swimming and playing around in.
  • Kayaking & Paddleboarding: There are tons of places to rent kayaks and paddleboards at the park.
  • Hiking & Exploring: The trails around the lake provide great opportunities for hiking, exploring, and birdwatching.

The park also offers free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected during your visit.

It’s easy to see why Boerne City Lake Park is such a popular spot for outdoor recreation – it has something for everyone!

Moving on from here, Brackenridge Park Fishing is another great activity in San Antonio Texas.

Brackenridge Park Fishing

Moving on from Boerne City Lake Park, another great spot for fishing in San Antonio is Brackenridge Park. It has a Family Fishing Experience that’s hard to beat, with more than 600 12-inch channel catfish released into the river.

There are three fishing piers located within Texana Park & Campground and a fishing pier near the marina in Brackenridge Park and at the Texana Park boat ramp.

Plus, you can also find plenty of bank fishing along the San Antonio River in Brackenridge. So if you’re looking for a great spot to cast your line and see what bites, this is definitely one of your best bets.

If you choose to go fishing in Brackenridge Park, be sure to check out the current regulations and limits before you start.

That way you’ll know exactly what type of fish you can catch and how many. You may even want to purchase a Texas Freshwater Fishing License if you plan on doing some serious fishing while you’re there.

With all that said, let’s move on to what fish are biting in San Antonio.

What Fishes Are Bitting In San Antonio?

Fishing in San Antonio is a popular activity among locals and tourists alike. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, San Antonio is the most heavily fished city in the state, with over 50 million fish caught each year.

With such an abundance of fish in the area, it can be hard to know what species are biting. Here are five fishes that are currently bitting in San Antonio:

  • Largemouth bass
  • Channel catfish
  • Alligator gar
  • Guadalupe bass
  • Blue catfish

In addition to these common species of fish, anglers can also find Flathead catfish, Spotted bass, and various exotic species when fishing in San Antonio.

Fishing from community lakes such as South Side Lions Park, Miller’s Pond, and Elmendorf Lake is especially popular due to the added convenience of being located within city limits or public parks.

With so many different species of fish available in San Antonio, anglers are sure to have a successful fishing experience no matter where they choose to go.

Moving on from here we will discuss fishing from ponds in San Antonio.

Fishing From Ponds In San Antonio

Now that we know what fish are biting in San Antonio, let’s talk about fishing from the ponds in the area.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide. But fortunately, there are some great spots that offer excellent fishing opportunities.

Woodlawn Lake Park is a popular spot for fishing and offers plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your day.

Fisherman’s Corner is another popular spot in San Antonio where you can catch bass, catfish, perch, and other types of fish.

Live Oak Park has great shoreline access and plenty of places to cast your line into the lake.

Finally, Medina River Natural Area and Greenway provide miles of shoreline for anglers looking for a peaceful experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

With all these wonderful options for fishing around San Antonio, you’re sure to have a successful day out on the water!

Fishing Charters San Antonio

I’m an avid fisherwoman and I know that San Antonio is one of the best spots for fishing. There are a variety of charter services available in the area, so you’re sure to be able to find one that suits your needs.

Here’s what you need to know about fishing charters in San Antonio:

  • Types of Fishing Charters:
  • Inshore Fishing Charters: These charters take anglers out on lakes and rivers for inshore fishing. The most popular species include bass, catfish, and crappie.
  • Offshore Fishing Charters: These charters take anglers out on larger boats in the bays or Gulf waters for species like snapper, grouper, and mackerel.
  • Fly Fishing Charters: These charters focus on teaching the fundamentals of fly fishing while targeting trout and other small fish.
  • Charter Services: Some of the popular charter services in San Antonio include San Antonio Fishing Charters, San Antonio Guided Fishing Boat Charters & Fishing Trips, and San Antonio Fishing Guides. Other great options include Bones Fishing Guide Service, Alamo Texas Fishing, and Off the Hook Fishing Charters.
  • Cost: Prices vary depending on the type of charter service, duration of the trip, number of people on board, etc., but most charters start around $400-$500 per person for a full-day trip.

No matter your experience level or budget constraints, there are plenty of options when it comes to charter fishing in San Antonio. Now all that’s left is deciding when to go – which brings us to our next topic – best fishing season in San Antonio!

Best Fishing Season In San Antionio

Fishing in San Antonio is best during the spring and fall months when the weather is mild. This is when the water temperature is just right for catching a variety of fish.

In September, White Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass can be caught in Canyon Lake. July can be good for catching Redfish in Braunig and Calaveras Lakes, while tuna fishing can be productive off Texas.

It’s always wise to check with local fishing organizations or event calendars for more specific information about what kinds of fish are biting and when.

Moving forward, it’s time to ask: Are there any fishing tournaments in San Antonio?

Are There Any Fishing Tournaments In San Antonio

As I continued to explore the best fishing season in San Antonio, my curiosity grew even more. I wondered if there were any fishing tournaments held in this city and what type of regulations applied for fishing here.

My search for answers led me to some remarkable discoveries about San Antonio’s fishing scene.

To begin with, it turns out that there are indeed various fishing tournaments held in San Antonio from time to time. Most notably, the Tres Amigos Fishing Tournament is a popular angling event that takes place once a year in the area. Furthermore, the Fin Addict Angler Foundation is currently partnering with Greenline San Antonio to host free youth tournaments throughout the year as well.

These opportunities give fishermen of all ages and skill levels a chance to test their luck and hone their skills while competing against other passionate anglers. Moreover, they also provide an excellent outlet for families to enjoy quality outdoor time together while learning more about the sport of fishing.

With such a vibrant tournament scene, it’s easy to see why fishing continues to be one of the most beloved activities among Texans! Now that I’ve learned about these exciting events, I’m ready to look into what laws and regulations apply when it comes to fishing in San Antonio.

Fishing Laws And Regulations In San Antonio

When fishing in San Antonio, it’s important to be aware of the laws and regulations set by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

All anglers 17 years and older are required to have a valid Texas fishing license with a Freshwater Endorsement if they want to keep their catch.

There are also certain limits on the size and amount of fish that can be taken from each body of water. It’s important to check the current regulations and limits before going out fishing as they can change from time to time.

It’s also important to remain respectful of your fellow anglers when fishing in San Antonio. There may be other anglers around who are trying to fish for their own catch, so it’s important to stay courteous and give them plenty of space.

Additionally, you should always clean up after yourself when you’re done fishing, making sure not to leave any tackle or bait in the water or on shore.

San Antonio is home to some great fishing spots, so make sure you take advantage of all the laws and regulations set out by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department so that everyone can enjoy their experience safely and responsibly!

With all these tips in mind, you’ll be ready for a successful day out on the water!


Fishing in San Antonio, Texas is an experience unlike any other.

From the stunning Canyon Lake to the bustling Victor Braunig Lake, there are endless opportunities for anglers of all skill levels to make a catch.

The best part is that this incredible sport has so much more to offer than just reeling in a few fish; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature and take in the breathtaking beauty of Texas.

No matter what your skill level or interest, fishing in San Antonio will provide you with hours of relaxation and fun – it truly is an experience like no other!