Why Are Boston Whalers Boats Expensive? | Answered

The reason why Boston Whalers are expensive is that they are dependable. They inspire anglers to push the limits offshore.

The design of Boston Whalers is also incredible, and their lineup of boats right now ranges from eleven to forty-two feet. They are among the best boats available and for that reason, they are expensive.

History of Boston Whalers

Though the Boston Whaler boat began being produced commercially in the year 1958, the company that was making them had been formed about two decades earlier. In the year 1938, Dick Fisher who was a Harvard graduate alongside his friend Bob Pierce started what was called the Fisher Pierce manufacturing company.

The company started with very little capital little and equipment in a shed in the backyard of Dick’s residence. The only thing that was hindering them at that time was the capital. However, they made up for it with Yankee ingenuity and passion for quality.

It wasn’t long before their electrical manufacturing business began making incredible products like photo-controls, current/high voltage sensors, magnetic amplifiers, telegraph relays, stepper motors, and sensitive electromagnetic relays.

By the mid-1950s their business was doing extemporary well and became established, and Dick Fisher was allowed some spare time to follow his passion for boating.

It is worth noting that Fisher’s inventive capabilities were not limited to just electrical apparatus. Soon, he began experimenting with some innovative manufacturing techniques in building boats. He planned to make a small sailing board that was similar to the popular Alcort Sunfish. He was able to implement suggestions from naval designer C. Raymond Hunt adding to his innovative skills and made a thirteen-foot Boston Whaler. This was a small unsinkable outboard powerboat. Upon showcasing the boat at the 1958 NY Boat show, the design gained the attention of many which led to its huge commercial success.

An art teacher in the industrial firm in Boston by the name of Bob Dougherty joined the company in the early 1960s. He became the chief designer of the later generations of Boston Whaler boats among many other things.
In the year 1958, a production facility was set up in 1958 Braintree, Massachusetts to manufacture the “Boston Whaler” boat. The very first model they made was known as “The Cox’s”. The first product was a thirteen-foot hull up until the introduction of the sixteen-foot design in the year 1961. It reached a point when the production plant had to move to Rockland, Massachusetts.

It can to a point the electrical company, Fisher-Pierce, and the boat building company, Boston Whaler got separated as different corporate entities. Boston Whaler continued to design and produce some high-quality products under the control of its founder Mr. Dick Fisher.
Having run the Boston Whaler company for over a decade, the 55-year-old Dick Fisher decided to sell the company to the CML group of Acton. He stayed in the company as a consultant up until the year 1972.

There is a reason why the Boston Whaler is referred to as the Unsinkable Legend. Although Dick Fisher started the company, he owned it for eleven years of its now over fifty years of history. The CML group then owned it for two decades and sold it to footwear company Reebok in the year 1989 and then sold it to Meridian after a few years. In the year 1996, Meridian sold the company to Brunswick.
The company has been in the boat business for over half a century. The legend of Whaler still lives on. It is an incredible boat that is unsinkable, and so is the company that makes them.

Where are Boston Whalers Made?

Boston Whalers were initially produced in Massachusetts, and for that reason, they hold their name “Boston”. However, the boats are currently manufactured in Edgewater, Florida.

Why Boston Whalers Are Called Unsinkable Ships?

There is a solid reason why the legendary boat is called the unsinkable ship. Its construction design is the reason behind that claim. Boston Whaler boats are designed with special foam construction. The material included in the boat which is foam can keep the boat floating even if it gets cut by half while still on the water. The incredible thing about these boats is that they remain afloat even when filled up with water.

Do Boston Whalers Have Wood?

Yes, they do. There are two types of wood you are likely to find in a Boston Whaler boat. They are mahogany and teak. Depending on the model, you are likely going to find mahogany on the seats, chocks for the cooler and center consoles. In the same depending on the model, teak will be used as the occasional console, mounting points, seatbacks, and on the gunwales.

Construction Of The Boston Whaler

The company was inducted on the grounds of innovation. It was the first-ever boat-making company to implement the signature Unibond construction that used molded and patented fiberglass. The company’s design made what has been known for over half a century as an unsinkable boat. That is why it gained popularity from the first time it got released to the market.

How long Will A Boston Whaler Last?

A Boston Whaler has an unlimited lifespan. If the boat is serviced and taken care of, it will outlive us and be passed down to generations. It will still maintain its quality if well maintained. This legendary unsinkable boat has incredible longevity.

Taking Care Of Your Boston Whaler

-Make an effort of washing the surface of your boat. Regularly cleaning your boat helps in avoiding buildups. Buildups can be hazardous by attacking the topcoat of the boat and that can make them age quickly.

-It is important to always rinse your Boston Whaler with fresh water even after cleaning it with detergents or other solvents. You should know that latent solvent residue can attack the topcoat of your boat, and the detergent if not properly rinsed, will attract dirt.

-For stubborn stains, try and use white vinegar combined and hot water to scrub them off.

-make sure you take your boat for servicing at least once a year. Have its engine checked, fastening of the motor parts is also important. Doing that will enhance the longevity of the boat.

Different Accessories Of A Boston Whaler Boat


The boat is equipped with an anchor light and a stern light for nighttime use.


The boat has a davit assembly, which makes it easy to lift the outboard motor into or out of the water when needed.

Fish boxes

There are two fish boxes in the Boston Whaler that hold up to 65 gallons of fish each.

Swim Platform

The swim platform makes it easy to get into the water. It can also be equipped with a ladder for use in deeper waters.

Cockpit Seating

The boat has two bench seats in front of the helm that is made out of shock-absorbing material designed to keep the driver and passengers comfortable.

Helm Seat

The helm seat is adjustable and made of shock-absorbing material. It is designed to keep the helmsman comfortable during times of extended use.


The console has six switches, two gauges, one horn button, and several other controls for standard boat operation.


The boat has a set of pontoon-type wheels called ‘roller fairleads’ which make it easy to maneuver the boat when in shallow water at low speeds.

Trim Tabs

The boat has adjustable trim tabs on either side of the bow that is designed to help with precise depth control.


There are four cleats available, two on each side of the hull, for tying up to docks or other boats while out at sea.

Safety Equipment

A safety kit is included with the boat and includes life jackets, flares, and a first aid kit.


The Boston Whaler has additional storage located underneath the floor of the console that can fit several items such as fishing equipment or coolers for drinks.

Pump Out Hose

There is an onboard hose installed in both fish boxes that allows excess water to be pumped directly into the ocean rather than having to remove it in a bucket.

Boarding Ladder

A boarding ladder is available at the stern of the boat for ease of access when returning from sea.

The Boston Whaler is equipped with many different accessories that make life on board comfortable and convenient for those who spend extended periods on the water.


The Boston Whaler is one of the best boats one can buy. The Unsinkable Legend can stand the test of time and be passed down from one generation to the other. The innovative design it is made of makes it an exciting boat to own. It has everything you need to take your adventures in the waters even further.