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7 Great Bowfishing Boats

If you’re looking for a boat for bowfishing, you’ve come to the right place! Bowfishing boats are specifically designed and outfitted for the sport of Bowfishing, with flat or partially flat bottoms and higher gunwales to quietly move through shallow waters.

Most of these boats also come equipped with a higher platform, known as a “casting deck,” “front deck,” or simply “bowfishing platform,” which elevates the Bowfisherman above the waterline so they can easily spot and target fish.

Bowfishing boats are typically powered by small outboard motors that allow them to move slowly and silently over calm waters. Backtrolling is quite often employed by seasoned Bowfishers, which is the art of slowly and carefully reversing the motor in order to move from point A to point B without making too much noise.

This type of propulsion system is perfect for bowfishing, as it allows you to stay low in the water while still providing enough power to reach your destination.

Additionally, it’s ideal for fishing in shallow waters since it doesn’t create too much wake or turbulence that could spook away any fish in the area.

Finally, many bowfishing boats are designed to have plenty of storage space for all your gear. Plenty of LED lighting is a common feature on bowfishing boats, as well as plenty of storage space and Livewells for storing any fish you might catch.

All of these features combine to create a bowfishing boat that’s specifically designed for the sport and provides anglers with all the necessary tools they need to have a successful outing.

If, you are in flounder gigging, bowfishing, or just want to move around in shallow water our selection of bowfishing boats is just what you need. So check out our selection of Bowfishing Boats today and get ready for a great day on the water!


Are you looking for a convenient and rugged boat for bowfishing? Look no further than the Tracker GRIZZLY® 2072 CC SPORTSMAN! This amazing boat has plenty of features to make your bowfishing experience unforgettable.

With its removable, elevated deck, 8 super-bright LEDs with 40,000 lumens, 100% aluminum construction, roomy front deck, recessed trolling motor foot pedal, and more – this boat is designed to accommodate all your bowfishing needs. 

The Tracker GRIZZLY® 2072 CC SPORTSMAN is truly a cut above the rest when it comes to bowfishing boats. With a .100 hull and .190 floor there’s no sacrificing on quality. The 500 GPH (1892.71 LPH) bilge pump ensures that this boat remains afloat even in rougher waters.

And the console courtesy lightings and interior courtesy lighting will keep you safe during late-night fishing trips. Plus the non-skid interior ensures that you won’t slip off your seat while aiming your shots! 

This bad boy was made with bowfishers in mind – it has a spacious front deck that gives you extra space to move around while hunting or fishing. It also has three bow and two aft pedestal seat base locations, plus two movable bike seats so everyone can be comfortable during long days out on the water.

And if that wasn’t enough already, this boat also comes with a removable elevated bow shooting deck complete with railing, rail-mounted bow & drink holder, three pedestal seat base locations, LED spotlights & trolling motor access hatch – so you’ll never run out of places to store all your gear!


Constructed of 100% aluminum and designed with welded hulls, stringers, transoms, and decks, this boat is perfect for a night of hunting. It comes equipped with 10 100W 10,000 lumens 120V A/C LED lights around the front deck to navigate and illuminate your prey and 2 aft deck 100W 10,000 SeeLite® LED fishing lights (12 lights total) to ensure that you are able to see what’s in front of you.

The features don’t stop there! You also get heavy-duty 1-piece extruded aluminum gunnels which give structural strength and rigidity as well as extruded bow chines for an even stronger hull.

For added durability, the .100 gauge and 5052 marine-grade aluminum hull is equipped with an all-aluminum box-beam transom with corner braces welded in to unitize and strengthen the hull even more. Additionally, it comes with a motor mounting plate which gives greater strength and stability on the water. 

To make sure your time spent out on the water is enjoyable, this model also comes with a raised shooting deck for extra stability along with Mercury 150 XL FourStroke outboard so you can power through any terrain without any difficulty or worry. All this combined makes it the perfect boat for both flounder gigging and bowfishing.

Gator Tough 20 SC

It’s time to step into a new world of bowfishing with Gator Tough 20 SC. This is an all-welded aluminum boat that takes you wherever the action is. This boat is designed for long-lasting performance with every feature you need for a successful bowfishing session. 

The Gator Tough 20 SC has roomy storage space under the seat and on the front deck. The roto-molded storage and step to the front deck make it easy to store your gear and access it quickly when needed.

The navigational lights with storage clips and horns make sure you can stay safe while you’re out on the water. This boat also includes Yamaha controls, cables, buoyancy pods in desert brown and break up, as well as a 58-inch side gearbox and cushioned camo storage box, and camo fishing seat in break up.

Finally, the Baystar hydraulic steering system allows for improved control over your vessel even in choppy waters or when tracking down your target. With all these features combined, your next bowfishing session will be one to remember with Gator Tough 20 SC!

Havoc Marsh Runner

This boat is designed with fishing in mind, making it the perfect choice for your next bowfishing adventure. It boasts an oversized casting deck, rod trays on both sides, and a front deck seat base that provides ample room for all of your gear.

Plus, I-Beam ribs are built in to minimize flex and ensure maximum strength and stability so you can take on whatever the waters throw at you. 

The Havoc Marsh Runner is also equipped with a T-Lock gunnel rail system that adds extra structural integrity, as well as a Havoc Hyde HD interior liner for durability in any weather.

Navigation lights are included so you can find your way back home after dark, and it’s made from 5086 alloys with 14° and 100 gauge hulls for lasting performance out on the water.

The interior parts are constructed of 80 gauge aluminum to withstand wear and tear over time, while the transom and bow provide a sleek finish. 

Overall, this boat is designed to give anglers an unforgettable experience out on the water. With its superior fishability features like rod trays and an oversized casting deck, plus long-lasting performance from its aluminum construction, it’s no wonder why the Havoc Marsh Runner has become so popular amongst avid anglers.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been bowfishing for years, this boat will ensure you make memories every time you hit the lake!

Sea Ark 2072 VFX

This incredible vessel offers a spacious 20-foot length and a 94-inch beam, giving it plenty of stability while out on the water. The VFX has been designed with bowfishing specifically in mind – as evidenced by its extra wide rear bench seat with storage, fish bite rage rod holders, and floor-mounted leaning post – making it perfect for those long days out on the water!

And its fiberglass 72″ side console (complete with 9.5 g aerated Livewell) plus the 72″ center console (12g aerated Livewell) ensure that everyone will have plenty of room to move around without being cramped or uncomfortable. 

On top of all this convenience, the Sea Ark 2072 VFX also comes equipped with a plethora of features that make your time on the water even easier.

LED courtesy lights keep everything well-lit after dark, hydraulic jack plates and hydraulic steering upgrades allow you to easily adjust your course while underway, and an ice chest with mounts ensures that your food and drinks stay cold no matter how long you spend out fishing!

Plus – gun racks, gun/rod boxes, helm seat boxes, and fold-down seating accessories mean that all your gear can be stowed away securely at any time. 

And finally – if you’re looking for tech-savvy additions to your vessel – then look no further than the Sea Ark 2072 VFX! It boasts Humminbird depth finders, LED navigation lights, and an hour meter so that you can always know where you are relative to shore.

And don’t forget about its LED light bar – perfect for shooting after dark! So if you’re ready to take your bowfishing experience to new heights – then come get yourself the Sea Ark 2072 VFX today! You won’t be disappointed.

Gator Tail Bowfishing Super Sport

When it comes to bowfishing, you need a reliable and sturdy boat that will stand up to the demanding conditions on the water. The Gator Tail Bowfishing Super Sport is the perfect vessel for your needs, with its 70-inch width and 20-foot length providing an extra-stable platform for anglers of all sizes.

It’s one-piece 3/16” 5086 aluminum hull and heavy-duty gunnel rail keep you safe from anything the elements might throw at you. 

This boat also features a .100 deck and full floor with no gutters for maximum stability, as well as a 4-foot front deck with a pedestal base for added convenience when accessing the gear under the deck.

Additionally, it’s equipped with a trolling motor bracket so you can easily navigate around any body of water without exhausting yourself.

The Gator Tail Bowfishing Super Sport is designed to keep you safe from both the elements and any potential hazards while also offering convenience in getting your tackle stowed away or deployed quickly.

With its rigorously tested construction and sleek design turning heads wherever it goes, this boat is sure to make your fishing experiences even better than before!

Uncle J Custom Bowfishing Boat

Uncle J Custom Bowfishing Boat is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the ultimate bowfishing experience. All welded, this boat provides an unbeatable level of safety and security, ensuring that your journey is worry-free, no matter the terrain.

It’s ideal for large groups with its spaciousness and large gun box which can easily be removed when not in use. In addition, it boasts a great design with plenty of features to keep you comfortable and enjoying your trip. 

The driver and passenger pods provide total comfort while navigating different waters. With rod boxes on either side, you have plenty of storage space to keep all your gear organized.

A trolling motor mount makes navigation easy and fast while spud poles ensure that you stay safe even in choppy water. Add in an LED light bar, interior lighting, Sharkeye lights as well as a powerful anchor light to make sure you never miss a shot or fish! 

For added convenience, Uncle J Custom Bowfishing Boat comes complete with gas tank assembly and gas gauge so you know how much fuel is left at all times. The front and back deck seat bases are also adjustable so you can get the perfect spot for fishing or relax on those hot summer days out on the lake.

Finally, hunt deck reversible LED lights make sure that night fishing stays safe too! This boat truly has everything any bowfisherman could want or need!


Based on your budget and requirements there are plenty of reliable options available to choose from when it comes to bowfishing boats. Whether you’re looking for an all-welded boat, a tech-savvy model, or something with extra storage space, there’s something out there that will meet your needs. Doing proper research and comparisons before purchasing will help to ensure you find the perfect boat to fit your needs. With all these options, you can have an amazing time out on the water, and be sure that you’ll always stay safe!