10 Great Deep V Fishing Boats

10 Great Deep-V Fishing Boats

Deep-V Fishing Boats are one of the most versatile boats, perfect for both lake and ocean fishing. They stand out from other boats due to their wedged shape hull design, which gives them stability even in choppy waters.

Unlike flat-bottom boats, Deep-V fishing boats have much wider access and use in all types of water. Crestliner, Tracker, Lowe, Ranger, G3, Robalo, and Mako have some exceptional Deep-V fishing boats that are popular among anglers.

These boats usually come equipped with powerful outboard motors that make them fast and responsive when you need them. Additionally, some Deep-V Fishing Boats come with swim platforms or sunbathing decks so you can relax and soak up the sun while waiting for that big catch.

The deck also provides ample space for anglers to move around freely without worrying about tipping over the boat. Available in both aluminum and fiberglass construction, one can find a Deep-V Fishing Boat that suits their needs and preference.

With their increased speed, stability, and increased access to various water areas, Deep-V Fishing Boats are becoming increasingly popular among family fishermen looking for a reliable vessel for a day on the lake or ocean.

The ease of maneuverability makes them an ideal choice for shallow fishing spots where traditional craft may struggle to reach. As well as being great for recreational use, these vessels have been known to travel long distances across open water making them perfect for serious anglers looking to hunt down that big catch far from shore!


If you are looking for a fishing boat that can also double up as a ski boat, then the Crestliner Deep-V is exactly what you need. This is a perfect aluminum deep-v hull that gives you excellent performance in choppy waters.

It has a wide casting space and offers a more comfortable ride even in rougher waters. Plus, it comes with all the pre-rigged fishing equipment so you don’t have to worry about buying extra gear.

The amazing thing about this Deep-V boat is its durability and quality. I mean, we are talking about all welded hulls here! The extruded full-length keel supports the hull and improves performance while the 100% wood-free transom increases stability and strength.

It’s quite easy to maintain too since aluminum doesn’t require much maintenance unlike other materials used for boat building. 

You can get a Crestliner Deep-V in sizes ranging from 16′-22′. So if you’re looking for something that’s reliable and versatile enough to do double duty as a fishing and skiing boat, then the Crestliner Deep-V should be your first choice!

This one will last long enough to serve multiple generations of fisherfolk, plus it’s made with quality components and craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tracker PRO GUIDE V-16 SC

If you’re looking for a fishing boat that can handle the toughest waters, then the Deep-V Tracker PRO GUIDE V-16 SC is an ideal choice. With its all-welded 2-piece .100 aluminum Deep V hull and wide beam, this boat provides superior stability and performance in rough water conditions.

Plus, the expanding foam injected into the hull cavities ensures maximum stiffening, flotation, and a quieter ride, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your boat won’t let you down.

The Minn Kota® PowerDrive™ 12V, 42-lb. (19.05 kg) thrust, 54″ (1.37 m) shaft foot-control trolling motor helps you navigate precisely around obstacles in any weather condition and with extreme accuracy.

In addition to that, it features a bow 23-gal. (87.06 L), 40″ (1.02 m) aerated Livewell with a divider, removable bait bucket, timer, and recirculation pump-out system delivering 500 GPH (1,892.71 LPH). So whether you’re an experienced or beginner angler looking for convenience on a high-quality fishing boat, this one has everything you need to get out there and reel in some big ones! 

For those who are looking for reliability when they’re out in the open water fishing – the Tracker PRO GUIDE V-16 SC is designed to keep you safe no matter what kind of weather or conditions arise.

With its NMMA® certification, deep deadrise, and reversed chines as well as all compartment lids being flush mounted with carpeted and all aluminum construction for structural rigidity – your worries about safety are all but gone! So if you want dependable performance for sportfishing adventures – try out the Deep-V Tracker PRO GUIDE V-16 SC today!


These boats are made with an all-welded aluminum Deep-V hull which provides excellent stability and a drier ride so you can be sure that your time spent on the water will be enjoyable. The console has plenty of space to store all of your gear and gadgets, plus it features an optional ski-tow pylon that’s perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

Plus, the bow includes an aerated Livewell so you can keep your catch fresh while you’re on the water. 

The boat also comes with a painted black bunk trailer with a swing tongue and LED lights so that you can easily transport it to and from the lake. For added convenience, there is also a rear deck rod bungee holder so that you can easily store your rods when not in use.

This boat is available in both side console and walkthrough layouts, and its windshield offers protection from the elements. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort or quality when choosing these boats as they offer great performance and value at an affordable price. 

Lowe Deep-V Fishing Boats are designed for serious anglers who want a dependable fishing platform that won’t let them down when out on the lake or river chasing their next big catch. With its sturdy construction and sleek design, this boat will turn heads as soon as it pulls up to shore!

Whether you’re looking to just enjoy some time on the lake or have a competitive edge while competing in tournaments, these boats will provide you with many years of reliable service while offering maximum value for your money!


These boats have been made with anglers in mind and feature an all-welded construction to ensure maximum stability and comfort. The hull is made from 5052 H34 marine-grade aluminum, which is incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion, meaning it will last you for many years of fishing trips.

A high-gloss metallic paint featuring custom Ranger® graphics also adds an extra touch of elegance.

One of the best features of these boats is their foam-filled one-piece construction, which adds extra buoyancy and helps keep them riding smoothly even in choppy waters.

The non-skid marine-grade vinyl cockpit flooring provides guests with a safe and comfortable place to stand while fishing, while the stainless steel boarding ladder makes getting in and out of your boat easy.

These boats also come with durable marine-grade carpeting, so you can be sure that they won’t get damaged easily by wet feet or any other spills. 

Whether you’re a weekend fisherman or a more experienced angler, these boats offer something for everyone. They are lightweight enough to be towed easily yet heavy-duty enough to handle anything that the sea may throw at them.

With plenty of space for your family or friends (up to 6 people), you know that your time spent fishing on this boat will be both enjoyable and productive! So why not take a look at these amazing Ranger ALUMINUM DEEP-V BOATS today? Go ahead and make this summer one to remember!


Are you looking for a boat that’s ideal for big-water fishing? Look no further than the Skeeter WX2200. This impressive vessel offers a massive 22-foot length and 99-inch beam, granting you plenty of room to cast your line.

With 2″ Hyd Jack-Plate w/ e ladder, Torque Transfer System, Trim Tabs, and other features, this boat is designed with the avid fisher in mind. You’ll be able to keep your bait fresh with its Oxygenator Livewell Aeration System which includes a front baitwell and rear Livewell.

And the Livewell Control System with its independent fill, recirculating, and drain modes will ensure your bait stays fresh. 

The Skeeter WX2200 is also equipped with two bilge pumps – an 800 GPH Auto or Manual Pump and a Manual 1100 GPH Bilge Pump so you can easily free your boat from water if need be. You’ll also enjoy easy boarding thanks to its exchangeable Boarding Ladder, as well as the convenience of raw water washdown for when it’s time to clean up.

And securing your vessel is a breeze courtesy of stainless steel cleats. So if you’re looking for a reliable and powerful fishing experience on big water, then look no further than the Skeeter WX2200. 

Of course, no day out on the lake should be spent worrying about safety or comfort – which is why the Skeeter WX2200 is designed with both in mind.

The boat’s hydrodynamic design ensures an incredibly smooth ride even in choppy conditions while its adjustable interior seating means you can customize it to suit any party size or activity level without sacrificing comfortability.

Plus, its advanced hull design allows it to cut through waves quickly so that you can reach your destination faster and spend more time fishing instead!


This is an exclusive deep-v fishing boat that comes with a riveted .080 gauge hull and a GX2 double-plated .080 bow and bottom. All of this means it’s incredibly sturdy and reliable, so you can feel confident standing up as you cast your lines.

The G3 ANGLER V17 SF comes with plenty of features designed specifically for anglers. It has tilt steering, hydraulic steering, lockable storage, bow cushions, two aerated livewells, two bank battery charger, and two deep V fold-down fishing seats with pedestal poles.

But that’s not all – it also has two deep V bike seats with adjustable poles so you can move around easily while fishing. And both the bike seats and the fold-down fishing seat provide plenty of comfort for long days out on the water.

The G3 ANGLER V17 SF was built with quality and reliability in mind. All of its components have been carefully chosen to ensure they perform well over time and in varying conditions so that your fishing trips are always successful.

Plus, each part is highly durable so it will last through many years of use without any issues. No matter what type of fish you’re chasing or where you’re going, trust in the G3 ANGLER V17 SF to get you there safely and comfortably every time.

Kingfisher 2025 FALCON

If you are looking for a deep-v boat that is both stylish and powerful, the Kingfisher 2025 FALCON is the perfect option. Not only does it have exclusive Pre-Flex® hull technology, full-length performance HD Delta Keel, and engineered full-length reverse chines. 

The single-piece hull sides of the Kingfisher 2025 FALCON provide excellent stability in the water and the wide-formed flat gunnels make maneuvering it a breeze. The craft boasts other features like closed-cell polyurethane flotation, welded 5-piece walk-thru windshield with tempered glass windows, anti-feedback steering and sport steering wheel, and a passenger side grab handle.

It also has rod storage for 6 rods (3 per side) as well as lockable bow storage so you can keep your supplies safe while out on the lake or river. 

In short, when you take out your Kingfisher 2025 FALCON you know that you are getting one of the most reliable and powerful boats available on the market.

It will provide a smooth ride in any weather condition while giving you plenty of space to store all of your gear during your excursion. With its sleek design and advanced features, this boat will be sure to turn heads while still providing exceptional performance.

Cobalt R4

This 24’ deep-v hull boat is designed with a Kevlar-reinforced hull and stainless steel windshield braces that make it super strong and reliable. It has a composite transom and fiberglass stringer system which adds to its durability, making it ready to handle the toughest of water conditions. 

The Cobalt R4 is powered either by Volvo Penta or Mercruiser engines, giving you plenty of power when you need it. The Active Trim feature provides your boat with automatic trim so you can quickly and easily adjust your ride on the fly. Plus, the Circuit Breaker Protected Elec system gives you maximum safety when out on the water. 

But wait, there’s more! The Cobalt R4 also features an aft sun pad backrest with stainless steel accent rail for relaxing days on the lake. For convenience, it includes a bow walk-thru door and aft walk-thru carpet so you can get in and out without hassle.

So whether you want to enjoy some time fishing or just let loose during some watersports activities, this boat will have you covered!

Robalo 202 Explorer

The Robalo 202 Explorer is a deep-v family fishing boat that has earned its place as one of the most luxurious names in the boating fraternity. This impressive vessel can be powered by up to 150HP Yamaha Four Stroke engine and comes with either a standard aluminum or stainless prop, depending on the customer’s preference.

On board, you’ll find plenty of great features such as an aft bench seating area with storage under a 5-gallon bucket and access to a rigging compartment, plus an aft insulated Livewell with 16 gallons capacity, LED lighting, blue gelcoat finish, and adjustable flow valve.

There are also bow cushions (removable), bow-insulated storage compartments (23 gallons) with overboard drains and cockpit/bow coaming bolsters. The non-skid surfaces have diamond luster for an extra touch of luxury.

Other handy features include a fuel/water separator, bow anchor rope, and rod locker as well as LED courtesy lights – blue around the cockpit area for additional lighting at night time.

To sum up, when it comes to quality boats that offer both comfort and convenience in one package, there are few watersport vessels that can match the Robalo 202 Explorer.

With its robust construction, luxurious design elements, and versatile functionality this is truly a fishing boat that will make your day out on the water both enjoyable and memorable.

Mako 214 CC

When it comes to getting quality support and performance out on the water, Mako 214 CC is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable deep V hull boat. It’s NMMA® certified, factory leak tested for hull, plumbing & fitting integrity, and made with marine-grade tinned wiring and submersible connectors that make it incredibly safe and functional.

With its 21’ length and 8’ beam, there’s plenty of space on board for a wide casting area us to enjoy ourselves.

Not to mention you also get extras like a horn, flush-mounted Ritchie Navigation® Voyager compass, integrated full-width footrest, acrylic windscreen, lockable sealed glovebox, extra-large electronics mounting surface, and heavy-duty rub rail with stainless steel insert.

Mako 214 CC takes the user experience further by providing a 1-piece molded fiberglass stringer grid with integrated transom knee supports and gelcoat finish.

This ensures maximum strength while also providing superior stability in rough waters. And when you combine that with the closed cell foam injected stringer grid which meets USCG-approved flotation regulations – you can be sure that the boat will stay afloat no matter what conditions you find yourself in! 

With all these incredible features packed into one powerhouse of a boat – it’s easy to see why Mako 214 CC is such an attractive option for anyone who loves fishing or boating.

Not only does it provide outstanding performance on the water but also peace of mind when it comes to safety – all without compromising on style or comfort. So if you’re looking for an excellent craft to hit the waters with then Mako 214 CC should be your go-to choice!


Available in both aluminum and fiberglass hulls deep-V hull boats are the go-to option for any outdoor enthusiast looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience on the water. Whether you’re out for a leisurely family fishing trip or taking part in adrenaline-filled watersports activities, these boats will have you covered! With their robust construction, luxurious design elements, and versatile performance capabilities – they are both reliable and dependable when it comes to providing excellent support and comfort. So if you’re looking for a reliable boat to take on your next adventure, then these deep-V hull boats are definitely worth checking out!