Why Are Outboard Motors so Expensive | Answered

Prices of outboard motors have risen exponentially over the years simply because of the reason demand and supply. As people’s need for boats and motorized watercraft have increased, it seems that almost all of the world’s production of these machines are being sold.

Originally, outboard motors were made with just a double-cylinder engine which creates a lot less power compared to today’s models. The more modern engines possess four cylinders creating greater torque and power.

Motors that have greater horsepower have a higher price tag. Even though it is expensive, most people admit that there’s simply no substitute for the sheer performance of engines with high horsepower.

Another reason for the price of motor is its output power. The greater the engine displacement, naturally, the higher the performance can be attained. Engines with larger size and capacity will certainly give higher speed and power, thus costing more than smaller engines do.

Outboard Motors Are Not Mass Produced

Today’s engine manufacturers like Mercury or Nissan usually make their outboard motors to be extremely affordable. However, the more modern and latest engines are not mass-produced by these companies.

The manufacturing process for outboards cannot be done like an assembly line. This is because the final outcome of these engines will be greatly affected by where and how they would be used.

Design of The Outboards Makes Them Expensive

The way outboards are designed for performance and durability also affects their price range. The outboards are designed to last in harsh conditions and are useful in any kind of water.

With so many moving parts the outboards are designed in a compact structure. More often than not, this structure makes the outboard to be expensive because making parts that are strongly built and can perform better usually costs more than normal.

Another reason for the price of motor is its weight. The heavier an engine may be, the slower it will perform. Highly compacted engines possess fewer cavities which contributes much to keeping the weight of the outboard motor down.

The Performance and Pricing highlight the need for maintenance outboard motors can be quite expensive so it is best to protect their parts and components by regularly maintaining them. Eventually, with proper care and attention, your engine will serve you for a long time.

However, remember that even with regular maintenance, not all outboard motors will last forever. If the engine has been used for a very long time with little care then this type of engine can be very hard to maintain and will eventually reach its end of the life cycle.

Parts Used in Manufacturing Outboards Are Expensive

The materials used in manufacturing outboard motors must be extremely durable and long-lasting. This is because these materials will have to deal with a lot of wear and tear from being on the water for hours at a time.

In addition, the material used must also be non-corrosive to prevent corrosion from eating away the engine’s metal parts. The parts are made up of marine-grade aluminum, which can last up to ten years under normal conditions.

The price of outboard motors is determined by the quality and durability of the materials used in making them. And if a company wants to be successful, it must have durable engines that provide consumers with what they want from an engine – from being lightweight to having high horsepower. The most expensive materials are the ones that provide both of these qualities.

To manufacture outboard motors, machine parts must be created with precision. A lot of parts are machined to create a higher quality product. For example, the crankshaft on an engine is made up of nearly 30 components which are all machined together. These parts are then machined several times to create the crankshaft.

Higher quality materials are usually more expensive, so outboard motors are made with durability in mind, which increases the price of the motor.

Engineering for Outboards Is Expensive

The engineering team behind outboard motors does not only have to consider the durability but also how each part works together in order to create an efficient engine. This means they must take into account the physical and chemical properties of the materials to be used and how these will affect one another during use.

Engineers know that consumers want outboard motors that can produce a high amount of horsepower while remaining lightweight for better performance. They must also take into consideration the possibility of future changes in engine parts or design, which can ultimately lead to higher costs for engine production.

At the same time, despite the initial expense at the beginning of an engine model’s life cycle, outboard motor companies have to market their outboards in a way that will make them attractive to consumers’ needs and wants. This may include lowering prices during certain seasons or holidays when sales are likely to be high.

Research and development is a very important aspect of any company. Outboard motor companies are no exception. In order to stay competitive in the market, these companies must invest in research and development so that they can create new and innovative products that will attract consumers.

In order to properly research and develop new products, outboard motor companies must have a team of engineers who are knowledgeable about the latest technologies and trends. They must also be able to design new products that meet the needs and wants of consumers.

In addition, outboard motor companies must also invest in testing their products so that they can ensure their quality and durability. This often involves putting their products through a series of tests in a controlled environment before they are released to the public.

If the initial tests are successful, companies must also invest in creating sales and marketing strategies that will help them sell these new engines to consumers. This may include lowering prices or offering incentives during holidays or other high-sales seasons.

These research and development processes can be very expensive for outboard motor companies, but they are necessary for maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

Research and development is a key factor when determining the price of outboard motors. Because these companies are competing with other well-known brands, they must invest in research to create new products that meet consumers’ needs and wants. This ensures that they will remain competitive in the marketplace.

Engine Quality Impacts Price

The overall quality of an engine plays a major role in the price of outboard motors.

Outboard motors are often compared with other models by consumers to determine which one will meet their needs and wants. Outboard motor companies use this information in order to analyze their engines’ weaknesses and strengths, which can then be used for future product development.

In order to make these comparisons, customers must be knowledgeable about the quality of each engine. Outboard motor companies may also prioritize certain features depending on their target audiences and the engines’ price points.

These factors ultimately impact outboard motor pricing because companies will often initially invest in creating new products that meet certain consumer needs and wants in order to attract more buyers.

Modern Electronic Gadgets

Outboard motors are primarily used for recreational purposes, but the integration of modern technologies in recent years has brought about new ways to enjoy boating. For instance, GPS systems and mobile applications that allow users to request information about their surroundings have increased in popularity in recent years. These features can be very advantageous when it comes time to dock or return to shore, but they can also be costly.

Outboard motor companies will often create outboards that come equipped with these features. However, these features may not always be available if the price points are too high or if consumers prefer other technological functions.

For instance, many customers prioritize fuel efficiency over GPS systems because it would reduce their operating costs and provide them with more time to spend out on the water.

Scarcity of Materials Can Raise Prices

The scarcity of materials is another factor that impacts the price of an outboard motor. For instance, rare metals such as gold and platinum are sometimes used in high-end engines because they resist corrosion and add weight to the product. However, such metals can be costly and may cause companies to charge more for their products.

In contrast, companies may use low-cost materials such as steel or aluminum in lower-quality engines because they are less expensive to produce. This saves outboard motor companies money but provides customers with the opportunity to spend more on better quality products if they so choose.

Big Brands and Monopoly

Oftentimes companies will purchase small companies to increase their presence in the industry. This strategy is especially common among major outboard makers like Yamaha, which purchased several outboard motor brands over the years.

Although this allows certain outboard motor companies to expand into new markets, it can also cause them to charge more for their products. Large companies tend to charge more for their products.

The top companies in the industry will also charge more for their products because most consumers are already aware of the brand and may be willing to pay a premium price due to its popularity and image. These brands also pay a huge chunk in advertising, another factor that can increase the price of outboard motors.

Price Is Not the Only Factor to Consider

Although price impacts consumer purchasing power, it is not the only factor to consider when buying an outboard motor. For instance, people who use their outboards for work purposes will likely need a more powerful product than what they would typically use on a boat.

Similarly, people who will be spending more time on the water may want to consider purchasing an outboard that is better suited for operating in saltwater or freshwater. This factor also impacts the price point because some outboards are designed with certain environments in mind and can be used across multiple conditions.

In contrast, cheaper models of outboards may not be able to perform as well in harsh conditions and will need more maintenance over time. However, this is not always the case because many companies make multiple types of outboard motors at varying price points.

Thus, it is important for people to consider how they plan on using their outboards before making a final purchase decision. This can help them avoid spending more than they need to and ensure that their investment will last for years to come.


Outboard motors can be expensive, but there are a variety of factors that contribute to the price. These factors include materials used, brand name, advertising costs, and how the motor will be used. It is important for consumers to consider all of these factors when making a purchase decision in order to get the most value for their money.