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8 Aluminum Center Console Boats

An aluminum center console boat is a great choice for fishing and spending a leisurely day out with family. These boats are widely available in many sizes based on your needs and are known for their usability and reliability.

The ease of handling makes these boats popular, and the family-friendly design means that everyone can enjoy spending time on the water. Some of the top brands in aluminum center console boats include Ranger, Alumacraft, Tracker, Lund, Lowe, and Crestliner.

A wide variety of features are available in aluminum cc boats, including ample storage space, rod holders and Livewells for fishing, seating configurations ranging from basic to luxurious, and adjustable trolling motors.

There is plenty of space for everyone and still room for all the supplies needed for a successful fishing trip. These boats are lighter than other models and can be towed with smaller vehicles, making them more accessible to many people.

Powder-coated finishes and other accents add to the overall style of these boats, while also providing protection against wear and tear. Aluminum center console boats are an excellent choice for those who love being out on the water and want a reliable craft that will last them many years.

From bay fishing to offshore excursions, the combination of versatile design and durability makes these boat ideal for virtually any kind of boating. All-welded is the most popular construction of aluminum center console boats, and this is designed to provide maximum strength while still keeping the boat lightweight.

Depending upon the gauge and quality of the alloy, the prices of these boats vary one can select a boat according to their budget. These boats are also easily customized and updated so that you won’t have to worry about outgrowing the features.

With a little maintenance and care, aluminum cc boats can provide years of enjoyable boating.

Vexus AVX2180cc

If you’re looking for a center console aluminum boat that’s both durable and easy to operate, the Vexus AVX2180cc is a great option. This boat is made entirely of welded aluminum, which makes it incredibly strong and resistant to corrosion.

Plus, the transom is constructed of .125″ aluminum, which results in less drag and improved performance.

The hydraulic steering system makes it easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces, while the Minn Kota trolling motor provides plenty of power for catching fish. And if you need to transport your boat, four trailer bunks make it easy to do so.


The XPLORER CC Bay Series is a great option for those looking for an aluminum center console boat. These boats are built with a hydro-dynamic hull, which ensures a smooth and stable ride. Additionally, the Riptide 46 trolling motor provides plenty of power to get you to your favorite fishing spot.

The fold-down fishing seat and aerated livewell make it easy to get comfortable and stay well-fed while you’re out on the water. And finally, the stainless steering wheel gives you precise control over your boat.


Center Console Jon boats are a popular option for small families looking for an affordable and versatile boat. The Grizzly 2072 CC is a great example of this type of boat. It is made entirely of aluminum, so it is durable and easy to maintain.

It also features hydraulic steering, making it easy to control. The longitudinal stringer system ensures that the boat is stable and strong.

And the thick .190 aluminum floor makes it durable and able to handle a variety of tasks. If you’re in the market for an aluminum center console boat, the Grizzly 2072 CC should definitely be on your list.

Crestliner Bay Boats

When it comes to aluminum boats, Crestliner is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Their bay boats are perfect for shallow and deep water fishing alike and are powered by Mercury outboards for reliable performance.

These boats are all-welded aluminum construction for maximum durability and feature double-welded wood-free transoms for added strength. If you’re looking for a great all-around cc boat that can handle any fishing situation, a Crestliner bay boat is a great choice.

 Lowe Bay 22

If you’re looking for an aluminum center console boat that’s perfect for shallow and deep water fishing, the Lowe Bay 22 is a great option. This boat features a modified V-hull that provides excellent stability and performance, and it comes with a transom drain plug to make draining the boat easy.

The Bay 22 also has an aft Livewell to keep your catch fresh, as well as rear deck jump seats with under-seat storage for your fishing gear.

G3 BAY 20 GX

When it comes to aluminum center console boats, the G3 Bay 20 GX is a top contender. This all-welded .100 gauge hull boat is perfect for those looking for a durable and reliable vessel. With seating for up to six people, the Bay 20 GX is perfect for a day on the water with friends and family.

The leaning post provides a comfortable place to sit while fishing or simply enjoying the view, and the transom saver ensures that your engine will stay protected no matter what kind of water you’re cruising in. Plus, with its navigational lights and storage clips, this boat is ready to take on anything.

The console door makes it easy to access all of your gear, while the tackle tray storage keeps everything neatly organized. So if you’re looking for an aluminum center console boat that can handle anything, the Bay 20 GX is definitely worth considering.

Silver Streak 21′ Centre Console

When looking for a boat that is both practical and economical, the Silver Streak 21′ Centre Console is a great option. This boat is made of welded aluminum, making it robust and easy to maintain.

It also comes with a windshield, shelf, and door rod holders, making it perfect for fishing trips. If you need extra seating or a Livewell, those can be added as well. The Silver Streak 21′ Centre Console is a great choice for anyone looking for an uncomplicated boat to use for fishing or any other outdoor activity.

Walker Center Console Boat

The Walker Center Console Boat is stable in choppy waters and perfect for coastal fishing. The welded aluminum v-hull means you’ll stay on course even when the waves are high. If you’re looking for a boat that can handle everything the sea throws your way, the Walker is a great choice.


The right aluminum center console boat can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your time on the water. With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a boat to take out fishing or just cruise around in, an aluminum center console boat is a great choice. So take a look at the boats mentioned above to find the right one for you. With the right vessel, you’ll be able to get out on the water and make memories that will last a lifetime. Happy boating!