Are Princecraft Boats Good & Reliable | Tips

Are Princecraft boats good and reliable? Yes, these aluminum boats are excellent for any angler or boat lover. They produce a variety of boats, ranging from fishing and pontoons to deck boats.

Princecraft Boats are known for their comfort, space availability, and safety. They make aluminum boats ranging from 17ft to 34ft for any need. Their fishing boats are available in the 16-foot range, with options for all your fishing needs. They also offer pontoons that are available in the 20ft-30ft range, making them great for any water activity.

How Good Are Princecraft Boats?

Princecraft boats are very good. If you’re looking for safety and comfort, they have excellent options. They offer pontoon boats with bench seating at the rear of the boat, providing more space to move around on your pontoon. They also make boats with swivel seats, allowing you to move around the boat with ease.

They offer fishing boats that are equipped with live wells, bimini tops, and many other features. They also make their pontoons sturdy enough to stand up against water gun fights! If you need a fun summer day on the lake, Princecraft can provide this for you.

A Little History About Princecraft Boats

Pinecraft boat started its journey way back in 1954. Lionel Baril and his two brothers, Roger and Sarto, created Princecraft. It’s based in Princeville, Quebec, Canada. Back then it was called Aluminum Boats & Canoes. In the Princeville facility, it was producing aluminum boats only.

From the Bas-Saint-Laurent, an eastern Quebec province area comes a new owner for Aluminum Boats & Canoes: the Brillant family. In 1970, Giffen Enterprise of Los Angeles buys Aluminum Boats & Canoes. It then became Canadian Boat Manufacturing.

In 1973, on the heels of a growing demand for boats, Alcan acquires Canadian Boat Manufacturing and integrates it with another of its aluminum boat producers, Springbok®. Alcan thus became the largest aluminum boat manufactured in Canada.

The Princecraft® brand and the Princeville operations were acquired by Brunswick Corporation, which is a firm that specializes in recreation. The Princecraft® brand is now being distributed across Canada and the United States. A large network of seasoned dealers backs up the Princecraft® name. The business also benefits from the efforts of a number of US dealers, but its core market is still Canada. Because of the high quality of its boats, the Princecraft® brand is still considered an indispensable boat brand in Canada. It is now a leading company within the pleasure boat industry.

How Reliable Are Princecraft Boats?

Princecraft boats are very reliable and sturdy. They are designed to last and hold up well in water, even when exposed to heavy swaths of water. Their aluminum boats also come equipped with features that provide safety and security, such as live wells and bimini tops.

With a Princecraft boat, you are assured to have a stable ride in the water. Their sturdy boats can handle swarms of water gunfights. The hull is precision tested for safety, performance, and stability. Their boats are designed to hold up well in water and withstand wear and tear. The Deeper V hulls ensure that it cuts through the water more effectively, and a dry, comfortable ride is provided.

With a strong history of over six decades of making aluminum boats, Princecraft has provided fishermen and boaters with safe and sturdy options. Their range of high-quality aluminum fishing boats is designed for practicality, reliability, safety, comfort, durability, simplicity, strength, and performance.

The double-reverse chine hull design offers excellent stability and sharp handling of the boat. The deck is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to clean. They offer seating solutions that can be customized to suit your needs.

From fishing boats equipped with live wells and bimini tops to pontoons with bench seating or swivel seats – you can trust that this company will provide a sturdy ride for you in the water. Princecraft boats are ideal for fishing, exploring, and enjoying days out on a lake.

If you are looking for a high-quality aluminum boat, Princecraft has the boats for you. They are known to provide excellent customer service, with an experienced dealer network that will provide assistance in all your boating needs.

How Durable Are Princecraft Boats?

Princecraft boats are made of 5052-H36 aluminum alloy. H36 aluminum alloy is the toughest and strongest type in the aluminum alloys series. It is a high-strength alloy that provides extra strength and durability.

The H36 aluminum alloy can withstand wear and tear, corrosive substances, fatigue, and rough waters. Princecraft uses this type of alloy because it’s the most durable one available in the market for them to use. One of the benefits of H36 aluminum alloy is that it’s highly resistant to corrosion. The alloys are also lightweight, so Princecraft can produce bigger boats without adding too much weight or bulk.        

Princecraft uses hi-end CAD design and technology to design the hulls. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) ensures that the boat is designed with precision and accuracy. The design works well in water, offering an excellent ride for its passengers.

CNC cutting equipment is used to cut and finish the aluminum alloy. A clean, smooth surface is produced because of the superior cutting methods. The cutting-edge technology that they use ensures that the boats are made with precision and accuracy.

Many Princecraft boats are fitted with twin plates at the hull which acts as a buffer at that point. As the hull takes most of the beating when it hits the water, this extra protective plating helps prevent dents and hull deformity.  

The broadest bottoms in the business, as well as additional stability and comfort, are featured by Princecraft boats. Their boats are built with high-quality, heavy-duty transoms.

They have used design and technology that matches the standards of other top brands in the industry. Princecraft boats have all the features of a fishing boat, as well as superior equipment and technology that enhances your boating experience. 

The ProFlo Plus Livewell system from Princecraft Boats is without a doubt the most intelligent and durable Livewell system ever created.

Are Princecraft boats welded?

Princecraft hulls are made with a single piece of H36 aluminum alloy that is welded on the inside only. This produces an incredibly strong hull that is still able to cut through the water efficiently.

Single-piece aluminum hulls are preferred by many for their durability, lightweight characteristics, and deep V-shaped construction. The deep V shape provides incredible stability and strength.

How Does Princecraft Perform Compared to Other Similar Brands?

Princecraft boats perform very well compared to other aluminum boat manufacturers. They are ideal boats for fishing and offer a smoother and dryer ride than most other aluminum boats.

The key difference between Princecraft and other aluminum boats is the quality of materials and design. Princecraft uses high-quality, durable material such as aluminum alloy 5052 H36 for its construction.

Princecraft boats are very popular among their customers for their durability and design.

What About Old Princecraft Boats

In bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and saltwater, we can look for Princecraft boats dating back to the late 1990s with little trouble. They are still in great condition because of the superior-quality material, design, and materials.

Even though Princecraft boats are decades old, you’ll be surprised to see how little rust the boats have accumulated.

Here is a snippet:

“I had a Princecraft Hudson DLX for 13 years and ran it year-round in Miami Beach in saltwater. Never had a problem with the hull. The boat got a lot of use over those 13 years and the hull held up great. The boat came with a Princecraft galvanized trailer that fell apart from rust. I had to switch over to an aluminum trailer.”


Some Common Problems with Princecraft Boats

Searching over the internet we found problems associated with most aluminum boats. Some problems indicated hull integration, which is consistent with aluminum alloy that has already been used.

Some problems were indicated towards low engine RPM. We found a user saying he switched to a different engine, and the problem was solved. 

Overall we cannot give you 100% certainty if you’ll have a problem with your boat. The risk is always there, but you can try to minimize it by buying from a reputable seller and using proper maintenance.

What About Parts of Princecraft Boats

You can acquire parts for your Princecraft boats by visiting your local dealer. They should be able to provide the components you require. If you have a previous generation, take note of the serial number of your boat because some parts may not fit.


If you’re looking for a dependable aluminum fishing boat, chances are that Princecraft is the brand you should be considering. They have been in business since 1954 and produce all of their boats with durable H36 aluminum alloy. In addition to being made from more heavy-duty materials than most other brands on the market, they also boast some innovative design features such as deep V hulls and ProFlo Livewell systems which will ensure your boating experience is always enjoyable.