Tahoe Boat Problems: What to Watch For?

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Tahoe boats have long been admired for their reliability and durability, but just like any other boat, there are problems that arise. Although these boats are made with a fiberglass hull for strength and stability, it is still possible for them to experience problems.

When it comes to Tahoe boats, some of the most commonly reported issues include low bow, hull cracks, low resale value, and wiring problems.

It is important as a boat owner or prospective buyer to be aware of these potential issues so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing or taking care of your new boat. 

Sold by Bass Pro Shops who have excellent reputations for their boats, Tahoe-branded boats are usually very dependable and well made. However, there are still some potential problems that can arise over time if not monitored or taken care of properly.

Let us now dive into the specifics of some common Tahoe boat problems.

Flat and Low Bow

Tahoe has many deck boat models in their lineup, and boats have a low bow design. When compared with other deck boat brands, the Tahoe models have a lower and flatter bow design.

This can be an issue because it makes them more susceptible to taking in water.

Wet rides can take a toll on these boats, and the decks can absorb more water than other models. As such, it is important to check for any signs of water leakage in a low-bow Tahoe boat and ensure you clean up any water immediately.

Hull Cracks

Although fiberglass hulls are generally durable, they can be susceptible to cracks and other forms of damage. If a Tahoe boat experiences any kind of hull cracks, it is important to get them patched or repaired immediately, as they can lead to serious problems down the line.

These issues were reported in some older models, but newer models are made with more durable material and therefore less susceptible to this sort of damage.

Many captains have complained about seeing cracks in the hulls of their Tahoe boats. It is very important to ensure that you inspect your boat for any signs of cracking and get it repaired immediately if you see any damage.

Bad boating practices and impacts can cause these cracks to form, so it is important to be aware of how your boat is used and handled.

Questionable Seaworthiness

Tahoe boats are considered not to be as seaworthy as other models, and there have been several reports of captains having difficulty in rough waters.

The potential reason is a low bow construction which is not stable in choppy waters. As such, it is important to be aware of the capabilities of your Tahoe boat before taking it out in rough seas.

During our research we found many complaints of captains feeling unsafe and having difficulty steering their Tahoe boats in choppy waters.

Low Resale Value

Another issue that comes up with Tahoe boats is the fact that they tend to have a low resale value due to their lower-quality construction. This means that if you do decide to sell your boat at some point, you might not get as much money out of it as compared to other boat brands.

This is not a major issue, but it is something to keep in mind if you’re considering buying a Tahoe boat. Being an entry-level boat, you can expect to get a lower price for your used boat if you decide to sell it.

One very important thing to note here is Bass Pro makes the buying process super easy and you can often get a great deal on new Tahoe boats. From financing to warranties, Bass Pro offers some of the best services in the industry.

Wiring Problems

Tahoe boats are also known to have wiring problems. This can be caused by either a faulty design or improper maintenance and care over time. Over time Tahoe has ensured they have quality control in place and wiring issues have become less of an issue.

Still, it is important to maintain your boat properly and check for any signs of faulty wiring as soon as possible. This is especially true for boats that are older or have been in use for a long time.

If you plan on buying an old Tahoe boat, it is always recommended to have a professional inspect the wiring before buying.

Not Enough Engine Power

Tahoe these days are mainly making deck boats and bow rider sport boats. The power generated by these boats is usually not enough for high-speed applications.

This can be a problem if you’re an avid fisherman or water skier who needs more engine power to get the most out of your boat. If you fall into this category, it might be best to look into other brands that offer higher horsepower and greater performance capabilities.

Tahoe comes with a factory-rigged Mercury or Mercruiser stern drive engine, so it’s important to ensure that the engine is properly maintained and in good working order.

To put it simply you get what you pay for and Tahoe boats are not specialized in terms of speed or performance. Many brands are available that can offer greater engine power and performance.

Gel Coat Crazing

This is not a brand-specific problem, but fiberglass boats in general are prone to gel coat crazing. This is a type of deterioration caused by water seeping through the pores in the gel coat, causing it to become brittle and crack.

It is important to inspect your boat for any signs of gel coat crazing and get it repaired as soon as possible. If you let it go too long, you may end up needing to replace the entire gel coat.

If not repaired over time UV rays can cause the crazing to become more severe and may require more extensive repairs. So it is important to inspect your boat for any signs of gel coat crazing and get it repaired as soon as possible.

How Good is Bass Pro Shop Customer Service?

Bass Pro Shop has an excellent reputation for customer service. They are known for their friendly, knowledgeable staff and their willingness to go the extra mile to provide customers with the best possible experience.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Tahoe boat, Bass Pro Shop is always willing to help. Their staff can answer any questions concerning maintenance and repair as well as ensure that your boat is properly serviced and up to date on any warranties.

Overall, the customer service experience with Bass Pro Shop is excellent, and you can rest assured that your Tahoe boat will be taken care of.


With an extensive dealer network and reliable customer service, Tahoe is a great choice for entry-level boaters who want to get out on the water without breaking the bank. Just be sure to consider any potential issues mentioned above and make sure you inspect your boat regularly for signs of wear or damage. With proper care and maintenance, your Tahoe boat should give you years of enjoyment. Happy boating!

Overall, Tahoe boats can be a great option for those on a budget, but they do come with some limitations that should be taken into account before making a purchase. Take the time to research other models and brands to make sure you’re getting the