Outer Banks Fishing Piers | Detailed Guide

Outer Banks Fishing Piers | Detailed Guide

Hey everyone, if you’re interested in fishing then the Outer Banks of North Carolina should be your next destination! This area is renowned for its abundance of piers that are perfect for both beginner and seasoned anglers. I’m here to tell you about some of the best ones so you can get out there and start reelin’ ’em in!

The OBX (as it’s lovingly known by locals) has eight public fishing spots – each with its own unique atmosphere. From Avon Fishing Pier to Nags Head Pier, these locations offer breathtaking views and plenty of opportunities to catch a variety of fish species.

With all this information, let’s dive into what makes each one special.

Avalon Pier

Avalon Fishing Pier is a special place. It’s as if the pier has its own personality, with fishing lines constantly being cast off into the horizon and the sound of saltwater lapping against the docks adding to its atmosphere.

From beginners learning about casting techniques to experienced fishermen seeking new bait types, Avalon Fishing Pier serves all kinds of anglers looking for their next adventure in catching fish.

Safety is paramount at this pier and there are local regulations that must be followed when visiting here. Be sure to check weather conditions before you visit, so that your fishing trip can go as smoothly as possible and everyone can remain safe during their outing.

The staff at Avalon Fishing Pier also provides helpful tips on how best to stay out of harm’s way while enjoying the pier’s offerings.

It’s no wonder why locals flock to this spot year after year; it offers something unique that keeps people coming back time and time again. With an unbeatable combination of great beer, live music, fantastic views, and plenty of opportunities for reeling in a big catch, Avalon Fishing Pier should definitely make your list of places to visit on the Outer Banks!

And now onto Nag’s Head Fishing Pier…

Nag’s Head Fishing Pier

Once we were done with our fishing experience at Avalon Pier, the next stop was Nags Head Fishing pier. We had heard so much about it and wanted to see for ourselves why people raved about it.

This North Carolina pier is one of the oldest and longest piers on the Outer Banks, offering 24-hour pier fishing. With a tackle shop and restaurant right there on the pier, what’s not to love?

Here are some tips that will make your visit even better:

  • Equipment Requirements: Make sure you come prepared with all necessary equipment such as poles, reels, lines, hooks and other supplies – especially bait!
  • Bait Selection: If you don’t have any ideas for which type of bait to use, consult the helpful staff in the tackle shop who can advise you based on current conditions.
  • Species Availability: As far as species availability goes, don’t be surprised if you catch anything from red drum to blacktip shark or mackerel here! Check local regulations before targeting specific fish types.

The weather also plays an important role in how successful your outing will be – keep an eye out for windy days as this could cause waves that interfere with casting. Whatever the outcome of your fishing trip may be though, nothing beats beautiful views like this one!

Jennette’S Pier

I recently visited Jennette’s Pier in Outer Banks and I must say, it was an amazing experience. The pier is conveniently located near the shoreline and offers a 1,000-foot-long walkway for visitors to enjoy. I was able to take in some beautiful views from either side of the pier while also seeing dolphins swimming nearby.

Jennette’s Pier offers a variety of activities that are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. There are several types of fish you can find here, such as tarpon, flounder, small sharks, cobia and more. Additionally, there is a wide range of bait selection available which makes finding the right one for your target species easier than ever before.

It is important to note that there are certain rules and safety regulations every visitor should follow when visiting the pier. This includes following weather conditions closely as windy days can be dangerous and avoiding areas with heavy equipment or personnel working onsite.

Moreover, make sure to always wear life vests while out at sea if applicable and stay away from any sharp objects or rocks around the area. All these factors together ensure everyone will have a safe yet fun time exploring all that this incredible place has to offer!

Rodanthe Pier

The sun is rising over the horizon and its bright rays light up the sea. The waves gently caress the shore, while a light breeze carries with it an unmistakable smell of saltwater.

For those looking to get in on some fishing action, the Rodanthe Pier offers anglers an unforgettable experience. This pier reaches far into the ocean, giving fishermen access to all sorts of fish that can be caught using various angling techniques. Whether you’re trying your luck at surf fishing or simply enjoying the view from atop this pier, there’s something for every kind of fisherman here.

Bait selection should also be taken into account when planning to fish off this pier; live bait works best but artificial lures are also very effective if used correctly. Weather conditions play an important role in determining success when fishing off Rodanthe Pier as certain days bring about better catches than others due to changes in air pressure and temperature.

It’s also worth noting that being aware of ocean ecology helps ensure conservation efforts remain intact so future generations can continue to enjoy this wonderful activity.

  • Angling Techniques
  • Bait Selection
  • Surf Fishing
  • Weather Conditions & Ocean Ecology
  • Awareness and Protection of Marine Life.

Outer Banks Fishing Pier

Fishing the Outer Banks Fishing Pier can be a fun and rewarding experience. From tackle selection to species identification, there are many aspects of fishing that need to be considered before taking your line into the water.

Knowing the regulations is essential for any successful fishing excursion because it ensures anglers don’t get fined or worse yet, lose their catch. It’s also important to select the right tackle for the job – from rods and reels to lures and bait.

When it comes to selecting bait, certain techniques will help you target specific fish more effectively. Additionally, local weather conditions should always be taken into consideration when planning an outing on the pier.

With all this in mind, once you have your gear ready and have identified what type of fish you’re targeting, you’ll be able to enjoy a day (or night) out on the Outer Banks Fishing Pier!

Transitions seamlessly into exploring Hatteras Island Fishing Piers which offer a completely different set of opportunities compared to those found in South Nags Head.

Hatteras Island Fishing Pier

Fishing in Outer Banks is a great way to get out and enjoy the area. From the Rodanthe Pier to the Hatteras Island Fishing Pier, there are plenty of places where anglers can explore their passion for fishing. There’s no better place than these piers to learn the art of fishing techniques, gear types, tide timing, species identification, and local regulations.

At the Hatteras Island Fishing Pier, anglers will be able to take advantage of some of the finest pier-fishing opportunities on the east coast. This mid-shore pier stretches 930 feet over water which averages 25 feet deep near its end. Species like flounder, bluefish, tautog, trout, and even red drum can all be caught from this pier.

Anglers should make sure they bring appropriate tackle and bait depending on what type of fish they want to catch – light tackle if looking for smaller species or heavier tackle if focusing on larger ones. The time at which you go fishing can also impact your success rate due to different tides throughout the day. It’s important to pay close attention to current tidal patterns in order to understand when fish may feed more actively during certain parts of a given day or night.

Additionally, it pays off big time to know how to identify different species according to their size and shape since not every body of water will have the same set of fish present in them. Last but not least familiarizing yourself with local fishing regulations is key component before heading out so as not to run into any legal trouble while trying to have fun! With all this knowledge in mind an outing at any outer banks pier could turn out to be a memorable one indeed!

Things To Bring For Pier Fishing In Outer Banks

Now that you know about the popular Hatteras Island Fishing Pier, let’s talk about what to bring along when fishing in Outer Banks. Being prepared with the proper tools and knowledge will make your pier fishing experience much more enjoyable. To ensure a successful outing on the piers of Outer Banks, here are some tips for things to bring.

To start off, it is always wise to have an assortment of types of bait at hand such as shrimp, squid and cut bait. Using fresh or frozen bait can be effective depending on the type of fish you’re targeting.

It may also help to use bucktail jigs, which are great lures for catching all kinds of species common around the piers. Don’t forget to pack a hoop net too – this is handy if you want to take home any smaller catches like crabs or small sharks.

Another thing that’s important for a successful day out pier fishing is planning ahead according to weather conditions and time-of-day best suited for certain types of fish. For example, knowing when high tide occurs so you can cast into deeper water where there might be larger predatory fish lurking.

Also having the right tackle setup – rod holders and pilers with line cutters – makes your experience smoother so you can focus on catching those big ones! All these factors combined will give you a better chance at bringing in something special from your trip to Outer Banks’ fishing piers.


Fishing in the Outer Banks is a great way to enjoy yourself, especially on one of the many piers available.

With Avalon Pier, Nag’s Head Fishing Pier, Jennette’s Pier, Rodanthe Pier, Outer Banks Fishing Pier and Hatteras Island Fishing Pier all offering their own unique experiences for fishing enthusiasts, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

You’ll need some supplies before setting out–but don’t worry! If you come prepared with the right gear and stay safe while doing it, your day at the pier will be unforgettable.

Now get ready–it’s time to go fishing!